Some may assume that I am saying we must, in the words of Jefferson, “water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots” but that is not what I’m saying.  It may come to that but that is not the change that must transpire if we are to save the Republic without a violent blood-letting revolution.  I keep believing and hoping that the light will come on in the minds and hearts of people who, generally, are well-meaning and love America.  I don’t expect the light to come on in most of those who have been inculcated with the Marxist ideology and that America is evil and must be transformed.

Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  Today that has become, “We are just one election away from full-blown socialism and tyranny.”  Both identify a danger looming on the horizon for our American Republic and one that should never have been allowed to blossom and bloom, as it has. 

The reality and factuality of those statements mean that for too long and too many have been asleep at the wheel of life and allowed this to become a reality.  It means that ‘we the people’ ignored the warnings, became apathetic, and opted to ‘leave the politics to the politicians.’  The tragedy in that is we bought into the theory that ‘this too shall pass’ and what is happening is simply ‘cyclical.’ 

I have people, well-intentioned and well-meaning patriots, tell me, “Roy, this is just another bump in the road and since we have survived over 240 years, we will weather this storm too.”  I disagree.  The reason we have survived for over two centuries is that past generations took note of what was happening and were determined to maintain our freedom and liberty. Those previous generations understood the dangers and were committed to preventing socialism, Marxism, and tyranny from coming to America.  That is not 2020 and the danger is not only real but probably unavoidable.

We have had a cultural transformation in America, and it has not all been good.  We are in a cultural war and there are those who so devotedly believe that our founding was rooted in racism and evil it must be shuttered and a new system of government in its place.  The political and historic ignorance that allows that view to bear fruit is so ingrained it may not be possible to overcome. That is, short of the eventual suffering of all citizens at the hands of the tyrants and oligarchs that will assume power.  Sadly, at that point, it is too late to ‘transform America’ rightly and ‘restore America’ to her founding roots and principles.  The time is now and even an immediate shift in mindset will probably not totally prevent the damage and dangers.

I remember in the 1980’s hearing the Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov repeatedly warning America of a danger.  Sadly, few listened, and our American pride said, “Hey, we have overcome evil before and we will never allow this to happen here.”  I am reminded of the warning of Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”  We wrongly assumed that because we won the Revolutionary War, two World Wars, and turned back evil on numerous occasions this could not come to America.  We have seen it in other nations but assumed that Americans would unitedly resist and reject it. 

Bezmenov warned of what he called “demoralization.”  What he meant was the systematic and progressive undermining of a nation’s morality would make America ripe for a leftist revolution.  I have watched as our moral moorings have one by one been untethered and the ship of liberty has begun drifting toward destruction.  I have sounded the alarm only to have those of my faith and aligned with my political ideology insist that I am ‘crying wolf’ and this is just another political cycle, therefore no worries.  I wish I could believe that, but history and what I see the demand that I take an opposing view and continue to sound the alarm.

The concerted effort of the Democrats to overturn the 2016 election has been deeply troubling and signaled danger.  The unjust targeting of General Flynn and others connected to Trump has revealed how deep the depravity and how powerful and arrogant those seeking to ‘fundamentally transform’ America have become.  They have no fear of being exposed and no fear of being held accountable.  Why?  Many reasons, but one is the attitudes that are far too prevalent in America.  Apathy and entitlement coupled with hate and anger are breeding grounds for destruction.

The media bias is so pronounced that there are precious few outlets that even attempt to honestly report the news.  Most are so entrenched in the Leftist ideology that they are devoted warriors for the Left.  One college professor’s research suggests that the bias of the media aids the Democratic candidate 8-10 points in every election.  I suspect that is an underestimation because many if not most people only hear what the liberal media presents.  With that offering of reality being the only trough from which they feed, they believe it and act upon it. 

Big Tech has become another powerful arm of the ‘fundamental transform’ agenda as has Social Media.  It is estimated that Social Media can shift as many as 15 million votes to one party or the other and turn any election.  That, for this American, is frightening and I believe it to be a valid estimation.  Voter fraud, ballot harvesting was the key factor in flipping the conservative Orange County, California seat from the Republican ledger to the Democrat. 

America, we are now in the throes of a political and societal attempt to ‘appease’ those demanding concessions, reparations, and repentance for our sin of being America.  The ‘woke’ generation is now deeply entrenched in corporate America, some are occupying elected positions, and others now members of both the media and academia.  The indoctrination has moved from the classroom to the streets and permeates corporate America as well as Congress.  The entertainment industry for decades has been largely a leftists propaganda machine and the idolization of movie stars does not bode well for the Republic’s survival.

We either return to God, and our Constitutional foundations nullifying all bad laws, edicts, and evicting bad actors in government or we will become as extinct as the U.S.S.R. did in the Reagan years.  The question immediately becomes, “What then?”  If the Constitutional Republic is destroyed, what takes its place?  Another question must be “who will be safe?”  The truth is “No one will be safe!”  That includes those who are part of the power structure because evil and the power-crazed tend to devour their own.  America will become nothing more than a memory on the ash heap of history UNLESS!  

The “unless” demands a shift in our mindset regarding freedom and we realize that it must be defended for everyone or it is available to no one.  We must realize that God, not the government gave our inalienable rights.  We must realize that a limited government is our only hope of surviving as a Free people.  We must realize that the time is now to change.  We do not have decades, and this is not a bump in the proverbial road.  This is Life or Death, politically, societally, economically, and in some respects spiritually. 

As a Christian, I stand on the Bible and believe that if we honestly and earnestly make 2 Chronicles 7:14 the pursuit of our hearts and Matthew 6:33 the guide of our lives we can see America saved.  The elections have become manipulations not legitimate reflections of the true will of the people.  Those who stand for Liberty and against Autocracy enter the election as much as 10 points behind and only as we unitedly rise and cast our ballot can we hope to survive.  If you are not involved, you are abetting the destruction!

God bless you and God bless America!

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