TERRORISM IS TERRORISM – Foreign or Domestic…

What I am going to say will possible make me persona non grata in some circles including some Christian Groups.  I am a believer in God and a follower of the Christian Faith.  I realize that there are many variations or opinions as to what that means or entails but I believe the Bible is the Word of God, Inspired, and God-breathed.  I believe that America was founded based on the principles, precepts, promises, and providence of God.  Our very system of government has its roots traceable to the Bible and the Ten Commandments.  I believe in following the Constitution, am politically and fiscally conservative, and love America! 

Much of what I have been observing over the past few years, if not decades have been a form of terrorism that began as a seed or idea and has fully blossomed into action.  There are those on the Right and on the Left as well as those in the Church and the non-believers who disagree, but it is my view.  America is being terrorized, not from without but from within.  We are watching the systematic destruction of our system of government and an attack on our way of life.  That cannot be ignored and must be addressed if we are to survive as the Free Constitutional Republic founded through the efforts of 1776 and beyond.

What is ‘domestic terrorism?’  Let’s begin with a workable definition given in Section 802 of the USA Patriot Act.  That section defines it as “acts in violation of state or federal criminal laws that are “dangerous to human life” and “appear to be intended” to either (i) “intimidate or coerce a civilian population,” (ii) “influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion,” or (iii) “affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assignation, or kidnapping.”  THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING!

The intimidation of the civilian population is clear.  The coercing of government officials impossible to deny.  The mass destruction is revealed in the ashes of the cities burning.  The assignation of police is undeniable.  The calls to kill those who are of a different ethnicity, skin pigmentation, or ideology can be called nothing but TERRORISM! 

The actions of ANTIFA, BLM, and other groups are all endorsed by the Democratic Party and it could be argued they are doing the dirty work desired by the Leftists.  The anger and hate that is boiling over in that party and America are deadly, destructive, and incredibly dangerous.  It cannot be ignored.  It must be called what it is, TERRORISM!

We are watching the actions of the destroyers (terrorists) and the accolades afforded them by the liberal leftist politicians and media types infect our entire society.  America is being destroyed by terrorist and the terrorist are home-grown and educated in this republic.  We are destroying ourselves and attempting to turn a blind eye to the problem only exacerbates the problem. 

If we are truly for Constitutional governance and the Rule of Law, we MUST address this issue and hold the guilty accountable.  Justifying violence and criminality is an attempt at appeasement that will erode the foundations of our Republic and bring about our demise.  Trump is not the culprit causing this, he is simply the target of their anger because it plays well and resonates with those seeking justification for their hate and violence.  The Democratic Party, in my view, is lighting fires everywhere they find any dry twigs and egging on violence hoping to see it continue through the November elections. 

The plan or desire to ‘defund the police’ and replace them with civilian patrols is beyond insane, it is deadly.  They know it, the cities know it, and the terrorist know it.  It is giving the terrorist carte blanche to destroy, maim, kill, loot, and terrorize.  That must end!  The threatening of politicians, churches, businesses, and individuals is not an American way, but a methodology of tyrants and terrorists. 

I wonder how America would respond if ISIS landed hordes of troops on our shores and began burning our cities and neighborhoods.  If they murdered citizens, maimed the innocent, desecrated monuments, buildings, and even cemeteries what would be our response?  I would hope that we would unify and rise up, in arms, and squash their destruction.  Why are we regarding this domestic terrorism differently?  Because it is politically correct and we are terrified of being branded a racist, bigot, or some other derogatory label.           

Imagine a group claiming to be against fascism and engaging in fascist tactics.  I would argue that Hitler would win the nomination of the Democratic Party today because so many are ideologically aligned with Marxism and Fascism.  He could win if he modified his position on ‘whites’ and branded what he was trying to do as ‘social justice.’  He could chant through his ‘brown shirts’ Death to the Fascist all the while engaging in Fascist actions and pushing Fascist agendas.

The very party that advocated for ‘white supremacy’ during the Civil War era is now attempting to blame all the ills of our society on ‘white supremacy.’  They ignore the bigotry and racism oozing out of many sides of this equation.  I was stunned recently when a major White Supremacy Leader announced he and his organization were fully behind Joe Biden.  The idea was that Biden embodied more of what they desired than Trump and therefore, they would be Ridin’ with Biden.  Wow!  I wonder how that will play out and how it would be viewed if it were given any news coverage. 

The Democratic Party of today has either become a domestic terrorist organization that wants to totally dismantle and destroy the Republic or the neck that turns the head has become the radical activists of the Left.  Either way, America is paying and will pay an enormous price for ignoring the reality of the existence of Domestic Terrorism in today’s America. 

We endured the Weather Underground in the ’60s, and today are being inundated by the Neo-Nazis and Socialist Party USA along with the numerous Soros funded foundations.  We have watched the Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups unite in a literal war against our system of government and way of life.  Our freedoms are at stake and if we continue to ignore the reality of domestic terrorism, we will abet the destruction of our Republic.  I Cannot and Will Not Passively Allow That to Happen!

We do not negotiate with terrorists, so we say.  I say it is time to cease all negotiations with these domestic terrorists and let them feel the full brunt of the Law and the full weight of our Constitution.  Our greatest weapon is our Vote and our Prayers, so please prayer urgently and vote in November. Let’s defeat the Leftists and their brand of Fascism and Marxism.  I am asking for a return and preservation of the Free Constitutional American Republic we were given.  I am voting NO on the Democrats!

God bless you and God bless America!

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  1. big amen brother truth if ever told.

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