Tomorrow we will make the final determination regarding the 2020 Election regarding who will be the next president of these United States. I can envision two potential headlines.  Neither will be seen in the media but will be the reality and written on the hearts of multiplied millions.  Without attempting to tease you with the two headlines I will give them to you. I do not give them in order of expectation or desire.

Headline Number One: “Biden Wins Freedom Ends!”  I am quite sure the media would never print that, but it will be the truth should he and the Leftist win in November.  They have openly declared the opposition to many basic constitutional guarantees.  They have openly expressed their intent to destroy many things in our economy.  Biden has openly stated that he is more than willing to ‘lockdown’ the nation again.  There is little doubt that the Democratic Governors, Mayors, County Judges, etc. that are running sectors of our nation would capitalize on Biden’s willingness to allow them to impose tyrannical rule.  That, in my view, would clearly and openly valid my headline, “Biden Wins Freedom Ends!” 

Headline Number Two: “Trump Wins Renewal Begins!”  Renewal?  Yes, renewal of the American Dream.  Renewal of American Excellence.  Renewal of our Economy propelling it back to where it was before the pandemonium paranoia of the pandemic.  Renewal of our hope to have Constitutional Government and Draining the Swamp.  No, I do not say that if Trump wins, we will immediately see restoration but there will be a resurgence of hope. 

Should, a Trump victory also include keeping the Senate and miraculously reclaiming the House of Representatives we could see incredible progress in the next four years.  We could take great strides in uncovering the incredibly deep and long-standing corruption of Washington.  We could see some needed transformation in our Intelligence Community, various bureaucracies, and education.  We could see our history preserved so that we can learn from our past mistakes and move forward positively in resolving our differences.  We would see the protection of our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights as well as a restoration of personal freedom and liberty.

Should Biden win we will see massive government controls reinstated.  We will see taxes soar through the roof.  We will see the disruption if not the destruction of the fossil fuel industry and thereby cripple our economy and make us dependent on foreign oil again.  We will see our enemies thrive and our friends withdraw in uncertainty.  We will see massive regulations by Big Tech and Social Media on Freedom of Speech for anyone not drinking at the altar of Liberalism and Political Correctness.  Corruption will reign supreme and the Career Politicians will, once again, become the ruling kingpins in Washington with nothing to impede them.

When I consider matters that are directly connected to my faith and the Bible’s message, I am required to examine the platforms of the two major political parties and the two major candidates.  I examine their history as well as the fruit of their time in their elected positions.  I examine their stance on issues such as abortion (life).  I examine their positions on religious freedoms and the free exercise of our faith.  I examine their positions on family, education, national sovereignty, foreign relations, and self-defense.  I examine their position regarding the government’s right to rule as opposed to having a Constitutionally limited government.  I view the candidates, not based on personality but position, policy, and platform.  I ask if they are keepers of their promises or are, the career politicians who are more interested in their bottom line than America. 

You may argue that Biden is equal to or better than Trump on all those fronts.  However, if you honestly consider Biden’s and the Democratic Party’s position on abortion, family, Freedom of Speech for everyone, the right to keep and bear arms, taxation, and limited government you realize their position is tyrannical, not limited. Conversely, if you consider Trump and the national Republican platform on those issues you discover they embrace the idea of limited government and are supporters of the Constitutional guidelines and guarantees.  Therefore, for this American, there is only one choice and it is Yes on Trump and No on Biden.

The headline that I hold in my heart is “Jesus Wins!”  I try to not look at what I see happening and become overly influenced negatively by the bad that is happening.  I am not a denier of reality or a blind optimist.  I follow the biblical directive to “Look to God my true source.”  As I focus on God, His Word, and the American Spirit that I believe still lives in the hearts of millions I stand strong in the belief that America will awaken from slumber.  I pray that the millions who voted without voicing an opinion in the polls and propelled Trump to victory over the disaster identified as Hillary Clinton will once again turn out and turn up on November 3, 2020. 

But, on November 4, 2020, or whenever the final votes are counted and the massive voter fraud exposed and the ballot harvesting rejected, if it is, we will have one of those two headlines.  Which will you fight to make a reality?  Will the headline you help make be – “Biden Wins Freedom Ends” or “Trump Wins Renewal Begins”?    We hours away from that reality and the decision is in our hands.  I believe that it is in the hands of those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and are Christians.  I believe that through prayer and voting our biblical conscience will produce the needed victory.  Will I be proven right, or will I be proven wrong and my confidence validated or refuted?  We will know soon.

The Headline I hope for is “Trump Wins Renewal Begins” and in the body of that story America will once again move toward being “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  We will move toward the vision of the Declaration of Independence that we are a nation that “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  That is my desire and that is my declaration!  I pray that America remains the Free Constitutional Republic we are created to be!

God bless you and may the wisdom of God guide you in your decision on November 3, 2020.  America survives and thrives or dies based on our decisions in this election.  As for me and my house, we voted for Freedom and Liberty standing for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

Have a Great Day, God bless America!

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