In the course of human events, we encounter the illogical, the inane, the insane, and have the opportunity to fight together or each other.  In the most recent ‘pandemic’ or whatever it is now deemed to be, there has been a wonderful ‘coming together’ by much of America.  Sadly, there have also been those who have religiously adhered to the edict or suggestion of Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  The blame game meter is pegging out today and it is disgusting.  No, it is beyond disgusting, it is dangerous.

I would find it humorous, were it not so serious, the way some of the Blue States, Blue Cities, and Democrats defend States Rights when it is beneficial to their cause.  However, they insist that the federal government must step in when they fail to fulfill their responsibilities to their cities and states. 

States like California and New York have deemed themselves ‘sanctuary states’ and insisted that the federal government had no business or constitutional authority to tell them what to do.  The same is true with New York City, a self-proclaimed ‘sanctuary city.’  They demanded that the Feds take a ‘hands-off’ approach to their handling of illegals, etc. but now in this crisis, they are singing a different tune.

Now, in the wake of the uncovering of their ineptitude, mishandling, lack of preparation, and mismanagement they insist that the FEDS, namely President Trump has failed them.  Some of those are insisting that the federal government has not supplied their medical needs to enable their hospitals and doctors to fight this virus.  They have engaged in, as the Democrats have long been known to do, virtue-signaling and thereby endangering their citizens and the rest of the country.  That is a classic example of how the Left operates.  If you fail, blame the Republicans, blame Trump, or blame something but never take responsibility. 

The mayors of the ‘sanctuary cities’ have blocked ICE and made the task of the federal government’s efforts to secure our borders more difficult if not impossible.  One of the pathways this virus has entered and spread in America has been through the road of unsecured borders.  Have those governors and mayors acknowledged their complicity and guilt?  Heaven forbid, rather they blame President Trump.  He is the evil orange man that has allowed the flood of death to enter America and spread.

In New York and NYC, there was no stockpile of masks, gowns, gloves, and ventilators?  They opted to spend the money on other things, many of which were more directed toward ‘social justice’ or other trendy political activities and focuses.  The health departments of those states have budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and they were not prepared.  They blame Trump when the facts are that it was Obama and Biden that allowed the depletion of our stores nationally and opted to not replenish them. 

When President Trump banned flights from China, who was it that called him racist, xenophobic, and other cruel unjust names?  You guessed it, it was DeBlasio, Pelosi, Biden, Clinton, Schumer, et al.  DeBlasio made light of the China threat as did Pelosi and others on the Democratic side of the aisle.  How did the media report this, once it became apparent this was a real threat?  They contended that it was Trump, not the Democrats who dismissed the threat.  Seriously?  He dismissed it by taking steps to keep it from coming to America, sorry that dog won’t hunt for me.

On January 31st Trump banned flights from China.  That was the right move.  Should it have been done earlier?  Possibly but hindsight is always 20/20 and foresight is never quite that good.  But lest we forget in the midst of the threat the Democrats were busily Impeaching the President over frivolous and bogus allegations. They were continuing their three-plus-year quest to overturn the 2016 election. 

Trump, based on the information he had, realized that the source of the virus was China and acted as a reasonable and responsible president should.  But, with the normal reaction of the Democrats, it was as though they got together and said, “if Trump is for this action, we must be against it.”  They maligned him, and Pelosi told the citizens of San Francisco to ‘come to Chinatown because there is nothing to worry about.’  She accused Trump of being racist and wrongly targeting China and the Chinese people.  He did neither but that was the spin and the spin was believed by millions.

Joe Biden, whose hands are filthy with corruption in connection to China, charged the president with having an anti-Chinese bias and racism.  The head of NYC’s Health Department following the lead of the leaders of his city and state as well as national Democrats told people to ‘use the subways, go to Chinatown, and mingle as New Yorkers do.’  Now?  Trump is accused of ignoring the danger and because he does not issue an order to totally lock the nation down under a virtual martial law for an extended 2-3 months, he is killing people.  Some have even insisted he be charged with international crimes against humanity and murder.  Have we lost our minds?

We were told by international health organizations that this virus was not transmittable human to human.  They accused Trump, as they always do, of ‘ignoring science’ when what he was saying was right and has been confirmed by ‘science.’  Have they acknowledged their false accusations and errors?  Not on your life, and that is what they are playing with, our lives.

The use of chloroquine suggested by the President as a possible beneficial drug to fight this virus was blasted by many and the governors of Nevada and Michigan outlawed its use.  The Democrats belittled the suggestion that hydroxychloroquine could be of any benefit.  Some even insisted it was dangerous, merely snake oil and now are suggesting that Trump has a financial connection to its use.  They know no bounds of deceit and they are the ones endangering Americans. 

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats sat on the relief bill attempting to hold America hostage to their Leftist Pork and yet has the audacity to say, “The president fiddles while people are dying.”  Seriously, Nancy?  Who was fiddling?  Who was playing partisan politics?  Who was ignoring the benefits of some possible drugs?  Who was endangering American lives?  Let me suggest you look in the mirror and you will see.  “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most diabolical of them all?”   It is not President Trump.

What would have been America’s fate had Roosevelt been attacked as has Trump in the days after Pearl Harbor?  I suggest we would be under the Jack Boots of Nazi terrorists or the Imperialists of Japan rather than being the Free Republic we are.  America we can allow this insanity of identity, partisan, weaponized politics prevail, or we can reject it resoundingly.  We will be Free, or we will be Enslaved, and the decision is ours and ours alone.  I CHOOSE FREEDOM!

God bless you and God bless America!

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