Doing what, Roy?  Why are they making plans to oust President Trump after his reelection is what I’m talking about?  If there is as much chance of Trump winning as a snowball surviving in hell, why bother?  In my mind, it makes no sense to spend time laying the groundwork to challenge his reelection if that is not remotely possible.  But then I don’t think like the liberals.  I try to allow logic and reason guide my thought processes, but again, I’m not a Donkey so maybe I’m not thinking clearly.  After all, we are told that only Donkeys and Anti-Trump Republicans can engage in any sane cognitive activity. 

Before COVID-19, the panic, pandemic, paranoia, and overly aggressive measures imposed on everyone, the economy was roaring, and Trump was almost guaranteed a second term.  The events following the introduction of this virus into America destroy that economy and it does not appear it can recover fully by November.  It is argued that tosses running on the economy out, at least partially.  I still contend that Trump can reflect on where we were and where we would have been had the Obama-era economic conditions existed at the outset of COVID-19.  Reasonable people would respond positively to that reality, but then we are talking about 2020, so who knows.

The president’s endurance in the 24/7/365 assault by the Left, the Media, and the Nevers has been almost super-human.  No, I do not think he is a superman or a saint, but I do believe he loves America and cares about what is happening, has happened, and could happen to this nation.  I do not believe he would have run or continued after the first year or so had that been not the truth.  His personality may be grating even on those who voted for and will vote for him again.  He is a New York fighter and when pushed pushes back.  He has a massive ego, like virtually every politician in Washington, and craves recognition.  Those may be negative to many, but I try to look beyond the personality to the production and the overall body of work is positive. 

One of the things that make me wonder about my nation is the incredible passivity with which we succumbed to the lockdown, mandates, and infringements.  I won’t argue over masks or no masks, but the infringements in many other areas are deeply troubling.  I hear people insist that COVID-19 will disappear shortly after the election. I do not believe that they will let it disappear that easily.  I say that, not because of the seriousness or lack thereof of the virus but because of the newly found power in the political elite.  They will not cede that easily and therefore will continue to milk the ‘crisis’ gleaning every edge into the foreseeable future. 

This is not a passing infringement and will become the new normal UNLESS.  Unless what?  Unless we soundly and thoroughly defeat the liberal leftists globalist socialist Marxist communist in November.  Yes, I called the agenda of the Democrats those things and I stand by that assertion.  If that places me on your list, then so be it. 

The admission of the Black Lives Matter co-founder that they are all trained Marxists should be troubling to everyone.  The insistence that we defund or redirect funds designated for the police is not meant to correct systemic racism by the cops but to realign power. 

In today’s world, I can only imagine the depth of trepidation any police officer experiences as he or she begins their day.  If they do their jobs, they may be indicted or murdered.  If they fail to do their jobs they may be indicted or murdered.  If they do what they are supposed to do, they receive no thanks but are lumped in the same basket as all of us who rejected Hillary and voted for Trump.  They are assigned their place in the Deplorable Basket.  It is getting crowded in here, but welcome to my world.

Some governors and mayors claiming their assault on the police major victories for humanity and even insist that their cities and states are safer.  However, the data, facts, and statistics reveal that emptying the jails, ceasing to enforce the law, and allow anarchy to run amok is not producing safety but the opposite.  I argue that even a blind and deaf person could see and hear the fallaciousness of their rhetoric. 

The CDC and other organizations are manipulating numbers with a multi-pronged intent.  They want to hurt President Trump’s reelection bid, and they want to pave the way to a forced vaccine.  They have tasted power and when the power-hungry taste power it becomes addictive and the more, they get the more they want. 

The quote from Federalist No. 51 either from Alexander Hamilton or James Madison is apropos to today’s situation.  “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.  If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”  But we are flawed humans being governed by flawed humans and therein lies a revelation of the problem.

Will Law and Order prevail and turn the tide of the election?  I don’t know, but I do believe that if the anarchy and rioting, looting, arson, theft, and murder continue many Americans are going to become fed-up and wake-up.  Will that be enough?  I do not know.

I believe that I am seeing a move within the members of the law enforcement community and they are abandoning the Democratic candidates in favor of Trump.  The National Association of Police Officers (NAPO), with a membership of 241,000 have endorsed Trump.  In 2008 and 2012 they endorsed the Obama-Biden ticket.  The shift is significant, and Biden did not bother to address the group.  Maybe he assumed he had them in his pocket or maybe he knew that the position of his party was anathema to all clear-thinking law enforcement members.

I laugh when ‘news outlets’ like CNN present Biden as a man of faith and insist he has the evangelical vote because of his piety.  I’m sorry, but piety is not the word I would use to describe him, nor is it a word that I would readily use for the president.  They both have flaws, but Biden’s support of abortion and his promise to overturn the rulings of the SCOTUS regarding the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Hobby Law decisions.  Joe Biden will attempt to force people to abandon their faith and religious convictions in order to implement his healthcare agenda and political ideology.  That is pious?  He supports abortion on demand and is okay with forcing people of faith to adapt to the politically correct view of life.  That is pious?  Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt for me.

But, if Biden’s lead is insurmountable and as in 2016 the election is in the bag for the Democrats and they are going to enjoy a super-majority in the House and win the Senate is factual, why are they concerned with Trump?  

I pray they are wrong, and that enough Americans will awaken and smell the coffee and reject them in November to stymie their plans.  I am voting to Keep America Free, Make America Safe, and Great and be One Nation Under God that is Indivisible and one that seeks to provide liberty and justice for all.  I am voting to keep America the America of the vision of the Founders expressed in our Declaration of Independence, “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

God bless you as we move deeper into the election cycle.  God bless America!

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