I’m deviating away from the pandemic and focusing on something else that needs to be addressed. What has been happening in Washington demands more than a few slaps on the wrists, meaningless censuring, and warnings from various agencies.  What we need is definitive and legal action taken to prevent this kind of abuse from transpiring in the future. 

What am I talking about?  I am not talking about the claimed ‘abuse of power’ by President Trump, which is fictional from a constitutional basis.  I am talking about the ‘abuse of power’ by the Democratic members of Congress who have grossly overreached their authority.  I am talking about the Democratic establishment, in power in the House of Representatives, violation of numerous federal statutes and turning the House of Representatives into their personal political weapon.

One of the recent developments that brings this back to the table was the letter the FCC Commissioner sent to Adam Schiff and his committee over their violations of federal law or abuse of their power.   FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr called to attention the secretive subpoenas used by Schiff and the Democrats regarding private phone calls.  He tweeted: “Chairman Schiff has been collecting Americans’ private call records through a secret and partisan process, he even published some of them in the Impeachment Report. These sensitive records are protected by federal law. His conduct raises serious concerns, and I’ve asked for answers.”

In his letter, he said: “I am writing to you because your committee has collected — and may still be collecting — the protected and confidential call records of private citizens and government officials alike through a secret and partisan process that deprives Americans of their legal right to maintain the privacy of this sensitive information.”  He cited the fact that federal law is supposed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of American citizen’s phone call records.  He made note that included the protection of disclosure of the numbers dialed, dates, and times, as well as the duration of the calls. 

In the Democrats Impeachment Report, 658 pages in length, there were the listing of calls made by Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Representative Devin Nunes, Lev Parnas, Sean Hannity, and Kash Patel, among others.  The list was quite extensive.  Mr. Carr also said:  “The process the committee used (and may still be using) to obtain and then publicly release these previously confidential call records raises a number of serious questions — including whether Americans are comfortable with one political party in Congress having the power to secretly obtain and expose the call records of any private citizen, journalist, or government official.”  The Democrats amassed at least 3,719 pages of records and caused the FCC to cite Section 222 of the Communications Act that prohibits the kind of action Schiff and his committee took.

Nancy Pelosi, Nadler, and others have overreached their Congressional authority accusing the President of what they are and were doing.  That demands more than a cursory meaningless slap on the wrist.  The Constitution is clear on the separation of powers and the Democrats under Schiff’s guidance have violated numerous statutes that demand Congressional and DOJ action.  Will that happen?  I seriously doubt it, but if we are going to prevent this kind of abuse from either party is a must.  The Republicans doing the same thing at a later date will not prevent this from happening again.  It must be stopped and the only way to effectively stop it is legal action by Congress and the DOJ.

U.S. Attorney John Durham is expected to conclude his investigation into the origins of the Russia probe by the end of summer.  There are rumors that the investigation will lead to criminal charges being brought against some of the players.  Will that transpire? I wish I could answer in the affirmative, but history suggests nothing much will happen.  Unfortunately, the Deep State, Ole Boys, and political animals in Washington tend to protect each other.  The only reason for that seems to be dirt on the hands of all of them.  That is not good for America, our system of government, or the American people.  We need change!

We have been told that it will not be like the Mueller investigation with a report following.  We are told that if Durham finds adequate evidence to charge someone, he will do it without fanfare.  Durham’s reach was expanded by the DOJ into the intelligence community and gave him the power to seat ‘grand juries’ or ‘anything else’ he needed to complete his investigation.  I only hope that he is thorough enough and digs deep enough to uncover the corruption and make it visible to America. 

We had the Mitt Romney opposition to digging more deeply into Hunter Biden and then the Romney retreat from that position.  Now, Senator Ron Johnson (R. Wis), the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee has announced that he plans to subpoena a consulting firm with ties to Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings to determine if the firm sought to use Hunter Biden to “influence” American policy.  The smell keeps emanating from the woodpile over Hunter’s $83,000 per month salary while his father oversaw America’s Ukrainian policy.  Nothing to see here, right?  Yeah, and pigs are flying over the unicorns in my back yard.

We have watched the abuses and violations of James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, and Hillary Clinton and nothing has happened.  We have watched the evidentiary evidence point to high-level Obama administration officials and possibly Obama himself, but nothing has happened.  Should we be hopeful that something substantial will come from all this?  Only if Trump wins in November, the Republicans reclaim the House and keep the Senate.  However, I suggest that even then, it is questionable whether Congress will act and bring the full weight of the law and constitution to bear on the guilty. 

I am watching and hoping for the corruption to be uncovered and something more than wrist slaps transpires.  That is another reason that I will be voting NO on the Democrats and YES for Trump in November.  I want my country back and pray that it is not too far gone to recover.

God bless you and God bless America!


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