No, I am not a conspiracy theorist chasing every dark hidden secret lurking in the shadows.  I am a student of the Bible, history, and an interested observer of world events. I do believe that those who desire “Total Control” of not only America but also the World are pursuing an agenda and taking advantage of every opportunity to advance their agenda.  I believe that is part of the package of this pandemic, epidemic, pandemonium, and paranoia we have witnessed through the coronavirus or COVID-19.  It is troubling.  Not simply the health issues, but the dangers of the strengthening of the movement for Global Tyranny. 

I was amazed at how easily our world was ‘shut down’ by this virus that originated in Wuhan, China, the COVID-19 as it is called.  Economies have been decimated, freedoms restricted, travel limited, access to goods and services dramatically curtailed, and life was no longer normal.  Entire nations went on virtual if not literal ‘lockdown’ or ‘shelter in place’ with limited movement.  So-called non-essential businesses were destroyed being forced to cease conducting business and our robust economy in America became a shell of its former self. 

I heard something yesterday in the briefing that was possibly revealing and definitely troubling. I heard the good doctor say that she had been interested in the power of ‘behavioral change’ for a long time and was closing watching it in this situation. Another member of the briefing mentioned their close observance of ‘behavioral change.’ If that is part of the objective, I am more troubled than ever. That is part of the PC World and Globalist agenda to achieve such ‘behavioral change’ that we become passively compliant to whatever the government demands.

Thank God, our economy was in the healthy condition it was before this pandemic or panic was given full sway.  Had we had the economic anemia as we had under Barack Obama, we would be worse off than the Great Depression and there would be rioting, looting, and chaos in America. 

Thank God we have a president willing to listen to the ‘experts’ rather than deeming himself the ‘expert’ as did our former president.  Thank God, we have a leader-listener and leader-follower who leads and allows those tasked with jobs to do them rather than leading from behind and kowtowing to the evil regimes of the world.  We could have been much worse off and would have been had Hillary Clinton been president or if Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders were now president. 

I am concerned that this is being observed as a test-run for a world economic shutdown and thereby a global takeover by the existing tyrannical forces.  I am not saying that is what the President and his team are doing, but those who want that to be a reality are watching carefully. I am concerned that we are witnessing the reality of the fictional scenario of Orwell’s “1984”.  It has been far too easy to bring the entire world to a screeching halt and that will not bode well going forward for freedom and liberty. 

When the economy is decimated to the point that people cannot or are not allowed to work it opens the door for government aide to reach the point that people cannot survive without it.  Being unable to survive without government subsistence may not be completely accurate, but it becomes the view of the majority.  When the government provides it controls.  We become subject to their edicts, requirements, regulations, restrictions, and are required to trade or Freedom for their Provision.  That is not the America our Founders envisioned or established and should be unacceptable to every lover of Freedom.

I believe that the technological revolution or evolution of our world also aides Global Tyranny to gain power.  We know, in America, the ease with which our government and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies can gather data on citizens.  The various technological giants use our smartphones, computers, automobiles, etc. to amass mountains of data on each of us. 

Our healthcare professionals, credit card companies, and many other entities also amass enormous amounts of personal data.  I have long been concerned with the questions asked at my doctor’s office, that have nothing to do with my health.  That data is available to the government and lends itself to being used against us.  That was the case in Germany with Hitler’s rise to power and has been used in various forms in the rise of despots and tyrants in modern history. 

Many of us shop using Amazon, research through Google, use Facebook, Twitter, etc.  All amass mountains of information about us.  They know our likes and dislikes regarding products, politics, movies, foods, fashion, etc.  Those databases are expanding almost daily, and the Globalists are not oblivious to that reality.  It is a goldmine they either not have accessed or will seek to do so in the future.  That is troubling and suggests that Global Tyranny is virtually inevitable. 

There has been the theory advanced recently that can be coupled with the long-standing desire to move our world to a cashless society.  The theory is that money is dirty, not dirty in the sense of being obtained illegally, but it is dirty as in being an agent to spread disease.  The theory is that the governments of the world, including the United States, will seek to ‘outlaw’ money.  This most recent pandemic, epidemic, or pandemonium gives that theory a strong footing.  People are terrified and any steps that would make us safer are deemed worth the cost.  I am not suggesting that this is coming soon, but I do believe the Globalists want a cashless society because it allows them to control money and thereby people more easily.

If money is outlawed it is ‘game over’ for Freedom and Liberty.  Cash or mediums of barter have long been the vehicle through which we can avoid the government’s total control of our lives.  In Hitler’s reign of terror on the Jews, those with ‘cash’ and the help of God could buy their way out of Nazi clutches from time to time.  Those with no cash were doomed. 

Imagine a world where every purchase required a digital signature.  That would mean every purchase you make would be tracked and your location would be immediately available to those in power.  Yes, that is Orwellian but a very real possibility in our technological world and with the nefarious minds at work among the Globalist.

The Bible refers to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ as a means whereby the anti-Christ could control people’s lives.  Anyone refusing to take the ‘mark’ or in this case, submit to the digital method would find themselves without food and the other necessities of life.  That would mean comply or die!  You either march to their drummer or you go bankrupt, destitute, and literally, starve to death or become a roving marauder stealing to survive.

I truly believe that the only antidote to this impending Global Tyranny is God and Prayer.  I believe that one of the reasons Christianity, the Bible, and Freedom of Speech has come under such an attack often being labeled ‘hate speech’ is for this very reason, the advancement of Global Tyranny.  No, many that are being useful idiots of that agenda do not know that is what they are doing, but it is part of the package.

We can survive.  However, in the end, there will be a Global Tyranny for a time. There will be an anti-Christ rise to power.  There will be carnage and destruction.  There will come a time when many believers if not most followers of Christianity will be sent into the shadows to conduct their business covertly and out of sight of the prying eyes of Big Brother. 

In the End, we win if we have God as our foundation.  But that does not resolve the issue for many today, because everyone does not ascribe to the Faith I ascribe.  How do we fight this in America today?  At the Polls!  We find and elect politicians who will not sell their souls or have not sold their souls to the Globalist agenda. 

America, we are fighting for Freedom and to remain Free we must be vigilant and engaged.  I ask that you join me in the Fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom!  We must win in 2020 and resoundingly defeat the Globalist, Leftists, Liberals, Progressives who are entrenched in the Democratic Party. 

God bless you and God bless America!


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    It is time to join hands in the Fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom. We must win in 2020 and resoundingly defeat the Globalists, Leftists, and Progressives who are entrenched in the Democratic Party.


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