I am not suggesting that COVID-19 or the coronavirus is not serious.  That is not my focus. I am focused on something that is a byproduct, or the product of this national and international quarantine.  Yes, I called it a quarantine because in many parts of America and the world that is exactly what it is. 

This is the first time, to my knowledge, we have quarantined healthy people.  Was it justified?  That is a debate that will never be satisfactorily settled, but that is not my focus.  My focus is on the seeds of tyranny and the evidence of the ‘silencing’ of America.  That is far more troubling for this American than the threat of the virus.  I realize that people have and will die from the virus, but the rate of death is incredibly low compared to other things that we have endured.  That raises some serious red flags in my mind and demands that I consider other factors in this incredible move by the federal, state, and local governments.

Let me state at the outset, that most of the local governments have simply followed suit and done what they were told rather than engaging in an organized tyrannical agenda.  Most of the states have done much the same thing, although some of them are deeply embedded in the desire to nationalize and control.  The federal government, on the other hand, is not so pristine. 

Let me offer a view that may or may not be accurate, but one that I hold at this time.  I believe that President Trump, a man who has fought the system in a significant fashion in his 3 ½ years, was given information, factual or false that convinced him he had to pursue this path.  I do not believe that some of the advisors were deceived but are themselves deceivers and part of a much more dangerous agenda.  That makes the tightrope that the President is walking incredibly precarious and dangerous for us all.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social mediums and information sources have engaged in expanded and overt censorship as a result of this pandemic.  I truly believe they have taken this path not in the interest of saving lives but ‘silencing’ dissenting voices speaking against the prescribed and accepted rhetoric of the establishment and globalists. 

Two California doctors questioned the ‘shelter-in-place lockdown’ in their state and the nation based on their medical knowledge.  Those doctors were Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi.  Dr. Erickson cited data from 2017 and 2018 of the numbers infected by the seasonal flu.  The data indicates that we had 50-60 million people in America infected.  That resulted in 43,545 people dying from the flu.  Each year we have 37,000-60,000 die from the flu.  There is no pandemic, no shutting down the nation.  Why?  What is different in this?  I keep asking, but nobody from the CDC or other health organizations can or will answer my plea for information.

YouTube took down the video with the standard disclaimer that it ‘violated their community standards.’  Dr. Erickson said what other doctors have claimed that there was pressure on him to include COVID in the death notice.  If that is true, there is something very sinister afoot in this pandemic.  But his claims are not my focus, my focus is the censorship by YouTube and other social media, the News Outlets, and politicians. 

I am concerned with the massive overreach of various elected and unelected officials regarding our freedoms.  The First Amendment of our Constitution guarantees and recognizes our God-given right of “speech” and in that “opinion.”  We are supposed to be a nation that allows differing views to be expressed, debated, and discussed.  Before the current pandemic, the Freedom of Speech was being attacked on college campuses and other sources.  The labeling of dissenting speech as ‘hate speech’ is more than a little troubling. 

The Constitution makes no provision for silencing what is called ‘hate speech.’  The policing of those views was largely a community responsibility, not an allowance for the government to decide what we could and could not say publicly.  In the tyrannies of history, each of them has sought to gain control of speech and publication of views.  Those not adhering to the company line or the agenda and rhetoric of the tyrannical powers were silenced or eliminated.  We are moving dangerously in that direction in allowing our Freedom of Speech and other Freedoms to be restricted and stripped from us.

You can call me whatever you please and charge that I am fear-mongering but drops of water that fall over a long time on a massive rock will bore a hole in it.  What one generation allows in moderation another will pursue in excess.  The old saying, “Give them an inch and they will take a mile” is historically accurate regarding tyrannical regimes. 

I thought that America would never willingly submit to censorship and relinquish our rights and freedoms, but that has changed.  This pandemic and panic have revealed a sheep-like attitude in the masses and the fear of infection and death has motivated this nation to surrender without a fight.  Agreeing or disagreeing with the need to ‘shelter in place’ is not my major concern.  We have already done that, so that is history.

When government or outlets of information are allowed to censor any ideas that disagree with their political or ideological views, we weaken the pillars of freedom.  I am concerned that America has been ‘silenced’ sufficiently that we will never reclaim our freedoms and will witness far more egregious infringements on our liberties in the days to come.

If all dissent is silenced and the only voice that is heard is the voice of the purveyors of the authorized version the result is a brainwashed society.  It takes at least two if not three generations to eradicate a body of thought and replace it with the desired ideological view.  We have witnessed that in education, the media, and even medicine. 

Government has become more and more powerful.  We have seen the mandates by government and the courts that we must comply with them or suffer the brunt of the law.  Our religious convictions are inconsequential.  Our constitutional freedoms are negated.  The basic fabric of our Republic has been eroded and we are terrified to disagree publicly fearing becoming targets. 

America, we are witnessing the silencing of our voices and becoming more like Communist China than the Free Constitutional Republic our Founders envisioned and established.  In Tyrannical nations, the people are not allowed to voice their dissent and in America, any view that does not embrace the authorized leftist view is in the cross-hairs.  Nobody likes to be viewed as intolerant, bigoted, racist, or any of the labels hurled at all dissent and disagreement with the Deep State and Swamp Globalist agenda. 

I pray that we will awaken from this slumber or stupor and demand from our elected official, before it is too late, that they ‘cease and desist.’  We can comply with medical restrictions but must never allow the ‘silencing’ of our voices with questions and disagreement. 

I am praying for America and the world.  I am praying for the President and the ‘experts.‘  I am praying for Congress, State, and local officials.  I am praying for health for the nation in every respect, but I will resist docility and continue to contend for our right to disagree and voice that disagreement. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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