Let me eliminate some readers at the outset and say, “When God Matters!”  I am not trying to offend or alienate anyone but until we return to a moral foundation and our ship of state and life become moored to the principles of morality as taught in the Bible it won’t happen.  No life will truly matter and only those that advance our cause and agenda will be deemed worthy of defense.  That is beyond tragic, but a condition I see in America and the world today.

I’m sure some will disagree but our founding fathers, as they declared in our notification to Great Britain of our intent to separate and become independent, believed in a divine creator and that He gave all men certain untouchable rights.  The words,“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” expresses that belief.  Yet, there are those today who insist that the founders were highly immoral racists pigs whose views are unworthy of consideration.  How tragic!

The Left attempts to use Thomas Jefferson as their ally when it is convenient and makes him utterly reprehensible when it is not.  They do the same with all our Founding Fathers and vilify everyone in history whose life and position does not advance their agenda.  One of the more recent declarations by a Leftist, CNN’s Don Lemon that “admittedly Jesus was imperfect while on earth” is revealing far beyond his words. 

His view, which is heretical to my faith, exposures a biblical ignorance beyond imagination. It is an expression of a view prevalent among the Leftists, Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, and those burning, looting, and destroying our nation.  There has been a concerted attack on the Bible, God, the Christian religion, and anyone embracing that view for years.  The Democratic Party has definitively aligned itself with those who consider Christianity either antiquated or offensive.  That is tragic!

In our American history, both Democrat and Republican Presidents, and members of Congress expressed a belief in the existence of God and an appreciation of His divine providence in enabling America to be birthed.  That birth of the fledgling nation in the late 1700’s has produced a venue whereby ALL PEOPLE who are under the banner of protection of this nation can and have prospered. 

Are there poor among us?  Do we have examples of bias and prejudice?  Have there been reprehensible actions and activities both by the government and individuals?  YES, YES, and YES!  However, even in some of our darkest times relationally, all sides continued to recognize that there is a God and He has, in His providence, afforded us the privilege of living under the best system of government created by man.  We have enjoyed freedom beyond that of any other nation and had been slowly working through our difficulties. 

That view took a dramatic shift just a few years ago and with the election of the man identified as the first ‘black’ president. It took a turn for the worse.  Mr. Obama was half black and half white, having a black father and a white mother, yet he rejected any whiteness and embraced his blackness.  That was and is his choice.  However, when he immediately took aim at whites, Christianity, and America my concerns were amplified.  

The fact that Mr. Obama sat under the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, an openly antisemitic and biased individual who frequently made racist comments and called for racist actions is troubling.  The reverend said loudly, “God d**m America,” and shouted his hatred for this nation, and everything we stand it was revealing and troubling.  Mr. Obama said that he did not know the good reverend’s views on race, but he was part of that church for 20 years.  How could he not know? 

I believe that “Black Lives Matter” but as I have repeatedly said, “Unborn Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter, ALL LIVES MATTER!”  They matter to God and until God becomes important to America again, we are going to continue down the path of discord, disruption, anarchy, chaos, and destruction.  We are going to watch our society crumble around us, and our system of government and economy evaporate becoming a memory as the creeping tide of Socialism, Marxism, Totalitarianism, and Tyranny prevail.  Yes, that is a ‘Gloom and Doom’ view but one that I see inevitable UNLESS!

The “unless”, in my view is unless God Becomes Important to Us Again.  I won’t attempt to overload you with the myriad of quotes and examples of our Founding Fathers expressing that God mattered.  Their expressed views are in such amply supply it is impossible to ignore. 

I wish everyone would become a believer in God and Jesus Christ, but I know that is not going to happen.  However, based on the founding principles and basic reason we should know that moral depravity and a state where everyone becomes a law unto themselves is not a workable condition.  If you deem your views and rights more important and valuable than mine, you will seek to oppress and suppress mine to advance yours.  That produces a condition that is a breeding ground for WAR.  How far will anyone be pushed before they push back?

I am deeply disturbed that many churches and pastors have opted to take the road of silence hoping to leave the politics to the politicians.  I would never ask that any pastor become political in their preaching and teaching of the Bible. 

However, I would ask that they warn when they see danger.  I would ask that they identify those things politicians are doing that violate the directives of Scripture.  I would ask that they decry the moral depravity and the advancement of ideological agendas that support abortion, lasciviousness, hate, vengeance, murder, and allow the government to introduce programs that decimate the home and the two-parent family.  I would ask that they speak out where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent.  I ask that they seek to introduce people to the Love of God and call for moral rightness. We need to once again, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.”  

If we allow hate to fester and ignore God and His guide for life, we will destroy ourselves.  So, when will “Any Life Matter?”  I insist that it is when “God Matters Again!”  Until then, we will continue the pathway to destruction.  I refuse to hate based on ideology, skin pigmentation, or anything else.  I hate sin!  I hate the devil!  I love people because we are all created in the image of God and that makes us brothers and sisters.  We either know God or we need God and I see two ethnicities in this world, “Lost and Saved.”  I see one race not multiple.  I see one race, the Human Race. 

You can love me or hate me, agree or disagree, that is your choice.  But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD and call for a return to Him and moral moorings. 

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Thank you for sharing the hard truth in the love of God and for ALL others, who ALL matter; and when Christ comes to live in us, there are no longer “others” in Christ! all have eternal life in Christ! it matters! and Christ is the One Essential!

  2. They mattered to God all along, how some one can hate just because of color is unreal to me, and it sure does not belong in the body of Christ, he died for all and that settles all race issue, sad we have backed up in history, because of hate that will not die, and a love thats been perverted into a love that doesn’t correct. we need you Jesus

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