We have endured four long years of insane and intense hate beyond anything I have ever witnessed or believed I would see in my lifetime.  The unhinged activities and rhetoric have pushed our beautiful nation to the brink of destruction and divided us so deeply we may never recover.  I thought the eight years of the Obama inflaming of racial tension and division would be the crest of the wave, but I was wrong.  The Leftists, Globalist, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, and follower of Toxic Liberalism’s reaction to Trump has revealed that the frying pan was only the precursor and the flame is upon us.

I am stunned at how many who name the name of Jesus and identify as leaders of the Evangelical movement are throwing their support behind the Democrats and Joe Biden.  I have listened to their arguments and read their descriptions and have come away with a gnawing sense that deception has prevailed even in the Church.  If it has succeeded in gaining a foothold in the Church what does that say about the condition of the world? 

I contend that justifying or attempting to justify a personal preference by giving it a virtuous name is a delusion, deception, and even a measure of sanctimonious hypocrisy.  Everyone has the right to prefer one thing or one person over another politically, socially, economically, etc.  We have the right to choose the things we accept and the things we reject in those areas.  I have no problem with anyone choosing to support one candidate over another, but to attempt to equate Trump to the devil and ultimate evil and make Biden a more saintly is biblically and rationally dishonest. 

The Bible must not be used to justify our preferences but should shape our preferences, appetites, and worldviews.  Our values should be developed based on what God’s Word declares rather than attempting to use God’s Word to justify our preferences.  When we give virtue to our decisions, we allow the lie to stand, have legitimacy, and thrive.  That, we must all avoid. 

I have listened to the arguments that Trump has killed more people than abortion and was astounded.  That is so blatantly untrue I cannot fathom a Christian Leader making that statement. I do not say those leaders are liars, but they have believed a lie and following that lie leads them into darkness and blindness.  Thus, they become blind leading the blind and all that follow will find the ditch as their ultimate destination.  The result of that is that America and the Church will suffer as a result and evil will become stronger and have more influence and power.  That is not the biblical declaration of how it should be but through our choices and with our voices we open doors or close them.

The justification of abortion because a woman is concerned about the financial aspect of raising that child or because of the other reasons voiced is ludicrous.  Adoption is an Always an Option!  It matters not if the baby is the result of a sinful engagement or if the woman was married and her husband died or left, Adoption is still the Option.  It matters not if the family has too many children and another would overload their ability to care for them, Adoption is the Option!  If the choice to take steps to not become pregnant were not followed, for whatever reason, the choice to kill is not legitimate.  Well, not in the view of the Bible nor the view of this American.

The argument that Trump is killing people or stripping people of health insurance or care because of the desire to repeal Obama Care (Affordable Health Care Act) is fallacious.  Trump has voiced on many occasions the desire to ensure that people with pre-existing conditions have coverage.  The debacle of Obama Care sent insurance prices for most through the roof and relegated people to lesser coverages and loss of their preferred doctors and hospitals.  Our current laws ensured that people could always get care at the Emergency Room.  Many that were not covered did not want coverage.

The idea that Trump has destroyed the economy without those making the charge giving due consideration to the impact of the lockdown in this pandemic pandemonium and overreach of Democratic Governors and Mayors, as well as Congress, is to be dishonest.  Trump immediately took steps to impede travel from China and infected areas only to have Biden and the Democratic leaders call him every name under the book and encourage people to get out because there was no threat.  Once the threat became apparent, they began shouting that he acted too slowly and disregarded the advice of science.  That is fallacious and anyone honestly reviewing the process knows that.

The intense hatred that has been non-stop for almost four years is beyond any script that Hollywood could have produced for a Tragedy.  The Russia hoax that has the fingerprints of Obama and Clinton all over it was launched.  We have had ridiculous attempts to oust this President since before the inauguration and now Nancy Pelosi is claiming that his COVID treatment has so addled his brain that he is a danger to himself and America.  She ignores the doctors and the reality that Trump has been consistently the same for four years.  It is she, Biden, and the Democratic establishment that has been demonstrating signs of mental incompetence.  I agree that much if not most of that incompetence has been driven by their intense hate.

As I have watched this all play out, I have had the nagging question in my heart, “What is it about Trump and his agenda that so infuriates and threatens them?”  The them that I speak of I call the Swamp, the Deep State, the Haters and the Power-Hungry Globalists who want to rule TOTALLY. 

What is the root of this?  Why have we endured an assault on our electoral system and system of government so intently?  I believe the answer lies, in part, in the fact that Trump represents something other than the Old Boy System.  He has consistently fought for America, the American people, sought to protect our religious freedoms and other inalienable rights.  He has sought to reduce the stranglehold of government regulations that opened our economy prolifically and resurrected the American Dream. 

I do not believe that the hate being manifested is solely directed at the man, although his personality can be caustic and abrasive.  I believe that it is more out of fear of the loss of power and control.  The Ruling Class of both parties believes it is their divine right to rule.  I say that even though most of them do not seem to believe in the divine and believe the only divine is them and their power.  They want us indebted to them and thereby suppressed so that we sheepishly follow their flute and dance to their music. 

As a Christian, a Vietnam Veteran, an American, and a Lover of Freedom I seek to find out what God’s Word says and shape my views based on that Word.  I examine the platforms, political history, and agenda of the parties and candidates and compare it to the Word of God.  I then ask myself, “What is best for America?”  I believe that as a Christian for me to vote for Biden would be to insult the holiness, love, and mercy of God.  You can believe the lie and empower it to survive and thrive or you can ask God to enable you to honestly and without bias look at the facts.  I would ask that you ask God what He would have you do rather than tell Him why He wants you to do what you have decided.

God bless you and God bless America!

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