In my prayer time and meditating upon God’s Word as well as musing on what is happening in today’s America and the world, I heard something interesting in my spirit.  I realize that anyone who is not a Christian and even if you are you may find what I’m going to say odd, strange, wrong, or even heretical.  But I believe God still speaks today and speaks through many things including but not limited to His Word, the Bible.  I have had impressions that led to discoveries of God’s purposes and produced victory beyond my expectation, so I listen.  Jesus said in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” 

The logical conclusion of that declaration, also considering Hebrews 13:8 which declares that Jesus is the same past, present, and future, hearing requires both the ability to hear and someone to say something.  I believe hearing is more than just the audio reception of sound but understanding and comprehension.  Therefore, when I believe I have heard something, I carefully listen, muse on it, and see how it can be applied to my life and the lives of others for benefit.

What did I hear?  I felt like the Holy Spirit, my teacher, was instructing me to write about what I could write about in today’s world.  That was a bit confusing and I began to pray for clarity and understanding.  What could write about what I could write about possible mean and entail?  As I contemplated that time in prayer and thought, I thought about the issues confronting our nation and the world and felt that was what God wanted me to highlight.  I felt that I needed to identify the issues, not attempt to solve them, or give a detailed articulation of them, but just to call everyone’s attention to the things readily apparent in today’s world and news.

The dimensions and aspects of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the events and ideological agendas that created that movement is of interest to virtually everyone.  Some view it as a needed push for social justice and civil rights.  Others see it as an orchestrated attempt to overthrow our system of government and pave the way for anarchy, chaos, totalitarianism, socialism, and Marxism.  I have learned in life that few things are exactly as they appear on the surface and understanding of the issue, the cause, and the solution requires intensive examination and often research.  It also requires much prayer!

The Police are a continuing topic of discussion for many.  The idea presented by some is that the police in America are engaged in systemic, institutional, and rabid racism.  Some paint them as such horrific creatures and insist they are acting as hunters on a search and destroy mission against blacks.  Others insist that the only pathway to any needed reform is by defunding and disbanding all police forces across America and replacing them with civilian guards. 

The police are mercilessly attacked, assassinated, and lumped into a single basket identify all by the actions of a few.  None of us would want to be so characterized in our lives, so why allow this to be directed toward any group?  In every locality where the police have been banned, restricted, defunded, or hindered, crime has risen, and citizens are endangered.  This is something that needs to be addressed and requires our devoted prayers.

The 2020 Election is paramount in most minds today.  There are those who hate the President with such a passion they want his ouster and salivate over the thought of his demise.  They are unable to consider the full body of work during his term in office and only see the man and express how much they detest.  The comparisons of the two major parties and candidates do not receive fair, honest, unbiased, and balanced consideration leaving the masses in a state of confusion.  That cannot bode well for the Republic.  The Platforms of the two major parties are not discussed as much as the two major candidates.  That is an issue that must be addressed and hopefully, I will find a way and the ability to do so in the weeks to come.

The COVID-19 or Corona Virus is always in our minds and our citizens have been stripped of many individual and constitutional liberties.  The lack of information and misinformation has successfully pitted people against each other making people largely of the same ideology antagonistic toward each other.  It is being used, in part, as a divide and conquer scheme.  People are dying, and getting sick, and the questions as to why the massive and aggressive actions by the government are largely unanswered.  We can speculate, but the best thing we can do is stop majoring on minors and pray for both the defeat of the virus and the restoration of the republic.

The matter of Gun Control keeps popping up and some of the amendments in various bills seem to include some form or pathway to that objective.  There has been a noticeable assault on various religious institutions, churches, and pastors as well as individual believers.  Those assaults are largely directed toward the followers of Christianity and Judaism and cannot be ignored. 

The Deep State is a concern that never recedes in the minds of many who are carefully watching the direction of our republic.  Racism is being resurrected and the approach seems to be destroying any gains we had made in previous years.  Abortion is a continual concern for all who value life and believe that that unborn child is deserving of the Constitutional protection of Life and should be afforded the opportunity to live the life that they would experience were they allowed to live. 

The future of America is a concern of this American and as I watch the transitions being chosen by and forced upon the public I wonder, “where are we headed?”  The Borders and Sovereignty of the nation cannot be dismissed from the discussion because of the ramifications that each holds for all legal Americans.  Education is becoming increasingly a matter of discussion and concern and the fruit of the past two or three generations educated in the public education system is evident.  The anti-establishment protesters and rioters of the ’60s are now educators in our universities. 

Healthcare and Medicine are on the menu and agenda for this election.  Joe Biden promises to make Obamacare or a variation of it mandatory, education free, and entitlements expand exponentially.  His proposed green deals, healthcare, and other proposals tally near the $10 Trillion figure.  We have not mentioned the continuing threat of foreign enemies and terrorists largely Islamic as well as the needs of our military and national security. 

America, I believe that this election is not about Trump or Biden, Republicans, or Democrats but it is about winning between Good and Evil and the survival of the Republic.  Some believe me wrong, but that is the view of my heart and the focus of my prayers.  I am praying for renewal, revival, restoration, and the return to being the Constitutional Republic we were created to be and truly become what our Pledge of Allegiance identifies as our objective, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

God bless you and God bless America!

2 comments on “WHAT I HEARD IN PRAYER…

  1. yes and amen! this election is about wrong and right; choosing God or evil; choosing to move toward God in a more perfect union with God our Father: all lives matter, eternal life matters, Christ is essential, pro-life, pro-family, pro-police, pro-biblical values, blessings, life and life abundant, etc. OR moving away from God and a more perfect union with the luciferian agenda, new world order, one world religion of satan, anti-Christ global agenda, ungodly, unrighteous, unholy approval of sin and those who legislate it; Marxist rule, stealing, killing, destroying, and socialist, communist, anti-God laws; curses and death

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