In 2 Corinthians 12:9, we are reminded of the need for God’s grace and strength and the words, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Those are powerfully comforting words.  America is in a crisis that is threatening to destroy our freedom and dismantle our constitutional form of government.  That crisis is not COVID-19 or even the Riots, but the result of the reaction to the pandemic and events that opened the door to the rioting. It is the paranoia and fear created by the politicians and nefarious powers behind the scenes.  The virus has and will take the lives of Americans and that is tragic.  However, there is a myriad of other viruses and conditions that do that as well.

Some look at President Trump and charge that he has acted weakly in allowing Drs Brix and Fauci to dictate the reopening of America.  Others insist that he does not listen to the medical experts or science and is responsible for the thousands of deaths that have and will result.  He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  Frequently he stands alone and finds himself on an island needing our prayers, God’s grace, and sanity to prevail.  I do not envy his position and responsibility, but I am grateful that he not Hillary, Obama, or Biden is leading America in this time of crisis.

After watching this president maneuver through the minefield of politics and the multiple coup attempts, I cannot believe he suddenly became clueless and weak.  He is a strategist and has managed to be one step ahead of the media and leftists so I continue to believe, he has a plan, and hopefully, it will be fruitful and bring us to full recovery and victory in November. 

The Democrats have cast off all restraint and pretense and feel liberated from the constraints of the Constitution.  Former President Barack Hussein Obama lamented that it was ‘too restrictive’ and a document of ‘negative liberties’ preventing him from doing what he wanted.  He ignored it but publicly acknowledged it’s power and constraint.  Imagine what they will do if we allow this pandemic and the sanitization of history and political correctness to totally destroy the republic and give them total control.  No, I do not want to envision that scenario, it is too nightmarish!

We are at war in America and it is not with China, Islam, Russian, North Korea, or any other foreign enemy.  It is a war within!  It is a war against the toxicity of liberalism and the agenda to fundamentally transform America into something other than the Constitutional Republic our Founders established.  That must never be allowed to become a reality.

Through this mess, many Americans have remained in the president’s corner.  We have endured a 24/7 barrage of false information from the media, lies from the Left, and distortions by the so-called experts who made mistakes and mispredicted both the dangers and results.  The medical experts ignored the economics and the accompanying psychological, emotional, social, and moral repercussions their edicts would inflict.  The mantra became, “If it saves one life.”  That sounds noble, but is it reasonable?

Have we incurred incredible damage in this lockdown? Our economy has been devastated, paranoia and fear have been generated to a frightening level and the protest/riots have placed America on the edge of destruction. Will we ever be the same and return to normal? Possibly but not likely.  I pray that we have not crossed the line of demarcation that ensures we will never recover.  I do believe we can recover but I also believe it will take a long time and could extend well into the second half of next year.  Will that spell doom for Trump’s hopes of reelection and our hope of retaining our freedom?  I don’t know, but I pray not.

There are numerous Democratic governors and local officials who have used this opportunity to trample and infringe upon our inalienable rights.  Amazingly, they have deemed it not dangerous for riots and protests to amass large crowds but a Trump political rally or attending church a threat to produce a 2nd wave of the virus. Our 2nd Amendment rights have resurfaced as a prime target, our 1st Amendment rights shredded, and our right to personal property damaged.  We are in a dangerous situation and the unconstitutional actions in lockdowns and stripping people of their lives and livelihood is beyond belief.  I believe that those who have tasted power and are like sharks seeing blood in the waters, and will never willingly relinquish the positions they have gained through their usurpations of the Constitution. They will not easily or willingly relinquish their hold on their newly found power.

I refuse to submit to the fatalism insisted upon by many, mostly on the left.  I reject the cataclysmic view of America’s future they suggest.  I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and as a Christian, I stand on God’s Word and God’s Promises.  Therefore, I have HOPE!  The writer of Proverbs said, “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue: and those that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”  (18:21).  My confession and declaration are: “Yes, it is bad.  Yes, the virus has killed people.  Yes, America is being threatened internally and our rights and liberties are in danger.  But I believe in America and believe in the American people.  I believe we will recover!”

When Governors like California’s Gavin Newsom declared, “We’re not going back to normal until there is total immunity or a vaccine” I cringed.  When various states sent out armies to track down and isolate every person exposed or infected and lock up citizens who violate their draconian edicts, I cringed.  When politicians insisted that because of this pandemic we must discard our system of elections and engage in the incredibly dangerous ‘vote by mail’ method, I cringed.  All of those reveal just how dangerously near we are to the precipice of destruction in America. 

One must wonder if this virus is an intelligent life form and selective as to who or where it attacks.  Let me make a statement that will be deemed ridiculous, but I offer it to illustrate the dangers.  Someone said: “Wow, COVID-19 is so intelligent and diabolical that it does not attack a person in Walmart, Home Depot, the grocery store or a riot but does at hair salons, restaurants, churches, and Trump rallies.”  I saw a report that Governor Cuomo of New York was perplexed to learn that there was a higher number of hospitalizations among those who had followed the edict to ‘shelter in place’ than those who had not. 

I suggest that the statistical numbers revealing where the most deaths have occurred should serve as a warning against allowing the Democrats to win and gain control.  The reports indicate that 60% of the deaths in America have occurred in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  What do they have in common?  They are run by Democrats and most have been for some time.  They are in states that have the most stringent lockdown mandates.  That is revealing and raises numerous questions.

The anti-body tests being administered have revealed that more people had the virus than was first thought meaning that the mortality rate is 0.2% or less.  One model has contended that masks not lockdowns slow the disease.  I am concerned that the danger of destruction in America is not COVID-19 but the lockdown and constitutional usurpation of the Leftists.

There was a study of social isolation out of Oakland that reported that this action is expected to cause over 75,000 deaths of despair over the next decade.  Yes, the next decade, because the long-term effects will impact Americans negatively.  It will last for years.  We have reports that more suicides have occurred and will occur due to things directly related to the lockdown, not the virus itself.  It has been suggested that the lockdowns will cause an extra 1.4 million tuberculosis deaths in the next five years because people are not getting tested and treated.  Childhood diseases are rising because people are staying away from the doctor’s offices and hiding in their homes.  If the prevention does more damage than the cure is it the right move?

America, in our time of weakness we need to muster the strength to do what is right and restore our republic, our economy, our sanity, and preserve our freedoms.  We must restore Law and Order. If we fail to do so, our weakness will be terminal.  I believe in America and I will fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom in every way that I can and for as long as I can.

God bless you and God bless America!

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