U.S.A or U.S.S.A?

Before I am blasted from all points of the compass let me assert that I am devotedly committed to preserving the United States of America (USA) as the Free Constitutional Republic established by our Founding Fathers.  I reject and resist all claims, agendas, and ideologies that would result in the fundamental transformation of America into the United Socialist States of America (USSA).  Freedom must be maintained, at whatever cost because without Freedom none of us can enjoy the objectives of our Declaration of Independence. 

I once considered Fox News Network as a moderately conservative outlet with the objective of presenting truth and facts.  I saw them as a news outlet largely staffed by conservatives or ‘moderates’ with a sprinkling of Liberals, Leftist, radicals.  Now I see them as an agency largely filled with Establishment types of both sides of the political aisle.  What does that mean?  It means they, like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and most of the other outlets have an agenda to defeat Donald Trump and return us to the cronyism of the Big Government Establishment which is rooted in globalism. 

I have concluded that there are few agencies dedicated to reporting the truth.  One of those seems to be One America News Network (OANN).  I am appalled that even Al Jazeera News once owned by Al Gore is more factual than CNN, MSNBC, and now Fox News on many issues.  That is deeply troubling.  We have a sprinkling of radio outlets that still offer genuine news and factual presentations. There are a few blogs and websites that with that view and that helps the fight, but we are under attack by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. There has been an increase in the vitriol and determination of those organizations to silence anything factual or conservative.

On the heels of a recent CNN poll, that declared Joe Biden held a slim lead over Donald Trump nationally but also revealed that Trump was beating Biden in the swing states, Fox conducted a poll of their own.  I would have hoped it would be fair, balanced, and factual, but I perceive that it is designed to hurt Trump, hurt the conservative message, and thereby hurt America.  The CNN poll was weighted heavily in favor of the Democrats by at least 8%.  Fox has not revealed it’s bias or balance, but I suspect either the selection or wording was slanted.

The Fox poll suggests that America supports Biden over Trump on dealing with China, COVID-19, and healthcare.  The astounding percentages of who is more trusted regarding healthcare was shocking.  The Poll suggested that Biden was favored by 17%.  If that is a genuine reflection of the American mindset we are screwed as a nation!  That would mean that the fear they have sought to engender is bearing the fruit desired. For anyone to support Biden and his Universal or Government-Run and Mandated Healthcare is to ignore facts and relegate certain segments of our populace to the ‘non-essential’ side of the equation. 

Those of us over 70, are largely deemed ‘non-essential’.  That means that we either do not hold some political office or contribute heavily to their political agendas.  They would treat us as used and useless baggage.  Government funding for abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and government-sponsored genocide would become a norm.  Some may object to that statement, but it is woven into the fabric of what they have said for decades and are now willing to openly declare. 

The idea that Biden, whose hands are visibly dirty with corruption regarding China and Chinese money, could better deal with China than Trump is not based in reality or sanity.  If you are willing to ‘kowtow’ to foreign nations and allow them to dictate to us what we do economically and militarily, then Biden is your man.  If you want America to become fundamentally transformed into a Socialist nation and allow the federal government to become lord and master, then Biden is your man.  If you value Freedom and the Free Market, then you must know that his policies mirror Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders are detrimental.  But, alas, if the Fox poll is truly indicative of how people think, we are screwed.

The latest Stimulus or Relief Package proposed by the Democrats is laden with everything but relief for our American economy and legal citizens.  It is filled with provisions to care for ‘illegals’, funds abortion, ensures the Democratic States are bailed out, dooms our economy, picks and chooses which businesses and people succeed and fail, and destroys our electoral process.  If that is your cup of tea, then Bide is your man.

The idea that we can keep printing money into perpetuity is insane and the antithesis of Freedom and Liberty.  Pelosi and company proposed a $3 Trillion Plan to buy America and take total control.  That plan includes another check for everyone and even includes illegals.  It includes resurrecting the State and Local Tax Deductions (SALT) that are increasingly popular in the Blue States.  It is designed to condition as many as possible to become accustomed to ‘free money’ and make them beholding to the hand that feeds them, namely the Democrats.

Those on the Left are continually proposing ‘guaranteed income’ which is ludicrous and impossible to achieve.  If we do what they want, we cannot remain a viable vibrant, and free economy. The plan to keep printing money weakens our currency immeasurably and the long-term effect will prove to be deadly for America in the years to come.  Inflation is rising and their economic plan will invite hyper resulting in the rise in the cost of EVERYTHING and the loss of FREEDOM.  

If the polls, that seemingly indicate, more Americans want Biden and the Democrats than Trump and the Republicans prove to be accurate, we have already become the USSA.  It may not be official, but is actual, and that would mean that we will, in our lifetime, watch the complete decimation of our American system of government.  I contend that if that becomes a reality everyone will rue the day, even those who think it is what they want.  Poverty and forced compliance would eventually become anathema to the populace.  Unfortunately, by that time, it would be too late to change it via the ballot box and only an armed revolution can change it.

Tragically before we reach that point, the nefarious globalists would have so duped millions, they willingly gave up their ability to resist.  The methodology would be to continue providing the ‘freebies’ to keep the delusional in their corner UNTIL they fully squashed our ability to resist and then they would unleash the dogs of tyranny like we would never have believed possible in America.

I am concerned that, in the minds of too many, a majority may have already accepted the idea of a U.S.S.A. and lost the vision of what Freedom truly is and why it must be maintained.  I know that sounds fatalistic and I am not a fatalist because of my faith in God.  However, I cannot ignore the handwriting on the walls and the warning signs that are everywhere.  America do not be deceived and do not allow fear and freebies to destroy your vision of Freedom and commitment to Liberty.

God bless you and God bless America!

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