Many have asked me, “What do you see, or think is going to happen in America after the 2020 elections?”  There is more in that question that I could possibly answer in a short article or blog post.  The truth is, I do not know what is going to happen, but have a sense of numerous things based on what I see, what the Bible teaches, and history. 

In the days to come, I believe, there will be two streams flowing at the same time in America.  When I say streams, I mean two pathways or series of events, actions, and activities and ideologies or agendas.  I see a stream of evil and destruction where the divide in this nation will grow more pronounced and the violence will escalate to the point of a volcanic type eruption with massive and pervasive unrest.  That could plunge us into another Civil War, and we could see Americans shedding the blood of other Americans in a literal war with gunfire.  I pray that will not happen but am convinced it is coming regardless of who wins the presidential election.

I see another stream flowing in which the Spirit of God touches hearts with an outpouring of God’s love and grace beyond anything we have witnessed in our lives.  I believe we will see gatherings of believers who have committed themselves to seek God with a passion and commitment beyond anything we have witnessed.  I believe that there will be evidenced a total abandonment to the Will and Purpose of God.  That will result in a revival where we will witness literally millions being converted.  It will produce healing.  But that healing will not eliminate the festering wounds in those who reject the Gospel and the Love of God. 

Those two eventualities will exist concurrently, and the stream of evil will exhibit the desire and objective of eradicating all who follow the other stream.  Regardless of which political party is in control of the government, there will be actions regarding Christians and Churches.  If the liberal leftists who follow the anti-God agenda gain control, there will be massive attempts to infringe upon our Religious Liberties as well as many other inalienable rights.  The Supreme Court will be packed, if they gain control of the Senate, keep the House and win the White House.  If they lose, we get a brief respite from the infringements because the other side will defend religious freedom.

I feel compelled to address the fallacious and unbiblical idea that we are to passively submit to human authority as believers.  That is contrary to several precepts, principles, and direct reflections in Scripture, I will not attempt to elucidate or articulate them all.  That would not find acceptance with those who disagree, but I leave it there and leave it for another blog and discussion.

It is my conviction and I believe the teaching of the Bible that the powers that God ordains are not a threat to the righteous.  That demands the question, “What happens if the powers are a threat to the righteous and righteousness?  What then?”  I believe the disciples answered that when standing before the Sanhedrin and instructed to stop preaching Jesus.  They said, “Who should we obey, God or man?”  I believe that is still the needed response from believers today.  We should always seek to obey God and say what His Word says and do what He commanded us to do.  We need to warn of danger and wickedness.  It is not political to identify the violations of biblical laws it is kingdom.

I ask you to consider these questions:

  • Which party or candidate is a threat to the children’s education?
  • Which party or candidate is a threat to a preacher’s right and ability to quote and preach the Bible?
  • Which party or candidate is a threat to marriage and the family?
  • Which candidate or party is a threat to life, the life of the unborn?
  • What is our commission and mission as Christians and preachers?
  • Are we not to warn the wicked and warn of danger?
  • Are we not to declare the Word of God?

Matthew Henry said that the greatest danger in the end times will be the corruption of the church not the immorality of those outside.  Our mandate as Christians is not to avoid contact and association with those who are outside the faith or the church.  They are our mission field.  We win people by our lives not just our words.  However, we are directed to turn away from those who have a form of godliness but deny God’s authority and power.  A brother that is living immorally or in violation of God’s ways is to be turned away from.

I believe that the Christian vote could make this election a landslide.  I have said that for more than a decade.  However, I realize that many are silenced out of shame, fear, or misunderstanding.   I have talked to Christians who are intimidated by their own pastors and people inside the church.  We are to be light and salt in this earth.  Are we? 

In writing a blog that touches people of all religious persuasions and some that do not believe in God, I know that I am walking a thin line in my reflections as to how believers should live.  However, if we love Freedom and America, we can unite in the common cause of keeping America the Free Constitutional Republic and that means defeating those who are anti-everything the Republic was designed to be and frequently anti what the Bible teaches.

Let me offer this observation and thought: “True Marxism has no conscience.”  In his day, Charles Spurgeon rebuked Marxism from the pulpit and prevented Karl Marx from gaining a foothold in England Marx’s only recourse was Russia where there was no gospel opposition.  The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit is possibly the most essential key to overturning the destruction in America and the world.  Not by Might nor by Power, but by My Spirits says the LORD.  Jesus said, “The Spirit of God is upon me because He has anointed me to…”

I believe that it is a demonstrated reality that a man will die for his convictions but not for his opinion or preferences.  Sadly, the church has allowed the devil to steal our language and the political movement of the Left is stealing our words and our purpose.  They are reshaping the narrative and redefining what it means to be an American and have become a virtual god to the masses.  That is anathema to God’s Purpose and Word as well as to the principles of Freedom and Liberty in Republicanism.

What do I see happening in America after the 2020 election?  I see truth coming to the forefront, and it will be a direct threat to those who seek to destroy our Freedom and Liberty.  Anyone speaking the truth will be targeted and there will be an attempt to destroy if they cannot destroy them economically or influentially, they will seek to exterminate them physically.  It is coming!

I agree with Evangelist Mario Murillo that the power of social media has transformed the attitude of the nation.  State and regional lines no longer exist there are no pockets of ideology untouched by those of a different ilk.  What were once safe zones spiritually and ideologically are being reshaped because of the internet.  What is happening in one part of the country can happen in every part.  The internet and social media are like a virus that spreads ideas and agendas powerfully.  We have to wake up and take advantage of the platforms available and preach the gospel of Christ and present the Truth, biblically, historically, and morally.

History is replete with examples of God aiding people when they turn to Him and pray.  This is not Republican vs Democrats it is Good vs Evil.  When one party hates Christianity, the Bible, and American History that means they must be rejected.  We have a mission, an assessment, and a purpose.

Trump is a vehicle God has chosen to bring us to God’s purposes.  The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and violent men take it by force.  God has used wrecking balls in history to bring people back to him.  Trump is a man with flaws and not a god.  He is not flawless, but he is a catalyst to bring us to the purposes of God. 

Those are a few of the reasons I will vote against the globalists, leftists, liberals, socialists, Marxists (Democrats) in November, and beyond.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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