What I am going to say in this article may be deemed fatalism by some, realism by others, and paranoia by others.  I have had people who are on the same side of the political equation as I tell me that they believe that what we are experiencing is just another bump in the road.  They believe that I am overreacting, engaging in paranoia, and bordering on mental delusion.  They believe I am wrong, and some have attacked me as vehemently as those on the Left.

If the American Constitution means anything, it means that the government’s job is to protect our rights.  Sadly, that is not the view of the Democratic Party of today.  They insist that stripping us of our inalienable and constitutional rights is necessary because it is for the greater good.  They insist that this is something that must be done to save lives or mitigate the number of lives lost.  They are wrong!

I suggest that the objective, they claim to be pursuing, is an impossible dream.  I do not believe they are operating in empathy or compassion but following the counsel of Rahm Emanuel to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  I believe that the Establishment Political Elitists see this as an opportunity to advance their agenda and that agenda includes relegating us to subservience and obedience.

When Barack Obama was elected as President of the United States of America, the Left and Globalists intensified their efforts to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.  When Hillary Clinton became the nominee in 2016, they intensified their efforts, even more, salivating at the prospects of the continuation of their agenda.  They were horrified and in disbelief when she lost.  They could not imagine the American people rebelling against them, but we did!  Hillary lost in some solidly Blue precincts.  They believed she was the perfect candidate and Trump was a bumbling boob with no chance.  They were mortified and incredibly angry at us and considered us not only bitter clingers, deplorable, but rebels.  That meant we had to be taught a lesson.

After Donald Trump was elected president, they intensified their efforts to oust him and reverse what they considered America’s grave error.  They used the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland, IRS, DOJ, and every other bureau and agency they could muster to overturn that election.  When those efforts failed, they intensified their lawlessness in the House of Representatives and continue to do so.  The Constitution nor the American people are their focus, Power is their sole focus and we must be forced into compliance.

When it seemed, they had zero chance of defeating Donald Trump in 2020 a gift was dropped in their laps called COVID-19.  Their team of ‘experts,’ with a history of working with Leftists, used terribly flawed computer models to convince the president of the abysmal destruction that would ensue if he failed to follow their advice and ‘lock America down.’  Hindsight is always 20/20 but foresight is usually without the needed data that time brings into the equation.  He did what any reasonable person would have done and followed the advice of the ‘medical experts’.  We know now that was an overreaction, but this is now and that was then.  We can’t put the genie back in the bottle and the water that has run under the bridge is forever gone.

The #MeToo Movement, with their mantra “All Women Must Be Believed,” has been demolished, as some of their chief voices have stated Tara Reade is not to be believed.  Ms. Reade has more credibility than did Dr. Ford.  She shared her encounter with others at the time, Dr. Ford did not.  She recalls explicitly when, how, who, and the dates, whereas Dr. Ford could not.  One of the Lawyers who has defended Democratic sexual predators said, “I believe her, but I am still going to support Joe Biden.”  That is beyond belief.  Nancy Pelosi insisted that Biden’s character is impeccable, and the case was closed.  One Leftist tweeted, that if Biden raped her in the middle of 5th Avenue she would still vote for him against the evil Donald Trump.  That reveals just how dangerous this really is. 

The Democrats have been working hard for decades to strip us of our 1st Amendment Rights and our Freedom of Speech.  Political Correctness has been a weapon against conservative thought and speech.  But it is also being used as a weapon against Christian thought and speech.  The suppression of the free exchange of ideas is the earmark of a totalitarian despotic regime, not a Free Constitutional Republic. 

They have attempted to strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights, our right to self-defense, and the constitutional guarantee that we can ‘keep and bear arms.’  That has intensified in this pandemic with the tyranny being engaged in by Governors, Mayors, County Judges, and other local officials.  American citizens are being put in jail for pursuing their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. 

We are being divided to the point that no person is safe from the prying eyes of the government.  Drones are being used to spy on citizens and the police are diverted from their normal duties to be task forces to ensure that the citizens comply with the demands of those in power.  The Declaration of Independence recognized our Creator and the inalienable right of every person to “Life, Liberty, and the free unrestricted ability to pursue happiness.”  That has been taken from us and if you think they will give it back without a fight you are wrong.

I pray those who think I am wrong are right.  However, I am convinced there will come a day, if we fail to unite and defeat this destruction, that I could say ‘I told you so.’  That would be of little comfort and provide me no pleasure because all of us would have become slaves of the state and subjected to a servile life none thought possible in America.

They will not quit.  They are no longer hiding in the shadows and deceptively operating out of sight.  They have become emboldened and are openly flexing their political muscle and might.  The ONLY way we stop them is not a shooting revolution.  The ONLY way we stop them is to defeat them so soundly and completely that we keep the White House and win a Super Majority in both houses of Congress.  Anything short of that will plunge us more deeply into the abyss of destruction and even if they are in the minority, they will do irreparable damage to the Republic.

I ask that you pray, think, investigate, consider what has been happening for the past 12-20 years, and realize that this is a war we must not lose.  I ask that you commit to voting in November and commit to doing all you can to ensure that we have fair and legitimate elections.  Failure will be the death knell for America.

God bless you and God bless America!

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