GOD and POLITICS or GOD or POLITICS is the Question in My Heart…

I have some dearly loved and well-meaning friends who are adamantly opposed to anything regarding God, the Bible, and religion being inserted into politics or government.  They believe that our Founding Fathers and the Bible mandate that Government and God remain as far apart as the East is from the West.  They believe the indoctrination of those who insist that a “Wall of Separation” must exist and want the church relegated to the pulpit and politics allowed to govern our lives. 

I find that anathema to my faith, insulting to my reason, and beyond dangerous.  Politics affects life and the Bible is about life.  God must be Number One in our lives and if we are to ‘seek Him first’ that means He must be above all things including politics.  If we allow the secular to govern and insist that the spiritual is only to be applied to individuals and always remain private and personal, we miss a clear danger and benefit. 

I truly believe that God is LORD of All and until we acknowledge that we will continue our descent into the quagmire of hate, bitterness, violence, interracial tension, and destruction.  The Golden Rule was not given by Jesus just to offer a nice-sounding cliché but as a guide for life.  The Bible is replete with pleas and directives regarding interpersonal relationships and even our relationship with the government. 

Before you argue that we are mandated to sheepishly comply with all edicts of government, never be critical of wrongful behavior or sin, and never allow our the Bible to guide our politics, I ask that you consider some pertinent biblical and societal considerations. 

John Adams, wrote, “The general principles, on which the Fathers achieved independence, were the only Principles in which that beautiful Assembly of young Gentlemen could Unite…And what were these general Principles? I answer, the general Principles of Christianity, in which all these Sects were United: And the general Principles of English and American Liberty, in which all those young Men United, and which had United all Parties in America, in Majorities sufficient to assert and maintain her Independence.” (Letter to Thomas Jefferson, June 28, 1813).

Our early Congress regularly called for days of fasting and prayer and declared on such call on May 17, 1776, as a “day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer…[to] confess and bewail our manifold sins and transgressions, and by a sincere repentance and amendment of life, appease his [God’s] righteous displeasure, and through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, obtain his pardon and forgiveness.”  How is that for a Wall of Separation between the Church and the State?  Hard to argue that point with that in mind, isn’t it?

Benjamin Franklin made a clarion call for prayer at the Constitutional Convention when things were becoming bogged down with wrangling, disagreement, and argument.  He and the founding fathers attended a July 4th worship service at a Christian church in Philadelphia a variation of his request was adopted. He said, “In the beginning of the Contest with Great Britain when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayer in this room for Divine protection.  Our prayers, Sir, were heard, and they were graciously answered…To that kind of Providence we owe this happy opportunity of consulting in peace on the means of establishing our future national felicity.  And we have we now forgotten that powerful Friend?  Or do we imagine we no longer need His assistance?”  (June 28, 1787)

John Adams made a powerful argument for including God in government and for excluding the government from interference in religion.  He said, “We have no government armed in the power capable of contending in human passions unbridled by morality and religion.  Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”  (1798, Address to the militia of Massachusetts).  He also said, “Nothing is more dreaded than the National Government meddling with Religion.”

In a letter to Benjamin Rush on June 12, 1812, he wrote, “Although the detail of the formation of the American governments is at present little known or regarded either in Europe or in America, it may hereafter become an object of curiosity. It will never be pretended that any persons employed in that service had interviews with the gods, or were in any degree under the influence of Heaven, more than those at work upon ships or houses, or laboring in merchandise or agriculture; it will forever be acknowledged that these governments were contrived merely by the use of reason and the senses.”

He was not alone and men like Franklin, Jefferson, Samuel Adams, John Jay, Benjamin Rush, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and James Madison all echoed those sentiments. 

Today we are facing a reality where the two major American political parties are in stark contrast on God and Government.  There are some in the Republican Party that is “Wall Builders” regarding the involvement and influence of religion in government but for the most part, it is the Democratic Party that is the anti-God or anti-religion party. 

I do not know President Trump’s relationship with God, but he openly acknowledges God and God’s sovereignty.  He calls for prayer and expresses faith in God’s wisdom and purposes.  He said, rightly, “We will decide whether we will defend the American way of life, or whether we will allow a radical movement to completely dismantle and destroy it.”  He, then promised, “That won’t happen!”  He promised to fight for our Freedoms and Inalienable Rights and recognized that God, not the government has extended those rights to individuals. 

The contrast is the Democratic Party refuses to fly the American flag at their gatherings and omits any mention of God in their procedures and processes.  The Democrats insist that they are the antidote to produce America’s Redemption and only as they are given total power can America be restored.  That is the same rhetoric that despots in history have used time and again. 

President Trump said, and I agree, “In America, we do not look to career politicians for salvation.  In America, we do not turn to government to restore our souls – we put our faith in Almighty God.”  America, Joe Biden, and the Democrats, Globalists, Leftists, Marxists, Socialists, and Activists are not where American’s salvation comes.  They will destroy jobs, increase taxes, open borders, expand abortion, and further restrict our inalienable rights including our First, Second, Fourth, and Tenth, Amendment Rights as well as a myriad of other infringements they plan.  They will destroy!

It is not politicians that I place my trust but GOD!  Therefore, I will vote for the party that most closely aligns with the precepts and principles of the Bible and that is not the Donkey Party.  I will vote YES on Trump and the Republicans in November and NO on Biden and the Democrats.  If you want to follow God and the principles and precepts of the Bible, I believe you will drop the personality issue that is driving the hatred toward Trump and vote for Freedom and Faith!

God bless you and God bless America!

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