Some will read that title and immediately insist that is a description of the “Trump Presidency.”  That is not what I am talking about, but alas, the followers of “neverism” and “liberalism” will never understand that the Trump Presidency is not an example of America being leaderless but the opposite.  The insistence that he has told thousands of lies is unverified, undocumented, and unproven but those who insist it is the truth are followers of those who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the caboose. 

Okay, I have poked the hornet’s nest with those comments, and some may find it difficult to hear anything else I say.  Some take exception to my calling any elected official a leader, but they are supposed to govern and those who govern are supposed to lead. Leaders is what they are supposed to be. I have no desire to deal in semantics over terms, titles, or definitions, only to make a point regarding our current condition in American politics. 

The ongoing revelations of the coup to prevent Trump’s election and the subsequent coup(s) and attempt(s) to overturn that election has produced numerous revelations that cannot be ignored.  The indications are that this scheme and orchestrated plan reached all the way to the top in the Obama administration.  That would mean, Barack Hussein Obama’s hands are dirty, and he is complicit and likely the final authority to do what they did.  If that is true, failure by Congress and the Department of Justice to get to the bottom of it would be a travesty and invite its continuation in future elections and administrations. 

I am a conservative who supports the Rule of Law, the Constitution, the Bible, and Donald Trump.  That may brand me negatively in the minds of some and result in instant dismissal of my contentions and suggestions.  If that is the case, that is your decision.  However, if you desire to see this kind of illegal, unethical, and destructive activity thwarted I ask you to hear my arguments and decide for yourself how far we must go in our pursuit.

The January 5th meeting in the White House that initiated or facilitated the plan to entrap or trick Lt. General Michael Flynn and oust him from the Trump administration is more than a little troubling.  If I believed they were only after Flynn for whatever reason, I would not be nearly as concerned as I am.  I would be angered that they would ignore the law, the constitution, and ethical principles to entrap a citizen but their plan was much more expansive and destructive.  They wanted Trump and they wanted America to bow at the shrine of their god of liberalism and totalitarianism.

The meeting included the former president and vice president.  The meeting included directors of our major intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The meeting was designed to hide all information from the incoming president and lie to the American people, Congress, and the world.  The revelation in a communique between Lisa Page and her FBI lover, Peter Strzok was damning.  She said, “POTUS (Barack H. Obama) wants to know everything we’re doing.”  Why?  Was it to correct their illegalities?  Are those pesky pigs flying over my house again?

Senator Lindsey Graham, the Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee believes it would set a bad precedent having Obama called to testify in an investigation where he is implicated.  He cited the separation of powers as his justification while insisting that no president is above the law, his way of giving Obama a free pass.  That would also include the Democratic hopeful, Joe Biden who was VP at the time.  Thank you, Senator Graham, for looking out for the interests of America, NOT!

Why would it be a bad idea to have the FBI 302’s and fully investigate who, when, where, and why a private citizen was unmasked, and the name leaked to the Washington Post?  That is a crime punishable by a 10-year prison sentence.  Senator Graham has engaged in verbal diarrhea on television appearances about how he would get to the bottom of the various scandals.  However, he has done little other than talk. 

Senator Graham and other Republicans are insisting that to investigate would impede other investigations and therefore they must wait.  Wait for what and how long, Senator(s)?  Wait until this country has been destroyed by the toxicity and illegality of the Globalist Socialist Ideologues in the Democratic Party!  Is that how long we must wait for you to do something? If that transpires you won’t be able to do anything because you will be out of the circle of “leadership”.  You will be an afterthought in the minds of those pursuing the objective of the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.  Is that how long you want us to wait?

In an interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper indicted Obama in a manner that demands his feet be held to the fire and forced to testify ‘under oath’ as to his knowledge and involvement.  Clapper said in that interview, “If it weren’t for President Obama, we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place.” 

It has been my prayer and desire that ALL the corruption in Washington, DC be unearthed and uncovered.  I want all those guilty to be held accountable.  Why?  Not because I want vengeance or believe that only the Democrats are guilty of corruption.  I want that because the future of America and our Republic is hanging in the balance. 

If Obama, as Clapper stated, ordered Peter Strozk to carry out an Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), which became the basis for the entire Mueller probe, that must be made open for the world to see.  Will it matter to the followers of the toxic brand of liberalism and globalism that is rampant today?  Probably not but unless those who are deemed “leaders” or charged with “governance” via elected or appointive positions are held accountable we are dooming ourselves.

I do not fear the supposed ‘can of worms’ of calling Obama to testify, under oath as does Senator Graham and others.  I wonder if the former president would blatantly lie and deny or if he would find it necessary to ‘plead the fifth amendment’ in his testimony?  Holding everyone involved accountable and forcing them to give an account of their actions would be a giant step toward preventing this from happening in the future.  Will that happen?  Probably about the same time as pigs fly over the unicorns standing on the steps of Congress.

Leaderless?  Yes, we are leaderless in Congress if being a leader means doing what you are commissioned to do in the fulfillment of our constitutional duties.  I believe that President Trump sees the danger to America.  He has weathered assaults and attacks that no future president should ever be forced to endure.  America, we either demand that those commissioned to lead do so or help them find other endeavors outside of politics and government.

God bless you and God bless America!

3 comments on “LEADERLESS AMERICA?

  1. Larry E. Fields says:

    Every thing you said i believe is true and you hit the nail on the head i am 74 years old and i have never in my life time seen how crooked and evil the democrats have been and i believe that it started with pelosi and the rest of the democrats they are trying to take away our country our freedom and everything else that this country stands for i am very very concerned about the future of our country and our grandchildren i can’t see much future of our freedom and kids god help us all

  2. Martha Anne Flormoe says:

    WOW! He puts it right out there for all to see. I believe that what is in this article is the Absolute Truth, and I believe tgat I’d we support President Trump, we may be able to see some of these people, be arrested, charged tried and imprisoned. We need to let the world know that this is not what we want as a nation and that they can fight to save their countries also!

  3. Dennis Lanier says:

    Thank you, well said.

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