THE DISOBEDIENT POPULACE – We the Proud Basket of Deplorable Citizens…

How dare we not passively resist the urge to be rebellious to their politically correct and ideological edicts?  How are we not, in subservient obedience bow to their wishes and offer our categorical obedience and agreement to their charges against President Trump?  How can we be so ungrateful for all they have done in their quest to liberate us from the labyrinth of life that requires thought and personal introspection and choices?  How dare we?  That seems to be the reaction to the increased favorability of President Trump in the wake of the Left’s Impeachment Coup Attempt to overturn a legitimate election and this present crisis.

I am sure some may take great offense to that last statement and insist that the election was somehow not legitimate and Trump caused the virus. Neither are true, but alas, that is the spin of the Leftists. I am confident that some will insist that there were foreign collusion and corruption involved and the election was stolen from Hillary and the Democrats. 

There are those who insist that Trump is murdering Americans in this crisis. However, no facts are supporting those allegations. There is a mountain of evidence supporting facts of the existence of dirty tricks, voter fraud, and attempted subversion of the public’s wishes by the Democrats.  Also, the facts reveal that the President has acted prudently and wisely in this crisis. That will possibly cause the blood pressure of some Democrats, Liberals, and Trump Haters to break their Omron machines.

The complete disconnect with reality that I hear and read from the media, politicians, and various activists is astounding.  They are visibly flabbergasted that we would dare to disagree.  The fact that millions of us do, in their minds renders us sub-human, deplorable, and Neanderthals.  They vocalize their amazement that we can find our way through each day, being as mentally challenged as we must be.  We find that humorous and disturbing at the same time because we wonder the same thing about them.

The Left appears so captivated by their delusional assertions that they genuinely believe that they and not us are on the ‘right side of history.’  There are those in their ranks who have bought the assertion of Barack H. Obama that his administration was 100% ‘scandal-free.’  How, is beyond my ability to comprehend, but they either believe it or refuse to acknowledge the fallaciousness of it.  Thus, the divide in America that is becoming unbridgeable at an alarming pace grows daily.

When I bring up the known scandals and subversion of Law, Justice, and the Constitution of the Obama administration I am attacked so vehemently I grow concerned about my physical safety.  Obama presided over one of the most corrupt administration in modern history.  He played the race card effectively and used his being half black as a virtual ‘get out of jail free card’ allowing him to plow through constitutional restrictions and prohibitions as though they did not exist. 

What would have been the response of the media, Hollywood, the pundits, activists, and haters had President Trump done what Obama did?  Let me list a few possibilities and you decide how they would have reacted.  What if Trump had used a recession to bilk a trillion dollars from the public to stuff the pockets of campaign donors like Solyndra?  What if he had facilitated Agent Brian Terry’s murder by Mexican cartels through a government gun-running scheme?  What if Trump had targeted American citizens for assassination without a smidgen of concern for ‘due process?’ He would have been drawn and quartered in the media. Wait, he has been for doing the opposite of Obama.

If those are realities are not enough, how about a few more of the things Obama did.  Transpose Obama’s name in connection to them and insert Donald J. Trump and consider what the response would have been.  What if Trump had lied to the voters that their doctors would be protected, their healthcare premiums reduced while taking tax dollars to pay for ‘illegally’ the health care of illegal aliens?  What if Trump had spied on reporters and put a record number of their sources in jail?  What if Trump had used the IRS to target political opponents?

How about Benghazi?  What if Trump had allowed that situation and our ambassador and other Americans to be slaughtered without lifting a finger to help?  What if Trump had then blamed the attack on a meaningless YouTube video as a cover to facilitate his reelection?  What if Trump had sent his minions on national television and radio selling the despicable lie about what really happened.  What if Trump had used the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Homeland, NSA, and other government agencies to punish his ideological foes? 

No, Trump has not done those things, but Obama did and there was not one whiff of concern or complaint from the Democrats, Hollywood, the media, and the activists.  Amazing how which side of the political aisle you stand on determines whether or not the ‘so-called’ news media objects to what you do, isn’t it? 

I keep wondering why Obama’s complete disregard for court orders and congressional oversight caused no concern.  I keep wondering why the way he went about protecting his friends, allies, and cronies from criminal investigation and prosecution was not of concern.  It has been disturbing that there was no crying foul when Obama’s actions, rhetoric, and policies escalated racial tension.

Documented facts reveal that Barack Obama began his presidential tenure as one of the least wealthy of all our previous presidents but has become one of the wealthiest.  The Clintons have amassed a fortune through their charity, but Obama has benefitted beyond belief from companies that benefitted tremendously during his presidency.  If you want me to believe that was due to their benevolence and coincidence, you came a bit too late.  I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

Obama cashes enormous checks everywhere he goes and received a colossal book deal in the tune of $65 million.  Where do I sign up?  Who did he get that deal from?  Before you say, “He is an ex-president and people are willing to pay handsomely for his memoirs and views.” 

Could I insert a few factual bits of information?  His book deal came through Penguin Random House.  No problem there right?  Well, they were taken over in 2013 by Bertelsmann, a privately held German company that is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world.  They are the parent company of Bertelsmann Investments.  Who are they?  Interestingly, they are an international network of private banking funds in the services and natural resources industries which includes those in Iran.

Let me say to the Mitt Romney’s of the world, the former conservatives pundits who are blinded by hatred for Trump and those who are pushing the Bernie Sanders view of Socialism/Communism, you are not on the right side of history.  If you are truly that dense that you fail to see the unprecedented coup against Trump and our American system for what it is and has been, you need to wake up. 

Yes, I am a proud member of the Disobedient Populace and wear my “Deplorable” label proudly.  I am an American, a Vietnam Veteran, a Conservative, a Constitutionalist, a Lover of Freedom, and a Christian and I thank God for the new direction America is taking and never want to go back to the destruction of the previous administration. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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