In the hoopla and diatribe by the Left, before this current crisis, they were chanting The Russians Did It!”  I must ask, is there a foreign influence we should be concerned about in our presidential election this year?  Let me answer that with a YES!  I suspect that some are surprised by my answer.  I can hear some saying, “Wow!  He is coming around to our side.”  I ask that you tap the brakes just a little before you assume you know what I mean.

I do not believe that the Russians had any significant influence on our election in 2016.  I do not believe they attempted to help Donald Trump, but they wanted, as always, to disrupt our process and our system of government.  However, I do believe that the bought and paid for dossier by the Clinton camp and the DNC was not only damaging to our process but filled will illegalities.  Additionally, I believe there was extensive voter fraud by illegals, and that had an impact on our election.  I suspect that few of those votes if any went to the Republicans.  In that sense, I believe there was foreign involvement in 2016.

In 2020, I am concerned more than ever with the “illegal votes” and “voter fraud.”  Yet, there is a foreign entity that concerns me and its deep connections to one candidate are too obvious to miss.  If you have not guessed already, I am speaking of none other than Joe Biden, the leading Democratic hopeful.  His roots and those of his son with China are deep and extensive.  Sadly, few on the Right, none in the Media, and Zero Democrats want to discuss or investigate that.  That makes me think “Manchurian Candidate” in more ways than one.

Someone suggested that it almost appears that China unleased the coronavirus upon the world for the express purpose of helping Joe Biden.  I won’t go that far but his connection to that Communist nation is impossible to discount.  We have already witnessed the economic devastation that this disease has caused and that damage will be long-lasting and deep.  How will that affect the election?  I do not know, but I am concerned, and like everyone else will have to wait until the end of summer and November to have a better grasp on that issue.

Nobody wants to bring to the table for discussion the fact that the former President Barack Obama helped spread disease across America through shipping sick illegal aliens throughout the republic.  Have we completely forgotten Enterovirus D68?  Yes, we have!  The Democrats have been scrambling to protect Bumbling Joe from having to appear too often in public and stick his foot deeper into his mouth.  Some have called for the suspension of all debates including those between Trump and the Democratic nominee because of COVID-19.  Protect him they must and protect him they will.  That too makes me think “Manchurian Candidate.”

Dare we forget how Biden, as the senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the 1990s, ensured that China got ‘most-favored-nation’ status and World Trade Organization membership in 2001?  Anytime there was an attempt to put the brakes on China’s elevation in status such as placing human rights or labor conditions on their ‘most-favored-nation’ status, Biden Voted No!  He lobbied for Beijing and got what he wanted. China did not and has not forgotten his loyalty and have repaid monetarily and now possibly working to help get him nominated and elected.

In 2012, Biden stood shoulder to shoulder with Xi and argued that competition from China was good for America.  The reality is, millions of American jobs vanished as a result of his and Obama’s efforts favoring China.  Many of us asked then and now, was it competition or collusion that he and they desired?  We know the answer when we fast forward to Joe’s Beijing trip in 2013 where Hunter Biden accompanied him.  Even reporters questioned why.  It did not take long to uncover that answer.  That very year Hunter joined a Shanghai-based private equity firm and in 2017 just after Joe left office, he invested a chunk of his own money in the company. 

We have China’s money finding its way into Hunter’s pockets as well as Ukrainian money, so what’s the problem?  The problem is Joe’s history is that he is owned by foreign money and so is his family.  Thanks to many foolish policies, many linked to Biden and Obama we are dependent on China for our pharmaceuticals, about 95% of our antibiotics come through them.  Their leader has threatened to cut off our supply of medication and thereby intensify the epidemic we now face.  Wow!  We are dependent on them for many sensitive components for our weapons systems.  That makes ZERO SENSE!  After all, what could possibly go wrong in depending on an adversary for our weapons systems components? 

Let me take us back to a time before many of us were alive, August of 1944 and the Yalta Conference with FDR.  Roosevelt was sick and not in great health at the time of this meeting.  Harry Truman his nominee for Vice President met with Roosevelt and reports are he was surprised at how haggard FDR appeared.  He told the media that “FDR was fine and keen as a briar.”  That was a lie and he knew it. 

Roosevelt was a dying man and should never have represented America at the conference.  He was steamrolled, in a great measure, by Joseph Stalin even with Churchill in the meeting to help stem Russian aggression and desires.  The meeting was to layout post-war Europe.  He surrendered Poland to the Soviets and most of Eastern Europe.  He did not have the stamina or the mental alertness to keep pace with Stalin.

We see the relevance to that time when we look at Biden now.  Biden’s mental acuity is a very serious issue or should be.  He is in the pockets of foreign nations economically and we do not know the extent or power of their influence and control over him.  He does not have the mental capacity, currently, to deal with the pressures of being the leader of the greatest nation in the world.  That means someone else will be calling the shots and pulling the strings.  If we allow history to teach and give warnings Yalta should and we should never lose sight of the dangers in having a president that is not mentally or physically up to the task. 

Will there be foreign interference in the 2020 election, YES!  There will be, there is, and there will be in every subsequent election, but this one is of great concern because of the obvious tentacles the Chinese have over Biden.  There are many issues and Joe’s mental health must be one of them.

God bless you and God bless America!

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