Hey Democrats, Leftists, and Trump haters, you might want to be careful what you wish for. You may find that those you are attempting to use as allies in your effort to Dump Trump become your nemesis.  Of course, none of those groups believe that is possible because of their self-perceived intellectual superiority.  That was expressed in a recent comment by a Trump Antagonist, “all the intellectual conservatives left the Republican Party when Trump was elected.”  What an arrogant, egotistical, and delusional statement.  But, alas, those on the Left and those in the Never Trump consortium believe they are smarter and more astute in political maneuvering than anyone else, so no worries, right?  WRONG!

I am not so much disturbed by anyone’s dislike for the President as the blindness that ignores the dangers lurking in the shadows if the Leftist regain total control of the government.  I keep hearing, “this is just another bump in the road, and all things political are cyclical, so no worries, this too shall pass.”  I must ask, “Will it?”  Are we truly just experiencing another minor insignificant detour on the road of life in the Republic or is something far more dangerous and sinister in the works?  I believe it is the latter, but you may believe it is the former.  At that juncture, we disagree and hopefully, we can remain civil, but alas, that is not the modus operandi or mindset of many who are so adamantly opposed to the “orange man” as they disparagingly label him.

If I called former President Obama the “Muslim man” or referred to his skin color or perceived color, I would be tarred and feathered, and the ropes would be brought out to string me up from the highest guard arm available.  Yes, that is a reference that will be trashed but is it not apropos considering the actions, attitudes, and antics of today?  Racism and hate are not relegated to one sector of society but experienced and evidenced in every community and ethnicity. 

I have asked from the beginning, “How far do we go or tolerate the efforts of the cancel culture?”  I warned, as did many others, that the effort to tear down everything related to the Civil War South would not be the end of the effort but would be expanded to our Founding Fathers and many other figures in our history.  That prediction now appears prophetic, but it was too evident to miss.  It did not take a prophet to see the dangers and the coming efforts. 

The problem with appeasement is that there is no satisfying it.  The insatiable hunger for vengeance and the craze of being empowered demands more and more.  Those who are awarded control want more control and frequently turn on each other and I predict that the Cancel Culture will eventually seek to Cancel many elements of their current alliances.  The War within the movement will spill over and impact negatively the entire nation.  It already is, but the cataclysmic devastation that is coming will be of biblical proportions.  I just heard a ‘click’ and the ‘unfriend’ button was pressed.  I’m sure I was just reported to social media and will find myself in the media Gitmo, but the truth is the truth and if acknowledged can be liberating.

The modus operandi and mantra of “divide and conquer” may produce a division within the current Cancel Culture. The drive to unseat the President, defund the police, and strip our history of all references to the past they do not approve will be bloody.  We have forgotten that our national motto, “E Pluribus Unum” is vital to our survival.  Out of many, one is needed to be restored in today’s mindset and the only way we can do that is put an end to the attempts to revise, rewrite, and cancel history and culture to appease.

I was stunned by the incredibly racist and factually inaccurate statement of Mr. Nick Cannon who made comments about whites being ‘genetically inferior’ and ‘closer to animals’ than blacks.  Had any person, not of his ethnicity made that statement about blacks he would probably not survive the hour, but Mr. Cannon said it and in many ways was applauded for his incendiary comments. 

He made a statement that I agree with, in part.  He said, wrongly to a person who was antisemitic and racists, “You’re speaking facts.  There’s no reason to be scared of anything when you’re speaking the truth.”  I agree with that last sentence.  Truth is liberating and truth should be defended and contended for in all things.  Mr. Cannon considered it a shame that the Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan had been silenced on Facebook.  He may have, but his followers have not, and his views are readily available to one and all. 

Mr. Cannon offered the ludicrous and fallacious argument that blacks are the ‘true Hebrews.’   I suggest that He might want to check with God on that.  If you are unaware of who Mr. Cannon is and his national notoriety, he is the host of the Fox competition series, “The Masked Singer.”  Fox said, he will continue, and his incendiary remarks are not justifications to remove him.  Why not apply that to others who have been banished for lesser views? 

His views are so obviously racist that even rap star Zuby called him a ‘black supremacist.’  I laughed at Mr. Zuby’s response to some of the inane and ridiculous comments Mr. Cannon made.  He said, “Wow, imagine me learning that my melanin doesn’t just protect me from sunburn, but also grants me psychic powers, heightened compassion, and a neural connection to all other melanated beings…” 

Why is he given a pass and anyone making that level of ridiculous and racist comments on the other side not?  Because of the current state of Identity Politics, the power that has been afforded the Politically Correct, and the attempts of everyone to appease the protesters.  Does anyone remember the Sarah Jeong incidents at the New York Times?  She made some of the most outlandishly racists comments about whites and it was ignored and justified by the Times. They said, “We talked to her.”  Great, did she stop?  Not to my knowledge, but hey, she was ‘talked to.’

We had a university student at the University of Virginia declare that she was uncomfortable because there were too many white people around and asked them to go elsewhere.  Like maybe off the planet and into the grave?  I guess that is the somewhere else desired for those of us Caucasians. 

How about the Seattle protest that held a march called ‘The Black Lives Matter Silent March’?  The marching orders are incredibly revealing, and the order of procession speaks volumes. 


We ask that all march participants respect the following order of procession.  We want to ensure this is a Black-led march, but we encourage everyone to march with their family and loved ones.

Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County

Black youth

Black community

People of color

Elected and appointed officials, political candidates

White allies


The only thing lower than whites on this list were the bikes. I’m not sure if that meant bicycles and motorcycles or bikers, but you see the segregation of the order. I suggest that the separation of participants in a protest by race is racist.  I thought their objective was equality, but since one of their websites declared, “It’s Our Time” might suggest superiority is the true objective, not equality.

My objective is not to be divisive but I desire to call attention to the need that we cease viewing people through skin pigmentation and start viewing everyone as human beings, created in the image of God, and evaluate by character, not color.  I resist the division.  I view everyone as humans created in God’s image and as either those who know God or need God. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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