I have read, heard, and seen statistical presentations to prove various points of view, and many times I am left with a haunting question.  “Is research alone reliable proof of the hypothesis presented?”  Yes, sometimes it is!  However, I also believe that research data is sometimes jaundiced.  Research, like political polls, can be skewed to prove anything a person wants to prove.  It can taint the final analysis even in people who are basically honest and seeking the truth.  

I have discovered that people can take the Bible, and if not careful, through the use of isolated or selected passages or groups of passages attempt to prove an erroneous doctrine or hypothesis.  You can do that in science, business, or virtually anything.  If there is a bias at the outset, even if it is undetected it will taint the outcome.  Therefore, compiling data does not necessarily prove a theory.  It can be beneficial and if used properly can add additional questions and considerations that with further study and examination can lead to truth. 

The hypothesis that all the racial issues in America are due to White Supremacy is based on flawed data.  I did not say that there has never been nor is there the existence of that mindset.  There is!  However, to argue that racism comes only from whites is a flawed view that can only lead to further division and prevent us from achieving any accord in our society.  It is a virtual guarantee that there will be a second Civil War and none on any side of this issue should desire that.

The lawlessness of rioting and destroying property and lives cannot be justified and should be immediately condemned by everyone.  Those who attempt to appease by arguing that the anger in the rioters and protesters is justified because of the racist actions of whites poisons, the stream rather than providing a healing balm. 

I argue and will continue to argue that Jesus is the Answer to the ills of racial discord in America and the world.  I have had some reject that statement, without allowing me to expand on it. They have said, “If Jesus is the Answer, What Is the Question?”  The question is the HEART!  The question is do we truly understand that ALL were created in the image of God and there is ONLY one race not, races.  There are ethnicities, differing skin pigmentations, cultures, and ideologies but ONE RACE!  The Human Race!

The Bible, in both Testaments, teaches that each person is responsible and accountable for their own sins and actions.  What my ancestors did is not something that I am to be condemned for.  You insist that I am guilty by association or ancestry but that ignores my heart, mind, and history.  If I wrong you, I am guilty and must be held accountable for my actions.  If you wrong me, you are guilty and must be held accountable for your actions.  But, to insist that someone who never endured the evils of slavery should receive remuneration from someone who never imposed that evil is more than a little questionable.

I was asked, “How many times have you been stopped by a black cop?”  This may paint me in a bad light, but I can say, “At least six times, in which I felt that I was being racially targeted.”  I’m sure that will be well received by some, but it is the truth. 

I was stopped by a black Texas State Trooper for doing 1 mile per hour over the speed limit.  I was in a pickup truck.  I had been passed by numerous people of various ethnicities doing at least 15 miles per hour faster than I and none of them were stopped.  He was caustic in his attitude, and I remained calm and respectful giving him no place to respond with force. 

I had one black police officer in Dallas pull me over and he kept his hand on is service pistol the entire time.  The attorney I discussed the incident with informed me that he had dealt with that officer numerous times and each time it was his ticketing or difficulty with a white person.  I was passed over for a promotion and blatantly told me that it was because I was white not because I was not the best qualified.

What has been my response to those incidents?  I have prayed for the LORD to help me continue to view people as Creations of God. I attempt to see people not based on skin color but based on their relationship with God.  I attempt to view everyone I meet as either those who know God or need God.  I refuse to allow ethnicity to determine my response to anyone.  I have been called names, threatened with physical violence, and told by some who identify as Christians that because I refuse to join the appeasement, I am a racist and therefore unqualified to speak to the matter of racial issues.

We always have choices in life.  We can either allow our circumstances to make us victims or we can determine that we will overcome those victimizations and become victors.  Will that be easy?  No.  Will it be easier for some than others?  Yes.  Have there been and is there racial discrimination in today’s world?  Yes.  Can we overcome it by the sanitization of history, destroying lives and property, and destroying our system of government?  No. 

When, I read the accounts of black men and women, in American history who overcame incredible odds to ascend to the pinnacle of success in their chosen profession I am inspired.  I am inspired when I read of anyone overcoming imposing odds, handicaps, and difficulties and succeeding.  I am not so inspired when someone inherited a fortune but am impressed if they took what they had and transformed it into something greater and used it for good.  I am far more inspired by the person than the process or the product.

If we continue to take our statistical mountains of data and research, skewed, or honestly viewed and insist that what we have researched proves the hypothesis we will always leave open the door to deception and division.  I am a Christian and I contend and will always contend that it is the Heart that is the issue, not the situation.  Circumstances and the environment within which we operate are factors, but they are of lesser importance than the heart, the mind, the will, and the determination. 

Here is my plea to the Christians and Preachers and it may irritate some.  Let’s get back to focusing on God’s Love and His Holiness.  Let’s get back to preaching accountability for our actions and training our children in the Precepts and Principles of God and His Moral and Biblical Law.  No, I am not saying, let’s become list carrying legalists but become people who genuinely “Seek God first.”  Let’s become people who follow the New Commandment Jesus gave and “Love one Another.”  Let’s consider people the same as we consider the various parts of our human bodies – Part of the Body!

Love me or hate me, that is your choice.  I refuse to bow at the altar of appeasement and refuse to repent of a sin I did not commit or assume responsibility for the actions of others.  I stand before you and before God responsible for my attitude and my actions as do you.

God bless you and God bless America!

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