For anyone that immediately attempts to ascribe that to the current President, I say, NOT SO!  My allegation is that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the entire swath of Liberal Socialist Marxist Globalist Leftists making up the Democratic Establishment are Phony to the Core and More!  Bring on the hate if that is your desire.  I believe it and believe that I have as much right to believe that and express it as you do to hurl your hate toward Trump.

I keep examining my heart to guard against ‘hate’ and pray for the LORD to expose any seeds of that destructive element in my life.  I do not want to ‘hate’ anyone but the devil and his work.  I have been hearing in my heart of hearts during my time of prayer, meditation, studying of God’s Word, and examination of what is happening in America and the world as a simple directive.  That directive and warning or explanation is found in Ephesians 6:12, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

I keep hearing the Spirit of God direct my heart to shift my focus from people and personalities to principalities and powers.  I keep sensing the need to focus on the invisible cause of what is transpiring in America and the world, not what I can see with my eyes.  That does not mean that we do not resist the so-called resistance. That does not mean that we do not counter the fallacious lies and distortions with the truth.  That does not mean that we do not vote, and labor to get people to vote for America and reject the agenda of the Left.  It means that we realize that what we see is not the real problem it is a much deeper root and evil.

I truly believe that the battle we are fighting in America is not Democrat vs Republican or Trump vs Biden but Good vs Evil and Freedom vs Tyranny.  I believe we are fighting for the Sole of America and the Preservation of Freedom.  The Phony Media, the Deceptive Politicians, the Diabolical Deviants seeking Power and Control are a problem, but they are tools, not the source.  We dare not ignore the people, but we must realize that there is something far more powerful and dangerous than them.

Somebody asked, “Will the Real Joe Biden please stand up?”  I said, “There is no Real Joe Biden.”  I would also argue that there is no real Kamala Harris.  There is no real Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, or virtually any politician now occupying an office in Washington, DC. 

Joe Biden’s track record in politics is incredibly revealing and virtually nothing in it positive or beneficial for America and Americans.  How is that for irritating those who hate Trump so much they are willing to vote for the devil, if necessary, to defeat him?  The past and the present Joe Biden are incredibly disturbing for this lover of Freedom.  His selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate spoke volumes to me and those volumes were not comforting but alarming.

Debra Saunders in an article for RealClearPolitics said of Kamala Harris that she was a “politician on the make.”  That is an interesting way of phrasing her pathway to prominence.  Her affair with Willie Brown in San Francisco was a boost to launch her career and her sordid history is questionable.  Yves Smith called her a “progressive opportunist.”  Many looking at her record as a California prosecutor declare that she is “opportunist to the core.”  The view of many, including this American, is she will do or say anything to achieve her objective.  What a wonderful choice for Vice President.

Before you blast me and link Trump to opportunism, I must contend that if you are going to use that standard for Trump you must also apply it to all the Democrats.  You cannot have one without the other.  Be consistent, please.  I contend that Joe Biden is no less an opportunist than Harris.  However, I also contend that his choices and decisions have been terribly wrong and bad for America for decades.  If there is any consistency for Biden it is that he has been consistently wrong.

Joe Biden waged unbridled war on Supreme Court Nominees, Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. He released numerous statements in support of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers.  Both he and Harris demanded that women must be believed.  Now that Biden has been accused of sexual impropriety, they have changed their view and position and adopted the Hillary position regarding Bill’s accusers.  The Democrats consistently attack those on the Right for things that some on the Left are doing but justify those on the Left and vilify those on the Right.  I call that Phony to the Core and More!

Biden was in favor of the Gulf War in 2002 but resisted in 2007.   He and Obama withdrew troops in 2011 allowing ISIS to explode and murder thousands of Christians.  The media deemed him to be a Patriot for that stance.  The Left and the haters of Trump on the Right agreed.  He was part of the Iran Deal that Obama signed that sent $100 Billion to Iran and legitimized their nuclear program and pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.  Yet, many insist he is a better choice than Trump who has stood up to and against the terrorist nation of Iran.  I call that Phony to the Core and More!

Biden’s history of plagiarism, lack of cognitive ability, being devoid of creative ideas that are good for America is problematic for me.  When Biden was in law school he was accused of cheating.  Newsweek had an op-ed that stated, correctly, that Biden’s history of plagiarism reveals that “neither he nor his team has a clear, independent vision for America.”  His inherent lack of principles is a threat to our freedom and our republic.

One must wonder if Biden supports many or any of the things he has suggested or if he is simply parroting what he is told.  He supports cuts in defense depending on how the polls indicate the voters stand.  He supports slavery reparations and federal spending for abortion depending on how the polls rate those issues.  The only consistent thing about Biden and Harris is that wherever they stand on an issue is will always be Left and often Far Left of where mainstream America Stands and where our Republic was intended.

The use of COVID-19 for political purposes is disturbing and disgusting.  Recently an L.A. County health official has revealed that they plan to reopen public schools AFTER the November election.  What?  What is significant about the November election as the demarcation line for reopening the schools.  I believe it is in anticipation of a Democrat victory.  That would make everything they have done Phony to the Core and More!

America, we have a choice in November and if we are going to keep America the Land of the Free, we must allow her to be the Home of the Brave.  We must recognize the destruction that is hiding in the shadows and stand against the destruction of our Freedoms, Liberties, and Inalienable Rights.  Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats are a Clear and Present Danger and I ask that you reject them and Vote for A Free and Constitutional America.

God bless you and God bless America!

2 comments on “PHONY TO THE CORE AND MORE…

  1. Sir many have been put to sleep by plants that satan sent in to deceive the church, while it is true we do try to not let our focus get to far off base, there focus is on a relaxed state of mind, who will not stand and speak out for God or the nation, and our silence and passiviness is destroying us, because they have brainwashed not only the llost people but the Church also to what they are really supposed to do, they been told we wrestle not against flesh and blood, which we don’t but we sure stand against it, and speakout and try to stop what they are doing the medis is brainwashing, the public, the propets of baal have moved in the church and disarmed and made her passive and ran the Holy Spirit off, causing the power and presence to leave, and they don’t know it because they think just having a meeting in a building is church, but its far more than that, you praise God until his presence come’s down, or you haven’t had church, just a meeting, what is the Lord telling you in your spirit is he telling you to be quite, if your like mine, its frustrated at whats going on and has to speak out, because we will not give up our nation or rights with out a fight, they tell me just like you and they quote there little scripture, if a mans ways please God he will keep you them at perfect peace with you, not even understanding what they are saying or doing, or we wrestle not, and they just whisper a little prayer in there prayer closet, Joshua had to go to battle God allowed them to win, but they went to fight and did fight, today they want to win everything in there easy chair and not upset any one, when speaking out and voting right would have stopped all this thats happening, but they made us tolerant and passive, and taught us not to speak out, and some bought I didn’t if your wrong and don’t go by the word I will tell you, always have, and they are not going by the word, they say be slow to speak, if they get and slower, they are so slow now that they are changing nothing and allowing evil to take over, they hate me, I Mean the Church the one’s who are supposed to change everything, because they been deceived, hey don’t even know what it takes to keep a Nation free, they took the fight out of the Church the Holy Spirit Fire and boldness, and with out it they will not stand, SO SIR I WILL DO WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT TELLS ME AND NOT THESE SO CALLED PASSIVE CHRISTIANS, DO YOU HEAR THEM SPEAKING OUT, I DON’T THERE JUST TRYING TO SHUT ME UP, IN EVERY WAY, BUT LETS NOT SHUT UP UNTIL WE WIN THIS AND GODS SPIRIT TELLS US TO STOP. Be Blessed Sir, P.S. I wrote a message a while back Fire starters or fire Extinguishers, to many want to put our fire out,and we are not going to let it happen and sadly the church is the main ones doing we been infiltrated by the enemy, high profile preachers and prophets have dumbed us down, just for this day, and the fire extingushers are at work. we are all called to do just what we are doing but some will not doing it

  2. roybeaird says:

    Amen and thank you!

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