Well not revealed but my view of what they plan by what they are doing and have done exposed.  You may agree or disagree, and I accept that.  I believe that everyone has an inalienable right to think what they choose, believe what they decide, and even the right to say it aloud or in print.  In my view, that is part of the guarantee of our 1st Amendment and God-given Inalienable right. 

I would laugh at their tactics were they not so serious.  I would laugh were there not many on the Left and some on the Right who not only believe the loads of horse manure being spread but are echoing it.  We are a divided nation.  Those seeking to ‘fundamentally transform’ America as was promised by Barack Hussein Obama are deadly serious, deeply deceived, or deranged and dangerous.  They are active and adamant about achieving their objective.

There are many elements in their agenda and plays in the playbook but two of the things I want to address are the projectionism and virtue signaling that they have been and are engaged in.  In simple language, they are projecting on Trump, Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians the evil the Democrats themselves are engaged in.  The pretend piousness of the Left is repulsive demeaning and dangerous.  Yet, there are thousands if not millions who believe it and repeat it as though it were fact and reality. 

I talked to a clinical psychologist who said that those who engage in Projectionism are usually those who have low self-esteem and feel inferior.  They use it as a defense mechanism to hide their own flaws and convince others to side with them.  That pretty much sums up what is happening by the political Left today.  He said, “People who can accept their failures and weaknesses and are comfortable who and what they truly feel no need to project.  They are able to tolerate differences and tend to excel and achieve through their own efforts not through attempting to build themselves up by tearing someone else down.” 

In the past four years what I have witnessed by the Left and some on the Right is disturbing. It is the demonstrated inability to tolerate, the lack of concrete ideas to advance the cause of America, and resort to projecting their weaknesses on Trump, Conservatives, Republicans, and Christians.  The Democrats offer no viable solutions to America’s problems and need rather they base their entire political campaigns on “We Are Other Than Trump.”  Their number one Campaign Slogan is “Trump is Bad and We Hate Trump.”  That resonates with those who want to hate him.

The Democrats are pushing ‘vote by mail’ and rather than acknowledge the reported and factual dangers in the massive shift to that method they insist that Trump is trying to steal the election.  The truth is that those who resist to massive ‘vote by mail’ are trying to protect the election not, steal it.  We are seeking to prevent it from being stolen and provide a legitimate election based on honest and legal votes.  But the virtual signaling that they are pious and Trump evil abounds.  The projectionism of ‘Electoral Theft’, which they are attempting is being leveled at Trump.  Wake Up America!  You are not that dense!

The media has made massive efforts to taint anyone connected with Trump especially those who have run afoul of the law or have been charged with a crime.  However, they ignore the confessions, indictments, and charges against the Left.  Isn’t that a wee bit hypocritical?  No, it is more than a little hypocritical it is diabolical.

The declassified documents from the FBI revealed that the upper echelon of the agency wanted the Clinton campaign debriefed on the foreign country trying to help her and any potential dirt they had on Trump.  Did they do the same for Trump?  Nope! The number of irregularities that transpired and the involvement of people in the Democratic Party, all the way to the former President are visible.  Do the Democrats acknowledge their complicity and failures?  Nope! They say it is Trump that colluded and Trump that is attempting to steal the election. 

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer along with a plethora of Leftists have attempted to hold America hostage seeking to project on Trump and the Republicans what they themselves are doing.  America if we would use that organ inside our cranium for something other than collecting trivia we could readily see through the charade and be compelled to reject their fertilizer.

I saw a cartoon where a woman was in a meat shop and she said, “In preparation for the Republican Convention I need a pound of bologna.”  I thought, “Had I watched the Democratic Convention I would have needed to order a truckload of manure to prepare.”  That truckload would have smelled better than what was presented by the devious demagogues. 

Michelle and Barack Obama both used their bully pulpits even a funeral service to project on Trump what and who they are.  The continual misrepresentations and distortions by the Left leave me with a nagging hole inside and a cry to God for His help.  I understand that people do not like Donald John Trump, the man.  I get it. 

I understand that his abrasive personality and his shoving when pushed grates on some people.  I understand how some would make it a major issue that reportedly Trump’s sister when secretly recorded said, that He could not be trusted.  However, are we to ignore all the distortions, fabrications, misrepresentations, and even plagiarism by Biden?  Are we to ignore the hate and corruption of the Obamas and Clintons?  Are we to ignore the myriad of failures by the Left?  I guess we are!

This is not a personality contest.  We are not voting on who is or is not a Christian.  We are not voting on the morals of the candidates.  Maybe we should be, but we are not and have not in the past.  We are voting on the person or more directly the platform of the two parties.  I take my Bible and then the platforms of the two parties I seek to determine which more closely aligns with God’s Word and Purposes and more closely aligns with my faith.  Once I did that, I came away with the opinion that I could vote no other way than Republican when given the binary choice of Democrat or Republican. 

You may argue that the choice is not binary, and in the broad spectrum, it is not.  However, no other party or candidate has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the presidency so that makes it a binary choice if we want to pick which more closely aligns with our belief system if we are Christians, Conservatives, Constitutionalist, and Patriots.  I will vote my conscience and my conscience says, “Choose the candidate and party that more closely aligns with God’s Word.”  You do what you believe best.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. There is only one choice here: choosing God instead of evil

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