That is a very serious and important question for each politician and American to ask in this election cycle.  I believe that the future of the Republic is literally hanging in the balance.  I realize that some will call that being hyper and engaging in alarmism, but I believe we are on the precipice of destruction in America and what we decide in this election will determine the fate and future of America.  

Like many Americans, I am concerned about the infringement of our 2nd Amendment Rights and the ability to protect myself, my family, my home, and my property.  Based on the rhetoric and promises or threats of the Democratic nominee and his VP choice, our 2nd Gun Rights are squarely in the crosshairs of their political ambitions.  Biden has made so many ridiculous statements regarding firearms that no one can know what he really things and Kamala Harris is opposed to not only the so-called assault rifles like the AR-15 but would endorse taking all our guns.  That should get your attention.

I was encouraged by the very left-leaning Ninth Circuit recently. They produced a ruling that was in line with the Constitution.  California had decreed that they would ban high capacity magazines and this court, amazingly, ruled that violated citizen’s rights under the 2nd Amendment.  Hallelujah for a small ray of sunlight in a terribly dark world. I love it when law and reality intersect on the highway of life. 

The reality, that many citizens are becoming aware of, is that a single bullet might not stop an assailant.  One of the reasons they are awakening is the footage from police body cams.  The person attempting to stop the assailant may miss or the individual might be so strung out on drugs or mentally incapacitated that a single bullet might not do the job.  I love what a former Navy Seal declared when asked how many bullets you needed.  He said, “One more than the bad guy.” 

Donald Trump and Mike Pence support the 2nd Amendment whereas Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support gun control and confiscation.  The 2nd Amendment may be the most important right we have because without it we will easily lose our other rights.  The founding fathers understood the seriousness of this and powerfully sought to protect the right of the citizen for self-defense and defense against a rogue government or other predators.

Who can miss the reality that the Democrats including Biden and Harris do not support the Police and are in favor of defunding or redirecting funding purposed for them?  Trump and Pence are staunch supporters of the men and women in blue and the need for Law and Order.  The New York City Police Union has resoundingly endorsed President Donald Trump over Biden.  That should speak volumes.  Police reform, yes – Abolishment of them or defunding them, no!

The Police Union president, Patrick Lynch said, “I cannot remember when we’ve ever endorsed for the president of the United States until now. That’s how important this is. …. Mr. President, we’re fighting for our lives out there we don’t want this to spread to the country, we need your strong voice across the country.”

Do you remember Obama’s declaration, “If you like your doctor and insurance plan, you can keep it?”  That was a fabrication of epic proportions and I say, “If you like your Country, the only way you can keep it is to defeat the Democratic ticket in November.”

I was interested in a recent poll that indicated a majority of the undecided voters see immigration as a labor issue and important in their decision.  A Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that 53% of the undecided voters support “stopping illegal immigration to prevent the drain of American jobs and the drain on our economy.”

Is the election over and Biden the presumptive winner as the Left and Media want us to believe?  I don’t think so because like 2016 there are many variables yet unaddressed.  Like 2016, the undecided and ethnic vote will be a factor.  It is reported that if President Trump wins 20% of the black vote he wins easily.  Will he get that percentage?  I don’t know but I am hopeful and prayerful.  I was encouraged by indications that 40% of blacks give President Trump a job approval rating of 40%.  Will that translate into votes?  I don’t know but I continue to pray and hope.

We are being told by the media and spin machines that Biden and Harris are a pragmatic, middle of the road, moderate team.  I laughed so hard I almost choked on my coffee when I heard that.  They are, in my view, the dynamic duo of demagoguery.  I would argue that it is a toss-up between the two which has lied the most in their speeches.  Biden has offered so many it is almost impossible to list, and one was that President Trump praised the ‘white supremacist’ at Charlottesville.  That was a malignant lie and Biden knew it and so does the media, yet the masses who drink their offering of ‘news’ believe it because they want to believe it.

Biden and Harris have both targeted religious views and place the Church in a position of serious jeopardy if they win.  Biden revealed that he was willing to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their faith and Harris said that mere membership in the Knights of Columbus was enough to disqualify from the judiciary.

Biden-Harris are staunch abortionists and they are attempting to claim that Trump inherited a great economy from Obama.  WHAT?  They blame the decline during COVID-19 on Trump rather than on the events that transpired largely at the decree and directive of the Democratic Mayors and Governors.  That is hypocrisy, but this moderate team, knows no hypocrisy they do not embrace.  They both support the AOC “New Green Deal” and are vowing to destroy the fossil fuel industry and thereby destroy our economy and our republic.

America, we either wake up and realize that if the Democrats reclaim the White House, keep the House of Representatives, and somehow win the Senate our taxes will skyrocket, the Supreme Court will be forever altered toward liberal activist jurists, and our borders will be erased.  If they win, there will never again be a legitimate, free, and fair election because cheating will be the rule of the day.  Our 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 4th Amendment Rights will be infringed and possibly taken from us.  That would produce a fight, but it might be a fight that the lovers of freedom cannot win.

Why do I say that?  Because of the significant purging of the upper echelon of the military by Obama, the defunding of the police, the willingness of the Democrats to take a year or two to imposed more and more restrictions upon us to prevent us from having the ability to resist as would be needed. 

You may hate Trump enough you are willing to take the risk; I am not!  I appreciate what he has tried to do and often with no help from either party.  America, I am voting No on the Democrats and Yes for Faith, Family, and Freedom! This election is not about personalities but policies so inform yourself as to the truth!

God bless you and God bless America!

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