Atlas Shrugged was a creation of Ayn Rand in 1957 as she traveled down the conspiracy road and warned of the dangers of too much government.  Rand came to America from Russia following the communist revolution led by Vladimir Lenin.  She had observed up close and person the destruction of social norms and the capture of a society by the communist ideology and agenda.  Some time back I saw an article by Howard J. Warner titled, “Who is Our John Galt?”  It set me to thinking and brought back to memory some things I had considered when I read the book and saw the movie. 

I saw the movie and read the book and found both to be fascinating and although a conspiratorial theory it was not so far-fetched that I could not see elements of it, existing in this modern world.  John Galt was the fictional leader of the resistance against the Statists in a dystopian America.  His character was an intellectual genius and had the wherewithal and organizational ability to link powerful leaders in the private sector to fight against and overcome the fiscal, moral, and constitutional incompetence of the American government. 

The Galt Army sought to counter the power and control of the government Deep State and Swamp Denizens.  It was a war against the co-opting by the government of private businesses for their power-crazed nefarious purposes. 

In Rand’s novel, John Galt was a creative genius who designed and developed an engine that could run on static electricity.  Is there such a person existing in 2020 America?  Galt was apprehended by the government and tortured until he was rescued by his hidden army of co-conspirators, the resistance.  In the book, there was a steel magnate much like Andrew Carnegie, a railroad power much like Cornelius Vanderbilt and together they built the “John Galt” railroad which was condemned by the government regulators.

When I consider the conditions in the world today and the diabolical, devious, deceptive, inept, and incompetent government we have been exposed to for decades I wonder, “Where is America’s, John Galt?”  It caught my attention that the ‘whistle-blower’ in China, the doctor that exposed what was happening was allowed or helped to die.  His death robbed from the world much needed and valuable information, but that is the nature of the Communists beast such as China. 

When China finally admitted a problem, they refused the help of our CDC.  Honestly, I did not wonder why, I felt I knew, at least part of the reason.  They did not want the world to know any more about the situation in China than was absolutely unavoidable.  They wanted to maintain their spin on the virus and have subsequently sought to blame the U.S. military and continue to hide factual data from the world. 

I am not suggesting, like some, that Donald J. Trump is America’s John Galt, but he is a breath of fresh air in these troubled times.  We had the weak-willed, willy nilly approach of the former president.  We have the absolute lunacy being offered by the Democratic hopefuls who want to be president.  We have the media working non-stop to discredit, blame, and destroy President Trump.  The Democrats have been on a three-plus-year endeavor to find something to charge him with that would remove him from office.  We have America being sold down the river by politicians for power, prestige, and purse.  If there is a John Galt, we need one. 

There is a crisis at our door and that wolf is far more than a mildly hungry predator, he is death and destruction awaiting an opportunity.  I have been impressed with many things about President Trump since the election in 2016.  I have been impressed with his ability to navigate the difficult waters of politics and Washington.  I’m not sure there was any other person that could have done what he has done and weathered the never-ending storm of hate.  Please do not take that to mean, I idolize him, worship him, or afford him the status of sainthood, I DO NOT!  He is a man, but a man we needed at the time we needed him and I’m thankful to God for this man.

I have watched as the media has fanned the flames of hysteria and heard many of them openly hoping for the worst in this crisis.  The Democrats and the media have long hoped for a recession, depression, or total collapse of our economy.  They saw that as virtually their only hope of unseating him in 2020.  I cannot fathom how any American, politician or citizen would hope for the devastating to fellow citizens through a total economic collapse, but alas, they wear a Donkey suit.

President Trump has been firm and determined.  He has been focused, unlike Joe Biden and laser-like in his attention to the task at hand.  The media and the haters claim he is distracted, inept, and disinterested, but the proof is in the pudding and disprove their rhetoric.  President Trump has ramped up the response of the government and that has deflated the media’s attempt, which they refuse to give up, to make him look like he wants harm for America and is killing our citizens.  That is not his desire or intent and they know it, but the pandemonium they have created is a serious threat, and the antics of the Democrats in Congress a threat to America and Americans.

The Democrats called the president everything but a human being when he halted flights from China in January and now, they say he didn’t act quickly enough.  The Obama administration and the Democrats created a disaster waiting to happen in the healthcare industry and left us woefully weak in our ability to deal with this kind of crisis.  President Trump has enlisted the aid of the private sector to rectify that situation. 

President Trump, if he is anything, is an innovator and his business dealings through the years have well qualified him for this time on center stage.  He thinks of ways to solve problems whereas politicians think of ways to make themselves look good and solidify their power and position.  President Trump has put the American people ahead of politics, but the politicians in Washington continue to do it the way they’ve always done it and we the people pay the price.  President Trump has sought to put more power in the hands of the states whereas the politicians want that power to be in the centralized government of Washington. 

We will overcome and survive, and America will become robust and prosperous again.  That is my belief and hope. However, if we fail to take the proper action in November and fail to send the inept, incompetent, and insincere politicians packing, we will have suffered, with no benefit.

America, we can send a message to Washington that says, “This Land is my Land and I am Taking it Back!”  I hope you will join me and millions like me in November and reelect the President, strip power from the Democrats in the House, and prevent them from making inroads in the Senate.  If we do that, America will shine like a beacon on the hill once again.

God bless you and God bless America!

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