We have come to a place and should have been there all along where we must reject fear and become fearless!  We must reject panic and paranoia and be filled with faith and courage!  This is not time to be a ‘silent support’ of Liberty and Freedom.  This is a time to be ‘bold as lions’ and ‘fearless in the pursuit of Truth, Liberty, and Freedom.’  That will mean you put yourself out there and become a target for the HATERS of today.  You will become the target for the PC Police and called every vile name imaginable, but you must not HIDE!

I have reached the place that I no longer give much consideration to what people think of me.  I don’t want to be offensive, abusive, or abrasive, but I love God and America too much to let the opinion of men dampen my willingness to declare the truth and give the needed warnings.  I would love to spend all my time promoting the Gospel of the Kingdom and leave politics to the politicians but doing the latter is what produced the mess we are in.  Politicians have corrupted politics and systematically eroded our founding principles and the ability to remain the Free Constitutional Republic. 

The more I talk to people, even in my part of Texas where conservatism is high and support for Trump strong, I find many who are fearful of expressing their views politically.  They are concerned for the safety of their family, the security of their jobs, and seek to avoid the incessant attacks launched at everyone who speaks positively for this administration.  In short, they want ease and because of the politically correct mindset of many today, they want to remain anonymous.  It is like being a Secret Service Christian, which I believe is an impossible position to defend.

Jesus said, in Matthew and Luke that if we are ashamed of Him and His words, He would be ashamed of us before the Father.  I never want that condition to be the definition of my relationship with God.  I am confident there were millions of silent supporters who voted for Trump in 2016 and pushed him over the top in victory.  I appreciate the support and help but I believe we are in a time when we need more and more Americans to be bold in their declaration of support for America.  We endured 8 years of anti-American sentiment and Biden was a part of the consortium.  He is willing to consort with whoever will help him gain power.  That is not good for America.

The Cato Institute conducted a poll of 2,000 Americans in a national survey and discovered that 62% of Americans say that the political climate of today prevents them from saying what they believe.  Many of them were fearful of being offensive and some were fearful of harm.  That is tragic!  We are supposed to be a republic that embraces Freedom of Speech which includes Freedom of Thought and Expression.  In 2017 that percentage was 58% and indicates that we are becoming more and more volatile politically in America.  That is not good for America!

It seems that the only people who feel completely at liberty to express their views appear to be the staunch Ultra Left-Wing Liberals.  They don’t care if anyone is offended but no none dare offend them.  It was interesting that the survey indicated that 65% of Latin Americans, 65% of Asian Americans, 64% of white Americans, 49% of Blacks said they felt uneasy sharing their political views.  Men recorded 65% self-censorship and 59% of women felt unable to voice their true views. 

Over a third of those polled feared their jobs or careers being negatively impacted if they shared their support of conservatism or the president.  Over 60% of Republicans and 49% of Independents with post-graduate degrees feared being penalized for their conservative views.  The more educated a person is the more they tend to worry about the political ramifications for going against the grain of political correctness.

Those views are not unfounded because the Liberal Left has voiced a desire to purge the ranks of all corporations, etc. of any ideological view that is contrary to the mantra and rhetoric of the Left.  It is reported that 50% of Progressives believe that if a person supports, votes for, or donates to Trump they should be fired.  Sadly, there are apparently about 22% of those on the Conservative side that believe any Biden supporter should be fired.  We are reaching a very ugly place in America and a condition is being given life that is making our reconciliation and restoration more and more difficult.

The ‘Cancel Culture’ has been seen before, just not as prolific or as violent and vehement as today.  In 1940, Albert Einstein in his essay “On Freedom” argued that scientific progress depended upon open discourse.  He said, “laws alone cannot secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be a spirit of tolerance.”  Mr. Einstein, that ship has sailed, and America is headed for the rocks of destruction with the politically correct insanity pervasive in today’s America. 

In the 1970s there was a survey called “General Social Survey” and it reported that 60% of Americans supported firing a college professor who was a communist.  I doubt that percentage is anywhere near that today.  The report was that 52% supported firing an “anti-religionist” professor, and 48% thought a gay professor should be prevented from teaching.  Those views were almost equally shared by Democrats and Republicans.  Today, you are far more likely to be fired if you are not a supporter of the communist ideology, anti-religion, and openly gay or supportive of that lifestyle. 

Bigotry is reprehensible.  The desire to silence anyone who disagrees with the liberal leftist views and is unsupportive of the Cancel Culture is driven by hate not tolerance or desire for equality or equal treatment.  It is not justice but control that is desired.  The PC Police and Cancel Culture of today, largely embodied in the Democratic Party desire to signal the acceptable speech or thought.  Disagree and you pay the price in your career and possibly your physical person.  It is stifling and contrary to the ideal expressed and embodied in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  It is anathema to the Bible as well.

If we are not allowed to have open back and forth discussions, the misunderstanding and stereotyping will become permanent.  We may change our views but because we are not heard or are fearful of expressing our views, we remain squarely embedded in the stereotype imposed on us.  I reject that!  I have changed my views on many things in my 73 years on the planet. 

However, my views of God and the Bible in the core foundational principles remain the same.  I believe God is the Creator of All Things.  I believe that All people are created in His image and therefore there is only one race, the Human Race.  I believe that Life is precious to God.  I believe that He gives us Inalienable Rights that no man or government has the right or authority to infringe. 

I refuse to be fearful of expressing my views because I love God, my family, God, and Freedom too much.  I believe that I have been charged by God to ‘sound the alarm’ in the areas I see danger.  I would feel that I had sinned against God were I to become silent and go into hiding.  I am unashamed of my faith and unashamed of my views politically.  I do not want to be intolerant of anyone and am willing to defend their right to believe and say what they believe.  However, I also want to be allowed to express my views without penalty.  My views are my views and a right I have as a human being.  Remember that in November when you consider what is at stake!

God bless you and God bless America.


  1. Big amen sir, we either speak up now or we all are in the clutches of an evil lawless people, we still have the right to speak, Gates and other are now trying silence us completely because our speaking out is destroying their plans of a One World Order, only what they say is truth is allowed, by their fact Liars I mean checkers, the Church still screams at me get in your lane, on your path, get out of politic’s, not in politic’s in a war to save this nation, I hate politic’s, no offence sir, just so many crooked ones, but the church can’t even see it is our fault the world s this way, we stayed out of, and took God out of what he should have been in charge of, the POB and the other fake have told the church of a love greater than Gods it allows sin and evil, and runs the Holy Spirit and the presence of God off, when Gods love corrects and stands for and even dies for what is right, but satan can’t fight the real powerful Church, so he dumbed it down, much like Gates and others with Common Core, and made us tolerant and passive, and made a feminist Jesus in their image, when Jesus stood for God and whats right, he laid down his life, but they tried and killed him for standing for God and what was right, the same as they killed Stephen for, but the fight has been taken out of us and we are made to look like we have no love because we stand and will fight for this nation, true Godly love corrects and will fight against evil, even die to protect what we love, we have just been told they have a greater love than our fore fathers new about a new revelation on love, NO THEY JUST DON’T KNOW THE TRUE LOVE OF GOD THAT CORRECTS, THEY HAVE DUPED US, AND USED LOVE AGAINST US, AND MAKE US LOOK LIKE THE OUTLAWS, WHEN WE JUST KNOW THE TRUTH, ISN’T IT FUNNY, THE TRUTH AND FIGHTING FOR IT WILL KEEP US FREE. WEHAVE A TWISTED PEOPLE IN AND OUT OF THE CHURCH, AND WE NEED TO REPENT AND TURN TO GOD. good word sir be blessed

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