The more I pray, the more I consider what is happening, what can happen, and what will happen in America I keep sensing in my heart of hearts the need for an Awakening!  We have multiple camps ideologically and politically in today’s America.  Those factions, as in any war, are forming unusual alliances and partnerships with all factions believing they will ultimately control the alliance. 

There are those on the Left who are followers of Marxism, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, and Racism and they are hellbent on not only defeating Donald John Trump but fundamentally transforming America.  It is easy and difficult to see what they envision as the needed transformative state.  I say easy, because of the obvious visible events, rhetoric, and pronouncements.  I say difficult, because, there appear hidden agendas within each of the factions within the Leftist Alliance. 

I have become convinced that many do not see where we are, and the dangers posed by some of the agendas being advanced.  For those who identify as “Never Trumpers”, I cannot believe they see the danger but have allowed a personal animus toward the man to prevent them from considering the clear and present dangers.  They believe that people like me are either too ignorant to see the evil man in the White House or we are blind cultist not worthy of hearing our pleas and arguments. 

I have heard and read their declarations that Trump killed Herman Cain because he had a rally that Cain attended.  That ignores the actions of the Protester/Rioters who are burning America to the ground.  That ignores the potential dangers of public contact.  They seem to ignore the actions of New York’s Mayor and Governor endangering senior citizens and others by placing them in Nursing Homes and things of that ilk. 

There seems to be the desire to blame Trump for an economy that was decimated due to the virus and the lockdowns, claiming his response was too little too late and he is inept in dealing with the problem.  That requires ignoring the rhetoric of the Democrats, in the beginning, claiming there was no danger, including the illustrious Dr. Fauci.  That requires ignoring the claims of racism, xenophobia, etc. when Trump banned travel from China and highly infected areas.  But, alas, Trump is the evil one and the greatest danger to our Republic so all the blame must be laid at his feet.

There are those who claim that Biden helped lead us out of a Depression, but Trump has plunged us into one.  I cannot fathom that logic, but when I review what the Democrats have expressed as their desire and objective upon occupying the White House, holding the House and reclaiming the Senate I cannot wrap my head around how Trump is somehow a greater danger than those people, politics, and policies.

Biden wants to destroy the fossil fuel industry.  He wants to repeal all the Trump tax cuts that were proving effective for most Americans and boosting our economy.  Our unemployment rate was the lowest it had been and our economy was robust but the virus plunged us into economic oblivion and much of that was the result of the inaction or negative actions of the Democrats in Congress, the States, and Cities across America.  But to those who have hated Trump from the beginning, it can only be his fault, because they do not like him. 

Joe Biden and the Democrats have launched a visible and definable war on our Freedom of Speech, our 1st Amendment Rights.  They have expressed a renewed desire to restrict or infringe upon our 2nd Amendment Rights.  They have defended lawlessness but attacked law enforcement and private citizens who defend themselves and their property.  Some of the major players in the Democratic Party have expressed their desire to hinder if not destroy our Religious Freedom if we are followers of the Judeo-Christian Faith. 

President Trump’s personality is not why I support him.  If that were the only thing I had to go on, I would oppose him and most politicians.  He is brash, rash, egotistical, and a shoot from the lip New York street fighter.  But, alas, are the Democrats any less brash, harsh, angry, antagonistic, egotistical, and loose-lipped?  Joe Biden’s mental acuity is to be questioned and cause for concern.  The infrequent declarations of members of the Democratic Establishment and the talking heads indicate he would be, at best, a figurehead.  One high ranking Democrat said, “Biden’s black VP female running mate would be ready to be President from day one.” 

I know that what I am saying will cause those who detest this president to call me many unkind names and deem me one of the ignorant minions who blindly deify the man.  I do not, and frankly, most that I know who voted for him and will again do not fit that description.  We love America!  I am not saying that the Never Trumpers do not love America.  I believe that most of them love this nation deeply and as deeply as those who are in the same camp as I am. 

I have been attacked and called a cultist and a worshipper of Trump but when I question the source of the articulated hatred toward him, I am attacked.  Those in those camps insist they do not Hate but Love.  They love America so much that they believe the best course of action is to defeat and destroy the evil orange man and to make their view more palatable they claim that failure will destroy the Republic.  How they ignore the stated objectives of the Left and are unable to see the intended transformation and destruction is beyond my ability to cognate. 

I believe that to have opposed Trump and call yourself a Never from the beginning cannot be based on results.  There were no results at the beginning, therefore, to continue that animus seems to require ignoring the full body of work and focus on isolated situations, events, and actions.  That, in my view, is blindness and although may be well-intentioned it presents as great a danger for the Republic as the avid followers of Marxism, Socialism, and Liberalism. 

If you believe me to be beyond rescue and my views anathema to you and your core beliefs feel free to disassociate with me.  I am not extending an invitation for you to unfriend me, but saying, if you do, I will understand.  We are so far apart in our views that we have become antagonists and our fight for what we believe presents a condition where there is no cordial or common ground.  If you are willing to cede the Republic to the Left, I must ask, “Can you not see the damage was done under 8 years of Obama, and the intended and promised damages they are proposing?” 

I cannot support any party that wants to fundamentally transform America into a totalitarian authoritarian nation.  I cannot support any party that wants to tax us into oblivion.  I cannot support any party that wants abortion and abortion on demand.  I cannot support any party that is anti my Inalienable Rights of Freedom of Speech and Religion, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and wants to control my ability to Pursue Happiness and Live.  There are many more “never” that I could add but a political party that is as demonstrably Anti-God and Anti-Faith is impossible for me to support. 

You must follow your heart and do what you believe best.  As for me and my house, we will continue to support the President in our fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom and our desire to preserve the Republic as the Constitutional Republic our Founders Established.

God bless you and God bless America!

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