It is my conviction and that of others of the same mind as I that when any person organization, political party, or entity proves themselves to be abusive and/or irresponsible with power they are UNQUALIFIED to have power.  I believe it becomes the duty of the populace to take whatever steps are required to guarantee that that person or those people are no longer entrusted with power.  That rejection must continue until they have demonstrated a change of heart, mind, and attitude that is conducive to service, not abuse. 

Some will say, “Yep, that’s Trump and he has to go.”  Trump is not who I am talking about but the Democratic Party on a national level.  I believe that over the past four years and beyond they have demonstrated they are both abusive and irresponsible in the use of the power afforded them as legislators, judges, and media members.  The escalation of that abuse and irresponsibility was exponential in the wake of the 2016 election.  They are so committed to destroying Trump and our Constitutional Republic they have become our prime constitutional enemy and pose our greatest threat.

From our beginning, Americans have spilled their blood to liberate America and much of the world from the tyranny of fascism, Marxism, socialism, and communism.  The oppressive ideology they have embraced which includes a virtual if not a literal war on faith and freedom cannot be overlooked.  We have endured over six months of pandemic paranoia and now rioting is prevalent throughout this republic.  That causes me to argue that the natural bent of the Leftists is not freedom but tyranny.  They want to control and are willing to use any means to attain that lofty perch of rulership. 

America is no longer facing a difference in the ideology of two political parties.  It is no longer policy differences, but a war for freedom.  We are no longer enduring political cycles where one political party controls for a time and then another rises to governance.  We are in a literal War for Freedom!  This election is the most critical we have ever faced and may determine whether we will see another.  This election will determine whether we have any hope of returning to constitutional governance or will descend into the abyss of Soviet-Style communism and the tyranny of Nazism.  That threat is not being posed by Trump or the Republicans but by the Leftists now in control of the Democratic Party.

The Leftists have successfully pitted Americans against Americans and even family members and neighbors against each other.  If you protest the mandates of the Leftists, you are deemed so deplorable you are unworthy of any tolerance and must be silenced.  The paranoia and tyrannical actions witnessed in various states and cities is a precursor to our total loss of liberty and freedom.  I often wonder how far martial law is from being enacted and enforced. 

Over the past two or three decades, the Democratic Party has offered nothing more than lip service to loving America.  I’m sorry, but I no longer believe the rulers in the ruling class of Leftists love America.  I believe they love Power and the only acceptable America to them is the one in which they make the rules and rule.  They have co-opted the media, or the media has co-opted them, whichever is accurate reveals the depth of the problem.  The assault on our religious liberties, the censorship of free speech, and the demand that we passively and sheepishly comply reveals their view of the public.  We are tools for them to achieve their purposes, not fellow citizens who are the true owners of government.

The founding fathers used incredible wisdom in creating the electoral college system and the Democratic Party has declared war on that protection for all States and citizens.  The Democratic Party has launched a stealth movement called “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.”  That movement would force, by rule of law, the state electors to reject their own states’ popular vote in favor of the national popular vote and become ‘faithless electors’

The Democratic Party touts the idea that they are the party of equality and unity and yet have deviously sought to impede the equality of many and destroy the unity of this republic.  They fear the 2nd Amendment knowing that allowing citizens to remain armed poses an impediment to their agenda of control.  The founders understood the need to be armed for self-protection, hunting, and even against a rogue government.  That right must not be relinquished but if we allow the Unqualified Leftists to remain in Power, we will have to fight to the death to keep that right.

The Democratic Party insists that Trump and Republicans are bullies but use bully tactics to silence citizens, shame us into the shadows, and project their flaws upon us.  They forced Obamacare upon an American citizenry that did not want it and laughed at us for our protests.  Now, they want to resurrect it and put it on steroids. 

The Democratic Party has, through their actions and policies, declared war on godliness and faith.  If you remember, they are the party that booed God during the 2012 Democratic Convention.  That transpired when the question was posed of placing God on their platform.  They wanted no part of God or religion.  They have now deemed churches ‘non-essential’ during this pandemic pandemonium lockdown but abortion clinics essential and other entities needed.  God is unnecessary to them and in direct contradiction to the guarantees of the Constitution shut churches down.  Some have expressed a desire and intent to make it permanent.

The House and the Senate, as well as the President all, take the oath of office that commits them to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  They promise to defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  But the Leftists have transitioned from that oath into waging war against legal American citizens and defending those who are here illegally.

Their desire is clear that demoralizing our people will give them a window of opportunity to gain total control.  Therefore, I insist that it is the duty and responsibility Constitutionally, morally, ethically, and biblically to resist and take power from them. 

How do we do that?  Short of a shooting revolution, we do that through intercessory prayer, total commitment to freedom and the constitution, and go to the polls in droves and un-elect them.  We DEFEAT THEM!  We must not only do this in this election but every election that follows UNTIL they return to a mindset that embraces our Republic and our Constitution.  I do not see that happening so I believe that it must be a permanent banishment from power for them.

You may find my views impossible for you to embrace.  I hope you will honestly consider what has been transpiring and listen to their policies and proposals not just their rhetoric.  If you do you will likely find that my views are not far-fetched but worthy of consideration.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Big amen sir right on it, We did have two parties working together for the most part for the good of this nation, but the Dems have sold out to communism, and no longer work for this country but against it, and even worse so called Christians stand with them, they are backing and voting for the anti-christ to take the stage, why are we so blind that we would be backing the anti-christ spirit, because they don’t know the word and ran the Holy Spirit off, and now they just do as they want and feel, and the church is full of deception, I know I have gotten a little rough trying to wake people up, and the Christians tell me to shut up, your using their weapons while they sit silent unless I speak out, but we must expose them for what they are, because we are the only ones telling the truth, the media is lying and brain washing people, but the plain simple truth is their voting in an anti-christ spirit, whether we know it or not, the mark is already in our hands or head by whom we serve and work for, it is determined by whom we serve, now the literal mark hasn’t happened yet, but it really already settled in our mind whom we will serve, and they are voting in the man, we all know Bidenwill not be President, so who is the man, a One World Order will be in control, they are just making things ready for him to take the stage and vote for the Dem party allows that, I don’t understand why they can’t see these people have proved they are communist, and some so called Christian still back them, voting for the anti-christ, to tep on the stage,I thinkmost have lost their minds, westand now or America is gone. good word sir be blessed

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