JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – The Left Thinks We Are Stupid…

My response is, “I hope we are not.”  However, with the response of some of the Trump haters, I’m not sure they are totally wrong.  I used to ask, “How stupid can you be?”  I quickly realized that some seemed to take that as a challenge and demonstrated that the level of idiocy I was observing was the low hanging fruit on the tree and there was much more where that came from. 

A quote that is often attributed to Albert Einstein regarding the infiniteness of human stupidity is probably a quote from the Frenchman Alexandre Dumas.  His translated quote is, “One thing that humbles me is to see that human genius has its limits while human stupidity does not.”  I don’t care who said it, it appears to have been proven true by the actions of humans for a long time.  Sadly, today, it is more apropos than ever.

I remember during the 2016 Republican primaries there were Democrats working to discredit certain Republicans and many of them backhandedly endorsed Trump.  No, they did not endorse as in giving him their support but endorsed as in suggested to the Republicans that he might be their best course of action.  They thought he was the worst possible choice and the choice that would guarantee Hillary’s ascent to the White House. 

Do you remember Democrats such as Paul Krugman writing articles to defend Trump in contrast to Jeb Bush and even praised Trump’s economic plan?  Did he mean it?  Of course, not that was demonstrated immediately after the election when he immediately sounded his alarm that Trump’s economy would result in an economic catastrophe that would send us into depression for a millennium.  They believed that Republicans were stupid and anyone foolish enough to support Trump was an uneducated, backwoods boob that needed someone to help them put on their shoes.

I remember the peanut farmer from Georgia telling the British Parliament in February 2016 that he preferred a President Trump to a President Cruz.  What was his reason?  Hang on to your false teeth.  He said, “Because Trump would be a pragmatic and non-ideological leader.”  Wow!  What did Carter do after the election?  Was Trump still praised as being pragmatic and non-ideological?  Nope, he immediately joined the Clinton chorus and shouted that the election was illegitimate.  He thought we were stupid and never dreamed Trump could and would win.  Once that became a reality, he changed his tune. 

There was a leaked document presented by WikiLeaks that the Democratic National Committed desired to help Trump win the Republican nomination because they believed it was their easiest road to the White House.  They directed their operatives, “We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates, to that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously.”  They thought Trump’s support was a flash in the pan and would quickly wane.  They were stunned and some shaken to their foundation when they discovered that they had been helping to create a candidate that resonated with the public powerfully.  They thought we were stupid and proved that they were.

Why would the media and the Democrats think we are stupid?  I suggest that it is the result of decades of Republican Establishment politicians running for the shadows every time they roll out their media blitz.  I suggest that it is because the Republican Establishment has demonstrated they are Democrat lite, not truly conservative or constitutionalists.  They are part of the Old Boy System and love practicing crony capitalism and relish being in power ruling over those of us they too consider too dumb to know the difference.

Am I saying that the Democrats and the Republicans are the same?  No!  I am saying that the Establishment Lifetime Professional Politicians are not trustworthy and are largely self-serving not public servants. 

Sadly, the COVID-19 provided the hoped-for, opportunity for the Globalist Elitist Leftists to shipwreck the economy, strip us of many of our rights and privileges, and endanger Trump’s reelection.  They seized upon the opportunity and have milked it for all its worth.  Then, the police killing of George Floyd provided them another gift and opened the door for revitalizing the paranoia, hate, and chaos further hurting the economy, safety, and pushing sanity to the brink.  They have milked that to the fullest extent possible. 

We have the various polls that show Biden blowing Trump away and Fox News has apparently joined that effort to defeat Trump leaving few conservative outlets speaking any semblance of truth or reality.  The Democrats have forced us to endure almost 4 years of their incessant attempts to overturn the election and oust Trump at a cost of millions if not billions.  They continue to do all they can and are almost giddy when the economic numbers are not good and when there are reports of increases in COVID-19 cases.  It is deeply troubling to watch the willingness of many to see America damaged if not destroyed for the sole purpose of defeating Trump. 

The toppling of the confederate statues and memorials was expected but as Trump and others predicted they have now gone after our founding fathers including Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and even desecrated the black regiment’s memorial in Boston.  They have lost contact with sanity and demonstrated a hatred that is so inflamed it embodies no reason or sanity. 

The church is under fire and governors like Gavin Newsom in California want to keep the churches locked down for months or permanently. They truly think we are stupid and are pushing all their chips to the center of the table in hopes of winning the White House in November.  They know if they achieve that goal, they will keep the House and likely reclaim the Senate.  At that point, the proverbial fat lady would be singing, and freedom would be exiting stage left.

The question is, “Will we prove them wrong again, or will we prove them, right?”  It truly is up to us and this election depends upon Christians committing to intercessory prayer, patriots standing up for freedom, and all Americans waking up and drawing a line in the sand, saying NO MORE!  I will stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and I hope you will join me in November!

God bless you and God bless America!

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