I realize that I may sound like a broken record but what is happening in America is not simply politics as usual or a temporary bump in the road.  This is not just another of a long line of political cycles and we will recover if we just bide our time.  This is WAR!  It is a War for Survival.  It is a War for Freedom!  It is a War for Republicanism versus Socialism, Marxism, and Globalism!  It is War for the Soul of America!

I know that some may immediately discount those declarations and insist that it is all Trump’s fault, or if we just wait, the political cycle will run its course and we will, down the road, return to a more sane condition in society.  I contend that day will never come again if we do not resoundingly defeat the anarchy and push toward Marxism now!  It is, in my mind, now or never!

Today’s Democratic Party and their nominee Joe Biden, have tacitly sanctioned the sedition that is running rampant in our cities.  They have betrayed the American people, the Republic, the Vision of our Founding, and abetted those who have declared war on America and Americanism.  I wish that I was referring to a foreign enemy that had declared war, but it is from within our own citizenry that the war is coming. 

There comes a time when failure to condemn evil is to participate in that evil and become an ally of it.  That is what has happened in the Democratic Party of today.  They have not only failed to condemn the rioting, looting, destruction, and anarchy but have openly encouraged it and even marched with the destroyers in their cities. They have acquiesced to the demands of the domestic terrorist and the Mainstream Media is in lockstep with them and their agenda.

Our universities are filled with dedicated Marxists ideologues who are poisoning the minds of our youth indoctrinating them with philosophies that are anathema to Freedom, Free Market Capitalism, and our Founding Principles.  When groups openly declare that their prime objective is the overthrow of our current system of government, that, by its very definition, is Sedition.  The objective to ‘fundamentally transform’ our republic is being enacted in city after city by anarchists, politicians, and the media.  We are in War!

The Sedition is receiving no push back from Biden, the Democrats, and even some Republicans are attempting to board that train hoping to appease and gain votes.  We have members of some police forces, the military, professional and collegiate sports endorsing, participating, and bowing to the demands of the revolutionary anarchist.  That does not bode well for the future of the Republic.  We have virtually Zero Democrats offering any condemnation and too few Republicans.  However, the contrast is clear when it comes to the National Platform which Party is standing against and which is standing for America and the continuation of the Republic. 

I warn, and you can call me whatever you please, but I warn that if we allow the Leftists to take over the federal government, gain power in state and local governments we are sentencing ourselves to political death.  I cannot fathom how anyone using any modicum of reason would desire to allow the appeasers and their senescent mannequin to occupy the White House.  The present condition visible in our cities and streets should be enough to reveal how incredibly dangerous and destructive that would be.  Why it isn’t is beyond my ability to comprehend.

What is amazing is that the extremists make up no more than 15% of registered Democrats yet are controlling the narrative, the agenda, and the rhetoric.  They have effectively taken over the Democratic Party and plunging the nation into a period of darkness that can only end in blood-filled streets and end in Civil War II.  Any American that desires that, is not thinking clearly because the long-term devastation would likely produce a condition that we could never overcome.  It would, likely, be the end of the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America. 

We have the so-called movers and shakers or captains of business boarding this train of anarchy seeking to atone for their self-inflicted guilt and win the politically correct approval.  We have the NeverTrump coalition along with a broad array of talking heads on TV, along with countless bloggers joining forces to defeat and dump Trump.  The personal animus toward this man is beyond anything I have ever witnessed or could imagine.  I believe it is rooted in something far more than simple hate for him.  It is a condition that is being manipulated and belched out of hell itself. 

How quickly we have forgotten the warnings of history and are traveling the road of Germany in the 1930s.  History reveals that Hitler was enabled to complete his quest to control when he was appointed Chancellor in 1933.  I find the similarities of Hitler’s audacity and boldness to openly declare that if his Nazi Party failed to win the election, they would seize power through violence and what is happening amazing.  We hear that threat in America in 2020 by the anarchist.  Germany attempted to appease him and his followers and that is exactly what is happening in America today. 

In Germany, the leaders of industry, fearing the impending violence of the Nazis, attempted to buy protection by funding the Nazi cause and turned their backs on the Weimar Constitution.  That is eerily like what is happening in today’s America.  Truly if we fail to remember the warnings and reality of history, we not only repeat it, but we plunge deeper into the abyss of darkness.  Is that where we are headed?  Yes, unless we wake up and defeat the current Sedition.

The Democrats, the NeverTrumpers, the Media, and other members of the Swamp think they can control this faction and see them as useful tools to attain power.  They are wrong!  This faction will turn on those allies if the attempt to control them is attempted.  If their demands are not met, they will attempt to burn the republic to the ground.  The only possible result of that would be armed resistance from the lovers of freedom and no matter which side the government endorses, War would be the result.  

The Contrast is clear and if you are willing to risk the Republic, go ahead and push your chips to the center of the table and join the Leftists.  Those of us supporting the President and objecting to the views and agenda of the Left will not be the only ones suffering, you will also.  The Republic will become an easy mark for foreign foes who want to destroy and control us.  We will see War from within and War from without and America will become a faint memory.

I believe it is that dire!  You may disagree and that is your inalienable right.  You may think I am a fear-monger, that too is your right.  You may think I am overreacting, and I hope you are right.  However, I am 100% convinced that what I am warning is not an overreaction but a reading of the handwriting on the wall.  I pray that enough people will realize the danger before it is too late and Vote in November to preserve America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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