I keep hearing Democrats, Leftists, Globalists, Marxists, and Never Trumpers insist that Trump lies all the time and has told thousands of lies.  However, those same people offer no genuine factual defense of their charge.  They offer no preponderance of evidence to convict, but excuse or ignore the lies of the Democrats including Biden and Harris.  Obama was given a ‘Lie Free’ card by the media, the Democrats, and far too many on the other side of the political aisle. 

I don’t like lies no matter where or from whom they come.  In my view, when someone lies to me, they are disrespecting me on many levels.  Jesus told the Pharisees in John 8, that they belonged to their father, the devil, and their desire was to carry out his desires and schemes.  Jesus continued that the devil was a murderer from the beginning and there was not even a smidgen of truth in him.  The devil is a liar and the father of all lies.  Therefore, when someone lies, they are being inspired by the devil and evil, not God and good. 

I have had people tell me that there were situations where it was better to tell a little ‘white lie’ than to hurt someone with the truth.  I disagree because the Bible teaches that true freedom comes from the Truth.  In Proverbs 27:6 we read, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”  In Proverbs 11:3 we are given a powerful revelation about character, integrity, and interpersonal interactions.  It says, “The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.” 

During the 2016 primaries and before Donald Trump became the nominee, he was not my 1st choice.  There were things about his personality that troubled this East Texas country boy, a preacher.  He was from New York and I from East Texas and it seemed that we lived in two totally different worlds, and we did. 

However, once I began listening to him, I heard someone speaking of a fight that I could embrace and an ideology that was deeply rooted in my heart, I began to investigate the man and the platform.  A number of things occurred in that process and brought me to the place I could throw my support behind the GOP Nominee, Donald J. Trump for President in 2016.

As always, I began to compare apples to apples or candidates to candidates, and platforms to platforms.  I made a choice in the primaries and my 1st choice fell by the way and then I began to compare the Democrats to the Republicans.  I examined their history, their rhetoric, their proposals, and their agendas.  The more I have viewed the charges of lies against Trump the more I realized that there has been a double standard being applied. I could not overlook the blatant and willful ignoring of fabrications by the Democrats.  I found that distasteful and realized that it was designed to sway public opinion with innuendo rather than substantive proof. 

I wish I could tell you that Trump never lies, I cannot, he probably has and probably does in some things.  However, I also cannot tell you that Biden, Clinton, Obama, Harris, or any Democrats are without falsehood in what they say and do.  I would suggest that most politicians, if not all politicians lie.  The sad thing in that is the lies are often believed and spun in such a manner as to achieve an agenda.  That encourages a continuation of that behavior and practice. 

Unfortunately, I know preachers who speak as it is ridiculously called, ‘evangelistically.’  In East Texas vernacular that means THEY LIE!  They would call it an embellishment of the truth for impact, but I suspect God views it as a negative not a positive.  God does not need, nor do we need, fabrications to advance our cause.  It if is worthwhile, beneficial, and worthy of support a clear presentation of the facts and explanation of the benefits should suffice.  Unfortunately, Hollywood, television, media, business, and politics have conditioned us to desire the juicy tidbits of rumor, innuendo, gossip, and slander. 

It is a sad realization that our voting populace appears to be willing to fall prey to the tactic of denigrating another to elevate the candidate. I would prefer that they articulated their proposals and allowed them to stand or fall on their own merit. When we take that path we are revealing a terrible sickness in our political souls.  That is the current state of American politics.  It is mud, mud, and more mud.  It is real mud, fake mud, distorted mud, and created mud, but it is MUD! 

I have longed for a politician that could, as Ronald Reagan did, articulate the values and benefits of conservatism and constitutionalism.  His economic plan was called ‘Voodoo Economics‘ by none other than the man who would join him on the ticket.  That is eerily similar to the situation with Biden and Harris.  She called him vile names and even said that his female accusers should be believed. That is, she felt that way UNTIL there was an opportunity to prostitute herself ideologically and become the 2nd on the ticket. 

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, and countless other Democrats have told lie after lie and distorted comments of Trump and Republicans with impunity.  Those lies are then used to attack the Republicans and Trump and project on him and us as guilty of the very things they are doing and saying.  Are we that incapable of discernment in America?  Are we that willing to hate to the point that we regurgitate the talking points because it makes us feel good about our continued support of that brand of dirty politics?  If so, then the Soul of America needs Saving and may not be salvageable. 

I find it amazing that even when politicians tell us the truth about their agenda many ignore that factual declaration and believe the spin put on it by the media spinners and political activists.  Politicians, like Adolf Hitler and other despots, would sometimes reveal their true intent and yet, people seemed to embrace such bias and prejudice against the other side or a candidate that they ignored the warnings.  Germany, the Jews, and the world paid for that mistake and willingness to overlook the declared warnings issued by the deranged would be World Dictator.

I am concerned that we are in that condition in today’s America.  I talk to people who detest the Democratic Agenda but detest Trump even more.  They have such an unbendable bias against him that they are willing to risk the republic to see him defeated.  That is beyond dangerous it is deadly!  I detest racism, sexism, bigotry, hate, and lies and want to find the best pathway for America to overcome those issues.  I am realistic enough to know that the human heart cannot be changed through legislation, mandates, or enforcement of politically correct agendas.  It will take a move of God. 

If we want to return to the progress we were making before Barack Obama’s eight years, we must hold all politicians accountable for their distortions, fabrications, embellishments, and LIES!  We need to demand that they fulfill or do all they can to keep their promises, rather than tell us what they think we want to hear to secure our vote.  If we ‘unelected’ enough of them over that very thing, we just might see a move toward honesty in politics.  Unfortunately, I suspect that politics has devolved to the place that those pursuing political careers believe the benefit of that pathway outweighs the negatives.  They suffer no consequences and are thereby emboldened and encouraged to continue. 

God help us to wake up and reclaim our Republic.  You may not like Donald J. Trump as a person but if you consider the objective of the left, you must see that he is our best hope of keeping America Free and give us an opportunity to be restored.  If not, then do what you feel you must.  I will vote for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!

3 comments on “THE CHARGE OF LIES…

  1. amen Liar’s I don’t even want to go there, they cause most of the trouble in the world today, they slander and destroy decent people, now the social media use’s them to destroy whom ever they don’t like, as so does the Church of today, we learned well from the world, now if we could just learn gods ways, its funny Jesus took me to heaven to say go back and tell the Church there not Ready, [boy have we found that out, their full of fear, and have no faith] but some of the things he said was going on in the Church a scroll rolled down for me to read 2 Cor 12:20-21 Were slander, gossip, accusing, and if you read verse 20, it says I will not like what I find and you will not like what I do, if I come and find these things going on, and it was Jesus who said to tell the Church this, not Paul, and hate 1 Jhn 3:15 if you hate your brother your the same as a murder, and so many even claiming they are the head of the church are full of hate and murder, some even using witchcraft to try and send spirits in the middle of the night to kill, this is what we have let into the church by the POB and others, the Dems are out to destroy this nation and President Trump was sent as the answer to a prayer, a cry for help from his people from a former president who took God and Jesus out of everything, President Trump has done more for this country than any other President ever, and thats why they hate him, he is destroying their evil plans, they know abortion will be stopped if he appt. a SCJ which it must be because it brings a curse on this nation, Deu 18:21 we must llok past the party thing in this election and see what the Dems are doing, burning, looting, murdering, raping, and look who is backing and paying for it, how in the name of God could you claim to be a Christian and vote that party, what Mr. Trump has already done for this nation to put us back in right standing with god is nothing less than a miracle, in this day and time, and this time we can’t afford to not vote Mr. Trump if you love God and this nation. Good word sir.

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