I heard someone ask a national figure, who was left-leaning, “Do Democrats really care about election integrity?”  Wow, that is a no holds barred question and I was interested in the response, which became a dance around it without answering with anything substantive.  I can’t say that I expected anything other than that but was hoping there might be something that would give hope of a semblance of sanity on the Left. 

I’m sorry if that offends anyone, but I am concerned about ‘Electoral Integrity’ and have been for a long time.  The Democrats insist there is no voter fraud and I suspect that is largely because most of it is committed in their favor or engineered by the activist arms of their party.  Everyone in America should be concerned about ‘voter fraud’ and ensuring that our elections only contain the votes of legitimate, legal citizens who are eligible to vote.  No one else should be casting a ballot and if they are caught doing so, they and whoever facilitated them to commit that crime should be punished to the full extent of the law.  Harsh?  I don’t think so, because I believe America is that valuable.

The Democrats in the current Congress sponsored “For the People Act” (H.R.1).  It is a terrible if not diabolical measure designed to ensure that ‘voter fraud’ will be mountainous in future elections.  Before I list a few of the things the Democrats support regarding elections I want to remind everyone that in the stimulus package proposed they wanted ‘election fraud vehicles included’. What do I mean? Blocking Voter ID. Now to consider H.R..1 and you decide the answer to my initial question, “Do Democrats really care about election integrity?”  If you honestly consider their proposals you will, in my view, find it impossible to vote for them. 

Some of the things included in the “For the People Act” should shock you and cause your blood pressure to rise in anger.  Will it?  I cannot answer that but keep hoping that millions will awaken out of slumber and “Just Say No to the Leftists Destruction of America.”

This Act mandates automatic, universal voter registration, and makes it a crime to interfere with registration.  It allows voter registration at the age of 16.  (Imagine that, they cannot vote until 18, but can register at 16.  How many will vote before 18?)  It mandates early voting of at least 15 days and requires paper ballots. 

It restricts and impedes routine voter roll maintenance.  (I wonder why?)  It prescribes strict rules for redistricting and authorizes court takeover of redistricting.  (What is the endgame in that?)  It regulates digital political advertising outright and restricts corporate political engagement.  It requires disclosure of donors by Super PACs and so-called ‘dark money’ groups.  It requires presidential candidates and incumbents to release 10 years of tax returns.  (Who is that targeting?) 

Let’s continue, it supports a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United decision.  In the Citizens United decision, the Court held that the free speech clause of the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent expenditures for political communications by corporations, including nonprofit corporations, labor unions, and other associations.  In short, Citizens United limited the power of the government.  Do you wonder why the Left wants that overturned and repealed? 

A final part of that Act is their support for Statehood for the District of Columbia.  That should never happen, but the Democrats want it because 90% of DC is in their camp and devoted Leftists if not Anti-American Communist.  They want Statehood for any that are in the Leftist Camp and none for those who tend to be more conservative.  I wonder why? 

There are some things in that Act that I can applaud, but if you consider the ‘Big Picture’ and realize the endgame you say, “Whoa Nellie, what is going on?”  Election integrity should be on the front burner for all Freedom Loving Americans.  What is embodied in Election Integrity?  Basically, two essential elements must be intact.  We must have confidence that the voting process is legitimate and trustworthy, and responsible voters. 

I see some necessary characteristics for “Election Integrity” that must become a reality.  We can only allow legal citizens to vote.  We destroy both the integrity of the election and the sovereignty of the Republic if we allow non-citizens to vote.  Non-citizens may enjoy our benefits and many of our privileges, but they must not be allowed to decide the direction of our government.  That is for citizens and citizens only!

I do not believe it is possible to have ‘Election Integrity’ without verifiable ‘Voter Identification’.  It has been repeatedly proven that Voter ID’s do not diminish the access or ability of anyone to vote.  No legitimate eligible voter in the United States is unable to get proper identification.  That is a myth and a tool of the Left to spread fear, racism, and paranoia.  Their myth is a fraud and designed to facilitate ‘voter fraud.’  That must end!

I believe that there must be advanced registration, not simply showing up at the polls and voting.  You may think me harsh, but if a person is too lazy and such a procrastinator that and do not register in time to vote, then they should not get to vote.  That person is not responsible enough to vote! 

Many believe that the only way to achieve a lessening of ‘voter fraud’ is to have Election Day Only Voting.  Even the most ardent supporters of that view provide some special conditions in which a person can vote early or absentee.  One of the views of this position is that it demonstrates a willingness and a commitment to do what is necessary to vote and requires an investment of time.  I do agree that ‘early voting’ opens the door and provides a wide pathway for ‘ballot harvesting’ and ‘voter bribery’ as well as other forms of voter fraud. However, it provides a convenience to many law-abiding citizens who find it difficult to go to a polling place and wait on election day. 

One thing, that I am staunchly in favor of and believe we must insist on is ‘Election Roll Purging’ on a systematic and timely basis.  The voter rolls must be free of deceased citizens, were convicted and thereby ineligible, or non-citizens. 

One of the stated objectives of the proponents of H.R.1 is to make it ‘easier to vote.’  I was asked, “Is that a valid objective?”  Is ease the best way to have legitimate elections or is conscientious voting the best way?  If a person is not interested enough to vet the candidates and issues but shows up and votes the way someone who influences them or bribes them tells them to vote, is that good for America?

Is the best goal 100% participation in our elections?  I would say yes if everyone was informed and honest.  I would say no, based on the current condition of society.  I want everyone to enjoy the Right to Vote, but I also want them to know what they are Voting for and Who They are voting for.  I want to stamp our voter intimidation, voter fraud, and any votes by an illegal or ineligible voter. 

I read this excerpt from a very good debate on the issue of voter fraud and electoral integrity and I will quote it as best as I can.  “Our Founding Fathers demonstrated a profound trust in the American people.  However, they understood that for us to have effective self-governance elections must be decided by informed and engaged citizens.  They believed that our elections must be decided by the people and the government must respect and honor the decision of the people.  That required trustworthy and responsible voting.”  I wonder why the Democrats have such a problem with that.  No, I don’t wonder, I know, They Want Control and Want to Manipulate the Votes in their Favor. 

America, please help us defeat the Leftists in November.  God bless you and God bless America!

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