I, like most Americans, have called for the politicians to lay aside their partisan wrangling in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  I, like most Americans, am troubled by the attempts of the government to create a ‘relief package’ that is laden with political crony pork.  I, like most Americans, have been deeply concerned about the virtual if not literal shut-down of our nation, our economy, and way of life. 

I do not know if we will ever know the full details of this virus and the see the statistical data needed to determine fully how deadly and threatening this epidemic has been and will be.  I don’t know if some of the liberties and freedoms we willingly ceded to the government will ever be restored.  I don’t know how long it will take our nation to dig from beneath the rubble and see our economy and way of life restored.  I do not know if that will ever become a reality in totality.  I am a mortal who can only see what I see and evaluate what I am able to hear, read, uncover, and investigate.  I am not Omniscient, so there will always be much that I do not know. 

Yet, it seems that the Left has never ceased their partisan pursuits.  It seems the media has not ceased trying to find something to cause America to fear and distrust the president.  It seems that the activists have been working non-stop and diligently to either disrupt, reshape, or bring such confusion to the coming elections that we can have no hope of a legitimate and fair election in November.  It seems? No, that is exactly what they have done!

The idea of online voting, voting by mail, and the other proposals to change our way of voting is designed to avoid ‘in-person’ voting. That is of great concern to me.  The opportunity for ‘voter fraud’ soars through the roof in each of those practices and that seems to be the desire of the Left.  We are being told by the Democratic leaders that due to this pandemic we cannot afford to vote in the normal way, with the normal safeguards against voter fraud.  They have deemed that we will still be under the blight of this pandemic in the Fall and therefore for human safety, we must suspend our normal process and embrace their plan for ‘virtual voting.’ 

If Congress allows this to transpire and funds this invitation to invalidate the election through voter fraud, they will have answered many of our questions.  If this happens, the Democrats will win the White House.  If this happens the Democrats will keep the House of Representatives and reclaim the Senate.  If this happens the Supreme Court will increase to 15 members, the majority of which will be liberal activist jurists.  If this happens the economy will be further destroyed, universal healthcare will be a reality, and our 1st, 2nd, and 14th amendments will be prime targets.  If this happens religious gatherings of the Christian faith or Judaism will face extreme scrutiny and regulation. 

Immediately some on both sides of the aisle, muttered, “A Conspiracy Kook.”  I will likely be trashed, attacked, vilified, and disregarded. I have been and have been threatened with bodily harm for my views.  However, I ask, is what I am suggesting beyond the scope of possibility? 

Do you not see how the Left has continued their assault on this president and thereby ignoring the needs of America?  Do you not see how the new Impeachment attempt because of the pandemic is not evidence of their desire to assume total control?  Do you not see how their inclusion of ridiculous pork in the ‘relief bills’ is destructive and non-beneficial for the fight against the pandemic and does not ease the fiscal pain?  If you cannot see their incessant pursuit of power, you are not watching what is happening.

Of course, I am aware that both sides of the aisle have kinks in their armor.  I fully acknowledge that some of the Republicans are far from pristine in their intent and objective.  I want to see partisan politics shelved in a time of crisis and America put first on the legislative burner.  Yet, I realize that if we do not pay attention and continue to discuss the matters of government, we will fall prey to the devious political opportunist and never fully recover constitutionally.  None of us should want that or be willing to allow that to transpire. 

The Department of Justice must not abandon the needed investigations into crime and corruption.  The Department of Defense must not abandon its constitutionally mandated responsibility of “Keeping America Safe.”  The various intelligence-gathering agencies must not abandon their watch for terrorism and alert the rightful authorities and departments of all threats.  We have virtually shut down our country to protect us against an invisible enemy and may be in danger of making the cure more damaging than the disease.

I realize that if a person is dead the economy or politics are meaningless to them.  However, what happens if a person does not die and most will not?  What happens if there is no life to return to although they are alive?  What is the long-term damage to the psyche, families, homes, businesses, and churches? 

It is my view, after weeks of intense prayer, consideration of what I see and the pain I am observing, that if we do not stay focused, we will witness a transformation in America that is quite ugly, dangerous, and destructive.  We will come through this crisis of an invisible enemy.  The only question is, “What will we look like and be after we do?”  Someone said, “I hope the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train.”  They were concerned with what the nefarious elements of government and the powers behind the scene have been and are doing.

America, my heart breaks for everyone who has lost a loved one, been infected by this virus, lost a job, a home, a family, or hope.  I am over 70 years of age, on a fixed income and retired. Therefore, I have been able to stay home without suffering significant financial trauma.  It has affected us but not like it has for millions.  Some insist that my concerns are unfounded and unwarranted.  I am called many names.  That is not my concern.  My concern is America and the American people. 

I have wondered if we had responded as did South Korea would we have fared better?  The one thing I know is no matter what happens we must keep our confidence in God and rely on our faith.  We must not allow fear and panic to grip us and render us incapable of living this wonderful life we have been granted.  Likewise, we must not lose sight of the prize and remain vigilant, focused, involved, and pursue truth, righteousness, peace, and freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!

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