I cannot help but wonder if those following the toxic band of liberal thought largely in the Democratic Party have lost their minds completely.  You may say, “Roy, they lost their minds years ago.”  In many ways, I would agree but the recent actions, antics, and words coming from the camps embodying that political establishment is beyond the pale.  It makes me wonder, what their real strategy is if they have one.  It makes me wonder and ask, “Are they that desperate?”  I also ask, “Do they truly think the America people are in a mental coma and unable to decipher the tea leaves?” 

As to their strategy, I truly think that it is, attack, attack, attack and hope the can throw enough things against the wall something sticks or run enough things up the flagpole that somebody will salute.  That being said, they are dangerous and not a group to be dismissed.  There are millions and that is MILLIONS both legal and illegal who will vote for them and do vote for them.  That raises numerous other questions that I will leave unasked and unanswered at this juncture.

Back to the original question, “Have they lost their minds?”  The simple answer is Yes.  The more detailed and comprehensive answer is, ‘they are crazy like a fox.’  I believe that they believe there is a method to their madness and history has indicated their band of politicization has worked, so why not do it again and step it up a notch? 

In nature, a wounded animal is incredibly dangerous, and I believe the Democratic Party is a wounded political animal.  They are, in my view, terrified of the potential outcome of this election.  They are mortified that Trump will win a second term.  They are terrified that they will lose the House of Representatives.  They appear to view their hopes of reclaiming the Senate as doubtful and that further exacerbates them and causes them to go full-bore into the attack mode.

They tried the Establishment Candidate, who hoped to be perceived as a moderate in 2016 and virtually all the political pundits and politicians believed she was a lock to win.  They failed miserably because they encountered a political animal they had never encountered in a Republican suit.  Donald Trump did not play by the age-old anticipated and expected rules for Republicans.  He fought back and was combative to their combativeness.  When they pushed him, he pushed back!  When they hit him, he hit them harder and with more blows.  That was a foreign situation to them and when they lost, they manifested the various stages of grief which began with denial. 

How could Trump beat their anointed candidate?  He was not of their tribe and not a politician, therefore he was an interloper. Added to that mix was their view of us, a basket of deplorable souls they deemed ungrateful for the token pat on the head they were accustomed to offering.  They incorporated in their denial of reality the fictitious theory that it must have been outside interference, namely Russian collusion with Trump and his associates, duping the public and stealing the election.  We have spent three-plus years on that rock turning crusade, which produced only a few cursory process crimes, but nothing on Trump.  Still, they proceeded, moving from one level of derangement to the next descending deeper into the cesspool of political dirty tricks.

They stole the nomination from the angry old white male who was an avowed Socialist in 2016 and have done the same in 2020.  How that plays out with the Bernie tribe is yet to be seen, but I suspect it will deepen the divide in the party and might prove to be their Achilles heel.  It may not, those following the mind-numbing toxicity of the modern liberal agenda may go to the polls in droves and vote for Biden or whomever the Establishment offers.  I don’t know who their Manchurian candidate will be, but Biden fits that description perfectly.  He is senile and controllable, regarding policy, although no one can control his gaffes and loose lips.

There has never been such a massive, unified, concerted effort to take down a sitting president as we have witnessed in Trump’s first term.  The Main-Stream Media has flooded the airwaves 24/7/365 with their allegations, innuendoes, and leaked information hoping to turn the Trump base against him.  They have failed and that has not only puzzled them, but it has also infuriated them and resulted in our being branded imbeciles needing constant supervision.  They consider us too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time. 

I am still laughing at the faux intelligence of MSNBC’s Brian Williams and Mara Gay of the New York Times demonstrating the massive brainpower of the Left.  Yes, it is ancient news, but part of what I’m talking about and the continual advancing of idiocy by the Left. 

Williams referred to a tweet that said, the $500 million Bloomberg spend of his own money in the failed campaign could have been used to give every American $1 million.  He showed his ignorance and lack of math acumen by compounding the idiocy saying, “When I saw this on social media tonight, it kind of all became clear.” He said, “Don’t tell us if you’re ahead of us on the math here.”  

Too bad, somebody on his staff wasn’t ahead of him.  Gay said, “It’s true, it’s disturbing.”  Hey, geniuses, “I wasn’t a math major in college and don’t play one on TV, but I do believe that Bloomberg’s campaign expenditure would have given every American about $1.50 not $1 million each.  He would have had to spend $330 Trillion to have given each American $1 Million.”  

Senator Chuck Schumer’s threat directed toward Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch was a sign of the reactions of a wounded animal and a total loss of control.  Wait, maybe it wasn’t, maybe it was a sign that the Democratic leadership truly believes that the Constitution is meaningless, the rule of law does not apply to them, and we are too impotent and incapable of taking them to task.  Maybe that is part of their strategy.  They have long been proponents of intimidation and threats and the Republicans have historically cowered in the shadows hiding from them in fear.  Hopefully, that has changed.  It has with President Trump and hopefully the Republicans in Congress and the Constitutionalist on the Courts will stand firm and say, “Not just not, but **** no!”

I truly believe that Joe Biden, their apparent designee is suffering from some serious brain issues and cognitive ability.  I truly believe that Bernie is suffering from delusion, hate, and may have more serious health concerns than are being admitted.  The Democrats who have openly hoped for our economy to be destroyed, the deadly spread of the Coronavirus into Trump rallies and the treachery toward our Constitution make me angry and give me some trepidation.  If they were to somehow win the White House, keep the House of Representatives, and retake the Senate, move over, the proverbial fat lady will be exiting the stage having already sung her final number.  IT WILL BE OVER!

Bill Clinton was astute at ‘wag the dog’ and the Democrats have been engaged in that for over three years now.  What will America do in November?  I am cautiously optimistic that we will see massive numbers turn out to vote against the lunacy of the left.  I am cautiously optimistic that millions will awaken and say, NO to the lunacy of the left.  I am cautiously optimistic that those on the Conservative, Constitutional, and Republican Side of the spectrum will become and stay engaged and VOTE!  No, not like those on the Left, ‘early and often’ but VOTE!

God bless you and God bless America!


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