Tap the brakes if you assumed, I am going to trash Trump, I am not.  I am will attempt to draw the contrast between personality and platform.  That will not suffice for some, who see the current president the albatross of liberty.  It will not bode well in the minds of those who detest this president so profoundly they are blinded to the dangers of the Leftists and their agenda, but God has used people to advance His purposes who were not saints.  One of the most prolific would be Cyrus the Great, the Persian King who ended Israel’s Babylonian captivity.

I am not comparing Trump to a heathen king but citing that a person’s piousness is not an indicator of whether God can use them in advancing a nation’s cause and a nation’s benefit.  It is a reminder that a person’s piousness is not to be used to judge whether they can be used for the benefit of a nation.  If we make piousness a prerequisite to being president, we would have had virtually none in our history.  Why would people overlook Obama or Clinton’s failings on various moral fronts and insist that Trump’s history on the moral front disqualifies him?  It is not because of morality but personality that the charge comes.  Disagree if you choose, but that is provable, in my view and even if it is not, it is my view.  I have mine and you have yours!

In Isaiah 45 God spoke through the prophet and declared that He was taking Cyrus by the right hand, giving him power and then used him to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple.  A heathen king, a non-virtuous individual was used for the benefit of believers and the nation of Israel, so why is it unconscionable in the minds of those who detest Trump so vehemently?  I do not know Trump’s relationship with God, but he had defended the Church and our religious freedoms more than any president in my lifetime.  I appreciate that and when I view the whole body of work, I find more to applaud than to criticize.  Have some things been done that I do not like?  Absolutely!  But, again, I attempt to view the whole body of work, not isolated parts, or even the personality or moral character of the individual.  Would I like for the president to be a Christian?  Yes, I would.

I believe that the policies and agenda of the Left, the Socialists, Marxists, Liberals, and fundamental transformers are UNFIT for the Presidency and governance.  Joe Biden has declared, “If I’m elected and this (COVID) passes, I’m going to go down as the most progressive president in American history.”  That is shockingly frightening to this American who believes in the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  It would be anathema to any hope of ever returning to a Limited Government and destroy any hope of draining the Swamp or dismantling the Deep State.

Biden’s claim is frightening when I consider former progressives such as Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.  Their policies have damaged the very foundations of our Republic.  Jimmy Carter, William Jefferson Clinton, and Barack Obama have expanded those damages and Joe Biden would be a train-wreck if allowed to assume the presidency. 

Barack Obama, with Joe Biden at his side, oversaw some very damaging actions.  Through Obamacare and bailouts, we watched the federal government take over a third of our economy.  The national financial collapses were exacerbated and accelerated through his tax policies and regulations.  The Obama economic policies increased taxpayer debt exponentially and laid the foundation for economic disaster.  Thankfully Trump’s policies had reversed those actions sufficiently to give us an economy that might survive the pandemic paranoia largely facilitated by the Blue States and Cities.

Under BHO we watched the nationalization of public education through Common Core and the gross misuse of federal power to surveil, harass, and subvert opposing political opponents.  We watched as two far-left justices were added to the Supreme Court and that will pose problems for decades.  We observed things like Fast and Furious facilitate the advancement of the Mexican Drug Cartels and the disaster of Benghazi must never leave the forefront of our minds.  We watched as they systematically purged the upper ranks of the military to elevate to power those who were Leftists and on board with his agenda.  We saw the effective granting of amnesty to 660,000 illegals present in America. 

We watched the weaponizing of the Internal Revenue Service, and the jackbooted tyrannical attempt to force nuns to pay for abortifacients against their religious convictions and in violation of their constitutional guarantees.  Schools were forced to allow boys in the girl’s locker rooms and bathrooms and the beyond ridiculous kangaroo courts to punish anyone who spoke other than the politically correct language or charged with sexual assault without fair and impartial hearings.

We watched as Obama sided with those murdering the police and, in every situation, where a person of color was involved insisted it was white supremacy and racism that created the condition.  He ignored facts, and quickly inserted his hate-filled rhetoric fanning the flames of racial discord, unlike any modern-day president.  The NSA was used to surveil innocent citizens and collect private email, phone, and other records – ILLEGALLY!

Yet, we still have those that insist that Biden and the Democrats are less a threat to America than Trump.  I say that their policies, agendas, and candidates are UNFIT for the presidency.  I have not mentioned his cash to Iran and endorsing race riots in Ferguson, Missouri, or the 783 or more scandals in his scandal-free administration.  Remember, Joe Biden was there at his side all the while.

The Left wants to destroy our Energy Industry and impose on us the AOC New Green Deal.  They want to implement the Bernie Sanders brand of Socialism.  They desire to strip us of our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights to mention three. 

The Oath of Office requires the incoming president to swear or affirm his fidelity to the Constitution, Obama violated that, and Biden has promised to do the same.  It reads, “I do solemnly swear [or affirm] that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  How can Biden do that considering his announced agenda?  He cannot but will because the Left has no qualms about fabrications to the American people.  They have an agenda and objective and we are not it; Control is.

I contend that if America is to survive as the Free Constitutional Republic that our Founders established, we MUST, and I mean MUST defeat the Left in this and every election and at every level.  What we have seen in the pandemic paranoia is a drop in the bucket of what will be imposed on us if they regain total power in the federal government.  Therefore, I argue that the Democratic Policies and Democrats are UNFIT FOR THE PRESIDENCY!

God bless you and God bless America!

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