I am physically sick over what has been happening in recent days. I have s sense of grieving that is causing me to weep. I have purposefully resisted getting involved in the deeply emotional discussions and accusations regarding the situation in Minneapolis and now around the country.  That is not because I am afraid to do so or because I do not have an opinion or care.  I do, and my personal feelings would probably not sit well with some and possibly be rejected by those on all sides of the issue.  I did not say, ‘both sides’ because I see this as a multi-pronged event that has many tentacles, issues, problems, and dangers. 

Based on the information I have and that is limited.  Some may have much more factual information that I, but the information I have, not being privy to the intricated details of the event and not being a mind reader, causes me to say, the actions of the officer(s) went too far. Some will take offense to that wording and say, “Condemn it, man!”  Others will insist, “The officers had to protect themselves.”  I refuse to argue with either sector and say, based on what information I believe that charging the officer and giving him his day in court was required. 

There is NEVER justification for any police officer to engage in what can only be called ‘thuggery’ and causing physical harm or pain to an unarmed citizen.  That is not to say they are not allowed to exercise their right and obligation for the ‘use of force’ when it is justified but bullying or thuggery is NEVER justified.  On the other side of that equation, there is NEVER justification for those in the public to engage in criminal activity, rioting, looting, and doing physical and material damage which is also ‘thuggery’ and ‘criminal.’  Neither can be given even the slightest hint of understanding or justification.  They are WRONG!

I chose the title to this article as “Heartbroke and then some” from the Radney Foster song, “Just Call Me Lonesome,” for a reason.  The reason is that I am heartbroken beyond belief, and I believe God is too! I believe that God is heartbroken over the depth of hate and division we have plunged in America.  That is more than a little troubling.  There are no laws that can fix this issue and it is not one-sided, even though I will be criticized for that assertion.  It is not a Law Problem it is a Heart Problem and only God can mend the heart or change it enabling us to embrace the ideal that All have the inalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

Even the Mayor of Minneapolis acknowledged that some of those who are rioting are not citizens or residents of that city or state.  They have been bussed in from around the country and this outburst has spread across the nation.  Who is behind it?  Some of the information suggests that it is organizations funded by George Soros and other Globalist wanting to dismantle and disrupt our American System of Government and way of life.  The Media and the Left are claiming it is White Supremacist but that is beyond ludicrous.

I have heard statements such as, “they are still doing it,” meaning the police are universally and systematically practicing racism against blacks and other ethnic groups. I have heard that statement directed at all whites and even one of the rioters was chanted, “Kill All Whites.”  I condemn the bad, evil, criminal, and possibly racist actions of bad cop(s)!  I condemn the actions of hate, racism, demonstrated in the riots, looting, mayhem, and destruction!   I condemn evil no matter what it stems from and offer no justification for what is happening. 

I have heard the suggestion of people being ‘guilty by association,’ and that that condition is a plight only experienced by blacks or some white people that stand with them in any situation.  That is offensive to me as a person that has engaged in no racism, damaged no other person, and one who desires everyone to be able to enjoy Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness unimpeded.  Am I ‘guilty by association’ when a white police officer commits an act of violence against a person of another ethnic group because I am white?  If so, how?  Am I ‘guilty by association’ if I reject the Liberal Leftists Globalist agenda, stand against the entitlement mentality, and want everyone to earn what they have, be able to keep it, and succeed based on merit, not any other factor? 

If I give any hint of justification to the officer or the rioters, I become complicit in the problem.  I have heard some say, “I understand.”  They claim they understand the ‘anger’ and therein the ‘actions.’  I may ‘understand’ that something that is or is perceived to be systematic, perpetual, and epidemic can make a person angry.  I am ‘angry’ over abortion.  I am ‘angry’ over those in politics who want to strip us of our inalienable rights and shred our constitution.  I am ‘angry’ over the utter destruction of lives in the COVID-19 shuttering of the economy.  I too am ‘angry’ but can never justify wrong behavior.

I am angry, but I am also an adult, an American, a patriot, and a Christian.  Those views mandate that I ‘control’ my anger and never allow it to rage out of control.  To allow anger to be unrestrained is not protesting it is anarchy and can become barbarism.  When, the police are involved and it is a black man, there are riots in the streets.  The attempts to explain and justify fall woefully short, of moral, civil, and biblical mandates.  Jesus addressed this in Matthew 5:21-23 when He brought to the discussion the issue of the Commandment to Not Murder.  He expanded it and identified the terribleness of anger and compared it to murder.  I contend that unbridled anger is murder begun.  We are commanded to Love not Hate and hate knows no skin color nor does love.

If I follow the moral, civil, and biblical pathway, I may become angry, and am can be fully justified in raising my complaint and voicing it.  However, if I fail to do that in a peaceful manner, I am lowering my anger to the same level and category as that which made me angry.  If I commit criminal acts protesting criminal behavior, I have become what I am protesting.

If the hate and anger filled riots were the result of, as some have said, “because nothing seems to be being done,” does that justify it?  If that were the case then when the officer was fired, arrested, and charged with murder why did the riots not cease?  Why did they expand across the nation?  If armed citizens can go to the State Capital and peacefully protest what they perceive an injustice and infringement on their civil and inalienable rights but in this case, there is arson, bodily and property damage, looting, and other criminal activity why is one deemed ‘justified’ and the other ‘unacceptable’?

We must not allow our society to degenerate into a justification mindset because it breeds the idea of ‘victimhood.’  We can be and often are ‘victimized’ but becoming a ‘victim’ is a choice.  You cannot change who I am on the inside by abusing me, infringing upon my rights, or even doing me harm.  Therefore, you cannot control me on the inside and I can choose to be bigger than the issue and work in a rational, reasonable, civil, and peaceful manner to effect the change I desire.  That may mean I throw my hat in the ring politically or establish an organization devoted to achieving that change.  There are many avenues through which I can work to see the desired change without totally dividing and destroying the Republic.

I condemn racism no matter its source.  I condemn rioting, looting, arson, mayhem, murder, and abuse no matter its source.  As a human being and a citizen of the United States of America who believes in God, I issue my plea for everyone to STOP THE INSANITY!  If you have been victimized, you may be understandably and justifiably angry.  However, you do not have the right to retaliate against others, especially those who had nothing to do with the issue over which you are angry.  We can never allow ‘guilty by association’ to be justification for lawlessness.  The Bible tells us to ‘shun the very appearance of evil.’ 

This may get me unfriended by people on all sides of the issue, but I believe that God is our Hope and Hate will bring about our destruction.  I am praying for America and continually ask God to show me my own heart.  I am unaware of hatred for anyone, but if it is there, I want to be cleansed. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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