I asked that question when talking to a couple of Democrats.  I was interested in their take on Biden and how enthusiastically or unenthusiastically they were supporting him.  They were supporting, but then if my dog Blue was the nominee, they’d support him too.  I was curious to examine the scenario and hypothetical or not so hypothetical that Biden could be ditched or forced out of the race before the real campaign begins. 

Both said, “Yes, he will.”  Then after a brief pause, one of them said, “Unless…”  His voice trailed into silence and he did not complete the unless.  I tried to press the issue and could elicit no real response from either of them.  Then, I offered some thoughts of my own and some scenarios I had been hearing from others.  They would not discuss it with me, but their body language suggested I might not be too far off in my thoughts. 

I have had an inkling in my mind, for some time, that the most recent endorsements coming very late from the former President Obama, Sanders, and Warren to mention a few had a specific target.  I have a feeling that those endorsements, although far less than enthusiastic were expressly hoping to bolster Biden’s appeal.  I have a feeling that if those endorsements do not spark enthusiasm in the Democratic voters there will be something transpire to force Biden from the race.  I do not suggest that I know what tool they will use, but they have a warehouse full of possibilities concerning him.

I have viewed, with an element of disgust, the way the media has handled the sexual misconduct leveled against Joe Biden.  That disgust has been directed toward the double-standard and hypocrisy of the way they handled this and the way they approached Dr. Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.  I was not surprised, but there are several interesting things involved that make me wonder if this is not part of a CYA and a Plan B, should it be deemed necessary to force Biden from the race. 

Someone suggested that the Washington Post and New York Times breaking the story of the accusations by Tara Reade against Biden were because they were two highly ethical news sources and felt it their duty to report it.  It took about ten minutes for me to stop laughing at that assertion and I began to think about why they would report it, even soft-pedal it.  Why?  What could be their motivation other than hoping to undermine the story and provide some immunity for Joe down the road? 

Then, I asked myself, “Could this be an ace in the hole to oust Biden if it becomes apparent that he cannot win?”  I believe that they hope to strip from these allegations any teeth and inoculate Biden in the general election campaign.  However, I also believe they wanted a ‘Plan B’ should the enthusiasm for him not grow sufficiently to support his continuing as the presumptive candidate.  I believe that is why Obama, Warren, and even Sanders have endorsed Biden.  They are grasping for straws trying to recreate him and build a fire under their base.  If that fails, this could be their ace in the hole, and he could be forced to step aside.

The talk is that Governor Andrew Cuomo is more popular and sparks more enthusiasm among Democratic voters. That is not without substance.  The press would have a solid cover to claim that they reported it in the beginning and therefore they are lauded for their journalism.  Biden would be forced, to step aside, probably quietly claiming some health issue rather than depart under the cloud of shame.  They do protect their own even when they destroy them.

Joe Biden continually demonstrates a mental or medical condition that is frightening when you consider that he could occupy the Oval Office.  I seriously doubt that the Establishment Democrats truly believe they can convince the American people to support a man that has difficulty stringing three sentences together coherently. 

Stephen Green of PJ Media transcribed the incredible incoherence of Joe Biden in his appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show.  It is incredible and I quote the transcription verbatim.  “I sat with a guy on, on a telephone and he’s telling me, he said, “I don’t always,” he said, “Look, I, I, I, I, I, I’m, I, I worked at the hospital.” And he said, “Then I, I got, I got myself a position where I got the virus, so they quarantined me and, and they put me in the hospital, and I made it out and so I’m out [slurp]. But they don’t want me with my family. I’m on the third floor. I spent 15 minutes on the phone with them saying,’ he said, ‘I have a three-year-old and a four-year-old. They come to the door outside and they just knock on the door and say ‘Daddy, Daddy, can I see you, Daddy, can I see you, Daddy?’’”

So, we spent time going through it [slurp], I used to do with my kids when they were little, and I couldn’t see them, and we’d play games. I said, “Knock, make up a game, knock, knock on the door and say this is, you know [slurp].” [incomprehensible] This is practical things, the guy’s scared to death. And he’s worried about his children, he’s worried about his wie [sic]. I mean, these are practical things. And the president talks about this like, “OK, it’s gonna be OK. We’re gonna open… tomorrow. We’re gonna do this.”

I mean, it just, I must tell you, it drives me crazy. I don’t know what he doesn’t understand.”

What in the world is he saying?  He cannot even toss himself a softball or a football and not drop it, butcher it, and make himself look like a person suffering from a serious mental disorder.  As I watched it struck me that the look on his wife’s face is one of horror, wondering what he might say or do next.  She knows the media knows, the Establishment knows, most of us know, but do the Democratic voters know or care?  That is the real issue. 

I have a feeling that Joe Biden may not be the person on the ballot running against Donald Trump in November.  However, if he is and the American people elect him, we will have witnessed a total departure from reality by the voters.  If the Republican base and those who do not want to return to the destructive policies of Obama fail to unite and ensure that Biden and the Democrats are defeated, we may well deserve what we get. 

America, how valuable is our Freedom and our Republic?  Donald Trump is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  He has a huge ego, as do all those running for office on a national level.  He craves recognition and credit, as do all of those running for office on a national level.  But he has weathered an incredible storm and demonstrated a desire to fight for us.  You may disagree and hate him so much you would risk the destruction of the republic to defeat him.  I hope not, but if that is your position, I hope you fail. 

Someone insisted that no Christian could vote for Trump.  I ask, what Christian can vote for the Democrats with abortion on demand, embracing of lifestyles that are anathema to the Christian faith and Bible, and the elevation of government to the position of God?  There are many more reasons to reject them. I cannot and will not vote for anyone on the Left, my Freedom, my Faith, and my Country are too important to do that.

God bless you and God bless America!

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