Enough what?  Enough of the inane and insane political wrangling using death and suffering as a springboard.  Enough of the willingness to destroy America, our economy, our system of government, or electoral process, and sink our fiscal ship.  Enough of the hate and petty bickering.  Enough, already! 

Of course, I am concerned about the November election and the future of America.  If you have read anything, I’ve written over the past decade you must know that.  I reject the idea of Socialism for America.  I reject the idea that abortion is about women’s health and as I have been informed a governor declared, “abortion is a life-saving measure.”  That is beyond ludicrous.  Destroying or ending the life of an unborn child is not lifesaving it is life-taking.  The context of the governor’s comments appears to be regarding defending a ‘woman’s right to choose’ and calling insisting that it allows the woman to choose her path of life.  I cannot ignore the nagging question in my heart, “What about that unborn babies right to life?”

I am not trying to start a war and will not respond to negative criticism of what I am saying.  I am not afraid to or unable to counter the arguments I most frequently hear. But enough, already.  I am a Christian, and although I’ve been told that no Christian could possibly vote for Donald Trump, I did and will again.  If that flips your switch, please flip it off again and accept that we have a difference of opinion. 

I asked the person arguing that “How they could vote for abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, making government a virtual god, stripping people of their inalienable rights, and infringing upon our freedom of speech and freedom to practice our religion peaceable?”  I had many more things to insert but let those suffice.  They called me names and claimed they were a Real Christian and I was a fraud.  Sounded Christlike to me, right?  (Tongue firmly planted in cheek).

America is in a crisis like none we have seen in a very long time, if ever.  I do not say that because I necessarily think COVID-19 or the coronavirus is direr than anything we have faced, but because of the reaction to it.  The massive and almost unimaginable ease at which America and the world ‘shut down’ in obedience to the governmental edicts issued is troubling.  With the numbers being what they were and are, I would have expected massive push-back and resistance but saw little.

Almost immediately, the partisan wars began, and the Political Ruling Class stormed into action.  I have watched as County Judges become would-be tyrants and dictators, mayors threatening to ‘hunt people down’ who fail to comply, and governors threatening religious groups with permanent closure.  I never thought I would see that day, although I knew that from the Bible’s prediction of what is called the “Last Days” it could and would become a reality at some point.  I guess, I either thought or hoped we had more time, but it seems we do not.

We have been told by the ‘experts’ that not only must we social distance into the foreseeable future we must allow our way of life to totally evaporate leaving not to return to after we survive.  Is that living?  A common theme advanced by many of the medical experts almost sounds like a script written by Bill Gates who has long been advocating a reduction in world population by 15% or more.  He has expressed that vaccines are the vehicle to achieve that objective.  Now he, and they tell us that vaccines will save lives.  I must ask, “Do you mean save some lives by ending others?”

Vaccines have not eradicated or other viruses.  We have flu vaccines and many who take the vaccine still come down with the flu.  Yes, we have advanced medically in a profound manner and achieved some incredible accomplishments, but we have not and will not eradicate disease or death.  Unfortunately, death is part of the package and a hazard we all face. 

If we are not endangered by disease we are endangered by travel, violence, accidents, etc.  Death is a part of life’s process and we all die.  I don’t mean to be morbid and suggest that we ignore health threats, heaven’s no.  I do suggest that we practice prudent measures that help keep us safe.  Good hygiene should be practiced by everyone all the time, not just during the threat of a virus such as this one.

The ‘experts’ informed President Trump that America would suffer 2.2 million deaths if we did nothing.  They were wrong! They suggested that if we destroyed our economy by locking down the country that would be cut in half.  They revised that down to less than 200,000 and now even lower.

In the shutdown edicts imposed all over America, one governor was asked what his authority to nullify the Bill of Rights was.  He said, “I wasn’t thinking of the bill of Rights when we did this…we looked at all the data and science and it says people have to stay away from each other.”  

Governor, if we destroy the Constitution in an attempt to save ‘a life or lives’ what do we open ourselves up to in the future?  I keep hearing the same argument as was used about gun control, “If It saves one life.”  At the risk of sounding unfeeling, without empathy, and insensitive, can we truly justify saving one life by destroying the way of life of 330 million?  It would be impossible to truly say that these measures saved that life.

I have strayed far from my intended statement, so let me return and hopefully, you will hear my heart.  I am a Christian and I am praying for everyone. I am praying for those who love me and those who hate me.  I am praying for Democrats and Republicans.  I am praying for Congress, the members of the Media, and every other facet of our American economy.  I am praying for those who worship as I do and those who consider my God and way of worship heresy. 

I am overflowing with disgust at the inability of people to set aside their biases and seek to restore America and help our fellow man.  I have been guilty, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit is heavy on my heart as I write.  I want to demonstrate love not hate and be a help, not a hindrance.

I have no confidence that those in Congress will be anything but power-hungry, power-grabbing, political animals.  I have no confidence that the Democrats and Republicans in Washington will find common ground and focus on America rather than weaponizing this crisis, pandemic, pandemonium, or whatever it is. 

Those who want total control appear totally devoted to pursuing that objective. Those locked away in their homes long for contact with others, the ability to work, attend worship services, enjoy the beach, get a haircut, go to a movie, or out to dinner.  We feel abused and the psychological damage will possibly prove to be more destructive and dangerous than the pandemic.

So, politicians and Americans, I say, Enough Already!  I encourage you to maintain your political views and vote your conscience, but could we tap the brakes on the personal attacks?  I am not suggesting that you ignore the obvious or the dangers.  I am not suggesting that you become a docile sheep and just do what you are told.  I am suggesting that you realize, what many of us have been arguing for decades, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  An opinion does not make the evil, the enemy, or someone that must be destroyed.  It is a God-given right and is a constitutional guarantee. 

You may consider my rant a failure and even hypocritical.  If you do, I regret that, but you have that right.  I simply ask, “America, let’s realize that everyone is struggling, and rather than viciously attack every opinion not agreeing with ours, let’s disagree civilly and charitably.”  Will everyone do that?  No, but if more and more of us do, we can impact those filled with anger and hate positively. Love me or hate me, that is my heart’s cry. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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