I guess that depends on who wins the Presidency, what happens in the House of Representatives, and the Senate.  If those are in the hands of the Democrats there will be some continued violence as well as a massive infringement upon our inalienable rights, freedoms, and liberties.  They have no intention of allowing a ‘good crisis go to waste’ and fully plan on using the pandemic and the willing compliance America demonstrated to their advantage.

On the other hand, if Trump wins and somehow the Republicans take the House of Representatives and keep the Senate it will rightly be viewed as a mandate to restore Law and Order while protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America.  Will the Democrats and the NeverTrumpers accept the 2020 election?  No more than they accepted the 2016 election.  Trump’s greatest sin, in their eyes, was winning and therefore he is to blame for everything and to be credited with nothing.

The Democrats, including Joe Biden, are threatening America with violence if Trump wins.  They are attempting to hold America hostage and force us to comply or die.  However, I suggest that if Trump wins their threats will be attempted but will likely be squashed with the power of the federal government. 

I read an article by one of the Atlantic writers, Shadi Hamid who predicted ‘mass unrest and political violence across American cities if Trump wins.’  I am convinced this messenger wrote what he wrote in hopes that many would become fearful and determine that they would withhold their vote for Trump hoping to appease the rioters.  That may work with some, but I am hopeful that it will not work with millions of Americans.

I read an article recently that suggested that New Hampshire is moving toward becoming a Red State again and that is significant.  They only have 4 electoral votes but if a bastion of liberal thought can be shifted maybe other parts of our country can be moved as well.  I saw some reports that other than New York City many New Yorkers were turning on the rioting, violence, and rhetoric of the Democrats.  If that is true, then there is the hope of seeing a massive turnout in November and if there is a massive turnout rejecting the destruction there is hope.

I want to take a position that may not resonate with everyone. I speak from my view as a Christian.  I am not saying that you cannot be a patriotic American and a good citizen if you are not a Christian, but I am saying that as a Christian you should be both.  I have been chastened of the LORD over the past few months over-focusing on what I see with my natural eyes rather than what He has declared in His Word. 

I have long known and believed that what a person listens to most has the greatest influence on their lives.  In America we are bombarded with the ‘bad news’ and the ‘dire’ and most of that is to target the president.  Their intent is to make him the most heinous villain that has ever lived worse than Hitler or Genghis Khan or any despot and tyrant who has ever lived.  He is not, but some reading this may consider him so reprehensible they would rather vote for the devil than vote for him. 

It is not a good situation to feel placed in a position where you must choose the lesser of two evils and many feel that way in this election.  I do not.  Although there are things about the person, Donald Trump that cause me a certain amount of moral heartburn, I focus on two things in making my political decision.  I focus on how nearly the political platform aligns with God’s Word and when possible, I view the body of work of the parties and candidates.  I can do the latter with both major presidential candidates.  I have 47 years of history with Biden and I have 4 years of history with Trump.  Therefore, I can evaluate their performance as well as their platform.  I can also evaluate the biblical and moral position of the platforms.

I refuse to be coerced by political extortion.  I refuse to be blamed for a condition that I did not cause simply because I am from the South, a white male, and grew up during the ‘50s and ‘60s.  I was told recently that because I grew up in rural East Texas during that period and am a white male, I am automatically a racist.  Excuse me, but I reject I believe that Black Lives Matter but demand that I am also allowed to believe and express that All Lives Matter.  If you attempt to strip that from me, I will resist.  I am a Christian and what I might or might not have been at any juncture in my life cannot define me today.  He defines me!

What will happen after November 3rd in America?  I believe that America will become more divided than ever.  The Democrats, Anarchist, Socialist, Marxist, Globalist will intensify their efforts to destroy the Republic and fundamentally transform it.  Sadly, there are those who truly love America in the NeverTrumper consortium and contingency that will continue to align themselves with those seeking to overturn the election.  That alliance will give a measure of strength to the dissenters and America will be harmed. 

The writer for the Atlantic said that “Liberals had enough trouble accepting the results of the 2016 election that they could not abide another defeat.”  The truth is they did not have difficulty accepting the election they rejected it and still do.  They considered our rejection of their cause so incomprehensible that it had to be an anomaly or a hallucination.  They believe they are the legitimate owners of the nation and all that is in including the people. 

If you believe that something is a fluke and a strange twist of fate that was never meant to be, you frequently reject all reason.  If you believe that your divine right, even if you do not believe in the divine, has been usurped you feel justified in doing whatever necessary to rectify that anomaly.  That is what they have been doing for 4 years and will do into the foreseeable future. 

I predict that should they win they will feel justified and even mandated to make us pay for our grave sin of rejecting them in 2016.  They will destroy the system of election and the electoral college will become a figment of the imagination of the lovers of the Constitution and Liberty.  They may not be able to get a constitutional amendment ratified but they have demonstrated a propensity to ignore and bypass the constitution.  They would likely fulfill their threat of expanding the Supreme Court to 12 or 15 members and pack it with liberal activist jurist ensuring their ability to rewrite the Constitution in violation of the Constitution. 

Mob violence is the enemy of Republicanism and Freedom.  The damage has been done and will continue to be done and America, as we have known and loved will rapidly become a memory, not a reality.  The year 2021 will either be the 1st year of restoration or the 1st year of fundamental transformation and destruction. 

You may disagree and believe that all this is minor, I do not.  You may believe that there is nothing we can do and as Christians, we simply await the return of Jesus and our rescue.  I do not.  I believe Jesus is coming but not on a rescue mission but for a Glorious Church that is Powerful and Enforcing His Victory on the Cross.

As a Christian, I have chosen to not allow what I see, and the threats of destruction cause me to fear.  I believe that as Christians if we, the people of God take God seriously and make 2 Chronicles 7:14 a reality in our lives we can determine the election and direction of America.  I believe that if we make Matthew 6:9-13 and 33 cornerstones in our prayers, focus, and desire we can not only win souls but change the culture and be vehicles through which God can manifest His love, mercy, grace, peace, and power.

I will work and vote, but my focus is God not what I see.  I am standing on what He says not what anyone else says.  God bless you and God bless America!

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