I am cautious about conspiracy theories and hope what I am going to say is not deemed another of the myriad of theories advanced that is unworthy of a second thought.  In any national or international crisis, how various nations respond should be of particular interest to everyone. 

The view and philosophy vocalized by former President Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel is held by many nations of the world and most of our enemies.  He said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  The nefarious and diabolical of the world’s nations will never let a crisis go to waste and they are always watching for the opportunity to gain the upper hand.  We do it as well.  That is the nature of the world we live in.

In the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic that came out of China and has affected the entire world is a case in particular.  I am concerned with the willingness to use a crisis to gain a political or economic advantage.  COVID-10 (scientifically known as SARS CoV-1) began in China.  Some have suggested that had it began in Singapore or Taiwan and killed millions globally there would not be a peep from the media.  It is a killer, but so are the flu, the common cold and a mountain of other diseases.  The reason for the panic and paranoia stems from multiple roots but something that cannot be overlooked is the desire to use it to gain the upper hand.

Amid this global panic, China is profiting massively buying up stocks in a crashing market, and medicine.  Someone suggested that China, although they may not have intentionally unleashed this killer, are using it and creating pandemonium for their advantage. The latter I can believe and do believe. 

In America and other parts of the world, we tend to fill nursing homes with elderly people many having serious underlying health issues.  We take care of them, not by nurses and doctors but orderlies rather than providers who are highly trained in the field of medical methodology.  If one of those staffers develops a cold, it can and often does spread like a wildfire through the facility and some of the elderly do not survive.  Medicine is not always uniformly and adequately provided and only the strong survive.  Imagine what it would be like if we did not have the medicine we now have.  We would see millions die annually from the cold and flu every year and it would be far worse than it is now.

That brings me to the point of China. A vast majority (95%) of our antibiotics are produced in China along with a myriad of other American products.  Some of the components of our weapons systems are produced in China. How is that a good idea? We are in their clutches economically. Thankfully President Trump understood this and businesses in America will hopefully react or and take steps to shift our dependency from China to American productivity where it should have always been.  Just because it can be produced cheaper in China with forced labor does not mean it is in the best interest of America.

I am concerned that our reaction to this crisis, pandemic, and pandemonium is being watched closely by our enemies around the globe.  The fact that our economy and our society have been virtually shut down by this virus is not something our enemies will overlook.  That could and likely will pose a serious threat to us in the future.  Bioterrorism has been a concern for a long time and something too many never take seriously enough. 

I consider it a potentially frightening thing that our entire nation could be shut down with such ease.  I have long believed and those in the know, affirm that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) could cripple every aspect of our nation and leave us largely defenseless against attack.  Hopefully, our military has prepared for that scenario, but most Americans would be without water, power, food, transportation, medicine, etc. in short order.  The chaos that would ensue would be of such epic proportions we would be forced into martial law and even then, the chaos would rip us to shreds as a nation.

I see this kind of biological event also being considered a potential weapon by our enemies.  We have documented evidence that some of the terrorists have long sought to acquire such a weapon and expressed a desire and willingness to use it against us.  They are watching this and possibly consider it a ‘test run’ to determine how effective it could be and how best to unleash it on us.  Yes, that is a conspiratorial idea but one that should not be dismissed as valueless and unachievable by our enemies.  It is a modern possibility and must be addressed, as are all the threats against our nation and people.

The speed with which America has been virtually shut down cannot be lost on our enemies and that frightens me as much if not more than the virus itself.  Again, that is not to diminish the virus and seriousness.  With the threat of bioterrorism and electromagnetic terrorism, a nuclear strike may not be our greatest danger.  Our enemies are watching to see our preparedness and our unity or disunity as a people.  The more we point the finger, blame, and refuse to work together the more vulnerable we become. 

Do I think this situation suddenly puts thoughts in the minds of our enemies?  NO!  But it is allowing them to watch in real-time our reaction and ability to handle the situation.  The infliction of pain, suffering, and death to our people is not their only objective.  They are watching our economic condition, our unification or disunification, and our resolve.

Some nations do not simply hate us because we are not of their religion or system of government. They hate us because we impede their ability to dominate the world and want to strip us from the perch of being a super-power.  Those nations are less interested in causing the deaths of millions of Americans than they are in gaining control of our economy and our government. 

If the threat of millions of Americans being infected and dying from a virus or disease can produce that, they would gleefully utilize it.  Other terrorists whose prime objective is to inflict pain, suffering, and death on America and Americans see it as a useful weapon.  Both are dangerous and we must prepare for.

There are many things that we must do as a people and a government to prepare against future situations that come without nefarious intent and those that do.  We must take steps to protect our food and water, our resources, our medicine, drugs, goods, and services as well as transportation and communications. 

I’m watching to see what Washington does and while I have been impressed with President Trump and his team, I am not impressed by much that I see otherwise.  Therefore, I will turn some of my attention to addressing these concerns with elected politicians and all who will listen.  I will not live in fear, but I will attempt to be aware and prudent as well as proactive.  I will vote for a president who has demonstrated an understanding of the dangers and is willing to make the difficult and necessary decisions to protect us.  That person, at this point, is Donald J. Trump.

God bless you and God bless America. 

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