I did not say 800-pound gorilla or the elephant in the room but a 9-million-pound gorilla or monster in the room of our American society.  I understand that what I am going to say will cause me to appear insensitive, uncaring, and other disparaging labels will be hurled at me, but what I see, I see, and you can agree or disagree.  It is my opinion and not to be deemed the only possible way of looking at this matter, but one of concern. Hopefully, you will examine it, think it through, and decide how you feel and what you feel the government should or should not be doing. 

The coronavirus or COVID-19 is a dangerous enemy we are facing in today’s America and the world.  Nothing I say is intended to diminish that in any measure.  I applaud much of what has been done by our government and our president and I become deeply concerned about some things.  If I truly had confidence in Congress and the federal government I would not be as apprehensive.  Sadly, the historic and empirical evidence of their methodology and agendas causes me a great measure of trepidation. 

There are numerous problems this crisis has brought to light or ushered to the forefront of our minds or should.  One of the things that concern me greatly is the response of American people to the actions of the government or proposed actions of the federal, state, and local governments.  The extent we are comfortable with government involvement and control is always concerning to me.  The clear view of the majority is that the government can fix problems by spending massive amounts of money. 

I understand the quandary that the President and Congress find themselves.  The American people are suffering, and many are suffering greatly. As in every crisis or economic downturn, some prosper while others face destitution.  That is not new it is an economic reality that often causes angst and anger toward those who prosper.  If they prosper through graft and corruption, price gouging or devious actions, then the anger is justified but some prosper in crisis times because of the nature of their business and the need of society for those goods or services.   That is part of the free-market and even in Socialism, some prosper while the masses suffer. 

Speaking from a Christian perspective, I am delighted when I read, see, or hear businesses making massive allowances and donations to help those less fortunate.  I cannot grow angry at a business for conducting a needed business, charging a fair price, and prospering.  We are facing an economic crisis that could plunge us into a state that would be comparable to the Great Depression.  I pray that will not happen, but it could. 

The idea that the government can throw enough money at any crisis and resolve it is beyond economic sanity.  We have a recognized national debt of over $23 Trillion and some economist argues that because of the massive unsecured debt in the trillions our debt is probably nearer $222 Trillion than $23 Trillion.  That is more than disturbing and means there is no way for ten generations to pay off the debt.  That means we are an economic titanic heading for the iceberg at breakneck speed.  Doom is on the horizon and adding to that is unconscionable to me. 

Someone said, “Our current consumption is more important to us than any burden we will place on future generations, therefore let’s place much more debt on them.”  Few of us believe that is our view and most believe that something must be done.  That is right, something must be done but what and how much. 

It can be argued that government debt is a government claim on all future income.  There is a level of spending that must happen in this fight, but how much and what should be targeted?  The Socialists and many Democrats are contending that it is moral, humane, caring, and compassionate to offer ‘Free Health Care’ to everyone including ‘illegals.’  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is lamenting that the Coronavirus Bill does not give money to non-citizens.  Ms. Cortez, your thinking is flawed!  I suggest that giving free everything to everyone does not make one compassionate but terrible naïve at best, foolish or diabolical, not compassionate.  That pathway destroys everyone!

I read where one of Bernie Sander’s economic advisers said, “If you control your own currency and you have bills that are coming due, it means you can always afford to pay the bills on time. You can never go broke; you can never be forced into bankruptcy.”  Economic adviser?  That is beyond foolish and any person with a basic understanding of government or economics sees the flaw and danger in that argument.

The plan is to keep many businesses closed during this crisis, but send checks to everyone.  If we destroy the initiative and strip the workforce of productive people, we eliminate the prospect of wealth creation.  If we destroy the incentive, initiative, and productive we destroy the economy and render prosperity impossible.  How is that a good plan?  The arguments that whatever we need should be ‘free’ are deadly, but sadly massive numbers of the younger generation and too many older people believe that is a good plan.  It is certain economic and societal death.

Liberty and Freedom are never Free and frequently not Easy!  There are pleasure and pain in being the Free Constitutional Republic we were established.  The fact that we have allowed the federal government to become a behemoth with unlimited power has brought us to the place.  The reality that our educational system has produced several generations of mind-numbed followers of the Utopian Pied-Piper claims has brought us to the place.  The fact, that we began to rely on our own ability, the government, our employers, etc. rather than trusting God has brought us to the place. 

We are obligated to take care of children, but not adults.  That may sound harsh, unfeeling, uncaring, and cruel but it is not meant to be.  I am over 70-years of age.  I am on Social Security.  I paid into that system all my working life and now am drawing a portion of it in my sunset years.  My income is ‘fixed’, and I do not have a lot of disposable income, so I understand the concerns of economic hard times.  I have children who are in the workforce and have grandchildren that must be cared for.  But, is it prudent to expect the government to care for them?  I have learned that if the government provides it decides and we must be very wary of what we allow the government to decide.

I have seen statistics that indicate that many Americans have adopted or evolved into a childlike mindset regarding government and its role and responsibility in our lives.  If we believe that the government is responsible to take care of us, we will do little to prepare or plan for the future and the problems we encounter.  The statistical numbers indicate that 25% if not more Americans have no savings, and 40% acknowledge that they would have difficulty handling an emergency of greater than $400.  That is deeply concerning and an invitation for massive government involvement and control.  Is that a good thing?

In conclusion, I offer something that FDR said in 1935 in his State of the Union Address.  He said, “The burden on the Federal Government has grown with great rapidity[.] … The lessons of history, confirmed by the evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence upon [government] relief induces a spiritual disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber.  To dole our relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.  It is inimical to the dictates of a sound policy.  It is in violation of the traditions of America[.] … The Federal Government must and shall quit this business of relief.”

Our founding fathers wanted to keep the federal government small and out of our lives as much as possible.  Today’s politicians and many Americans want the government to provide for everything and out of the desire for personal benefit, we have allowed it to become massive.  Therefore, I believe that the coronavirus although dangerous is not our greatest or only concern.  We have a 900-million-pound Gorilla in the room.  November is our lifeline to stay afloat or shoot holes in the ship of state.  Vote Democrat and watch the ship sink with incredible speed.  I will vote No on them and vote Yes for America! 

God bless you and God bless America!

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