My title is far from proper English but it is something that we need to consider on all political fronts in 2020.  Some of the most tragic political results in history has been as a result of making alliances with the wrong allies and having them destroy you. 

I believe that the Democratic Party is on the threshold of that now and the Republican Party may have ceded all sanity and become willing to become misguided allies of the Democrats.  America is in the throes of some very dark times politically, civilly, and spiritually.  The only question is will we awaken from the stupor and realize before we become the proverbial frog in the pan?  I hope yes but am growing increasingly skeptical.

The American Democratic Party was formed in 1820 and has a sordid history regarding race, power, politics, and republicanism (system of government).  Someone said, “They have been the most pernicious and schizophrenic entity in American politics.”  In many ways, I agree with that assessment.  Both major political parties have long been controlled by the political elite.  There was a crack in that wall for the Republicans when Donald Trump won, what was to them, an inconceivable victory.  They have not awakened to the dangers but intensified their quest to reclaim control of the Party since and 2020 exemplifies that in a very ugly fashion.

Anyone observing and studying politics for the past few decades should realize that the parties, especially the Democratic side, has been dominated by the ultra-rich beneficiaries of capitalism, a system they decry as evil and the sanctimonious college-educated elitist.  They form what could be called the political ruling class.  Today there is a new factor in the equation, and it is growing in strength, support, influence, and power.  The faction that embraces the Marxist ideology and agenda who call themselves Democratic Socialist.  They need each other but the latter will, as did Hitler’s Nazi Party, devour the old guard and the Party will become a Marxist driven force in America. 

The AOCs of the Party along with the Bernie Sanders contingent are paying close attention to the nominee Joe Biden.  I do not believe they don’t care that Joe is at the top of the ticket, they know he will not run the show.  They are far more interested in the #2 because, unless that person is one of them, they may revolt in November.  The Old Guard cannot risk that, so they will, as did the Germany Establishment, acquiesce and the Old Democratic Elitist will find themselves on the outside looking in.  I don’t think they believe that, but I see the handwriting on the wall. Is Kamala Harris a satisfactory choice for them? Time will tell…

It would be humorous, like the tale of the Scorpion and the Frog, if it were not so serious.  You know the story where the Scorpion was riding on the Frog’s back to cross the stream and the Scorpion stung the frog to death.  The Scorpion stung the frog halfway across the stream and the Frog asked, “Why?” The Scorpion said, “It’s my nature.”  That is what is happening in politics today.  Evil is evil and as the old saying, “A leopard does not change it’s spots” the Marxist will destroy everything to achieve their objective.  It is their nature.  That is what we have been witnessing in a greater measure than we have seen it in the past. 

Hitler rose to power, not because he had a political majority but because he made enough noise and demonstrated the resolve to fight to the end to achieve his objectives.  That is what is happening by groups like ANTIFA, BLM, and other Leftists groups.  They have a resolve that is unmatched by anything I have seen in modern politics.  We are told they represent 2% but that 2% seeks to and in many ways is controlling the 98% because of lack of resolve and awareness.  Many on both sides think they can control this faction and hope to use them. 

We have corporate executives jumping on the bandwagon hoping to earn brownie points from a group that hates them as deeply as they love themselves.  The Republican Elitist and those who identify as ‘Never Trumpers’ are so intent on destroying and defeating Trump, they appear to be overlooking the obvious dangers of allowing the other side to reclaim power.  I hear sanctimony from all sides, but little rational reason and little genuine awareness of the dangers America is facing.

The legitimate question for the Leftists, the Republican Elitists and “Never Never Crowd” is this. Is the objective of investing everything in defeating Trump in November because you perceive him evil worth the potential destruction?  Before you argue that he has destroyed America, you might want to check the facts and realize that it is not he but the Establishment and the Leftists that have been roadblocks in the restoration of our lost liberties and freedoms. 

I find it amazing as I’ve watched Trump over the past 4 years fight for the promised agenda.  Most presidents fight against the opposition, but he has had to overcome the roadblocks presented by the nefarious Democrats who have pulled out all stops to destroy him, but his own party as well. 

If you think that those have burned our cities, looted our stores, harmed and killed our citizens will be satisfied with the Democratic Establishment reclaiming power, you are wrong!  You are very wrong!  The mayhem, destruction, and chaos that we have witnessed is a precursor to what could be coming if they are not given total control.  Is risking the Republic worth attaining your objective of defeating Trump?  I voted for him in 2016 and will do so again in 2020.  Why?  Many reasons but one of the most prominent is – LIBERTY and FREEDOM!  I know what Obama wanted, the Democrats are demanding, and the milquetoast Republican Establishment offer. 

Churches, Pastors, and Believers you are in their crosshairs.  Our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment rights are hanging in the balance.  If you think what has transpired during COVID will be forgotten by those in power, you are wrong.  They found power they did not know they could exercise, and we allowed them to tyrannize us.  They imposed sanctions on us and took the opportunity to restrict religious freedom prolifically and they will not cease.  They spent money (that we do not have) like it grew on trees and now they will want to pay for it with our money via the avenue of increased taxation.  Is that what you want? 

We have defunded much of our needed police force and achieved no real reform.  We have attempted to appease terrorists and hostage-takers with no reciprocation.  We have allowed the seeds of our own destruction to begin to bear fruit.  We either stop this NOW or we lose the Republic!  I do not believe we have until November to end it, but in November WE MUST NOT LOSE!

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Amen Just follow their trail it leads to destruction all the way, just look at the cities they control, look who is holding back the help for American people right now whose business were closed down, whose unemployment ran out, and factories shut, the Dems are holding back there help P. they want full control, they people with Asthma, and Allergies, and lung problems wear a mask, when its been said mask don’t work, with a less than one percent death rate, their making them go through a living hell just to breath, you can’t even take a fresh breath of air, because Dem backed people say so, or the One World Order running the Dems say so, because they really want mail in votes, so they can cheat, but I heard this morning God has something special planned for them, on this virus thing to, something is about to be exposed, as I been up since 11 last night praying for the President and others, I pray the people of God open their eyes, its like we lost our ability to fight for this nation and whats right, and the church has found a love, that does not fight any more it just goes along with every evil thing, and thats not a love from God, evil has so infiltrated the Church and the people, and pastors will not condemn evil, they back it, and they are about to push us into a place in Rev. we don’t want to go, we still have a chance if we fight, but if we do not wake up and take a stand then the end is here, but if my people will who are called by my name, will humble them selvels and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land. 2Chr 7:14 we have a promise but are we really going to open our eyes and do it, America is not mentioned in Revelations, and that means some one stoppen praying and repenting, DON’T LET IT BE US, OUR CHILDRENS FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT, ALONG WITH OURS. Truth sir be blessed

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