America is in chaos and we are watching our nation crumble before our eyes.  There are factions with support from various sectors of society and the world that seem hellbent on destroying anything they don’t like.  There are paid protesters and rioters and there are those who are genuinely invested in the cause they believe they are fighting for.  I do not want to trash those people but am aghast at the number of people who have made this presidential election about everything but policy, agenda, and platform. 

I had a friend ask, “How can any rational person and especially one who is a Christian vote Democratic this year?”  That will draw ire from many sectors.  Some will take it as an affront to their integrity and faith.  When I write on what I see I keep hoping that the information I present and the reasoning I use will resonate with someone not already persuaded.  I do not write out of personal animus toward any candidate but out of concern for the Republic.  I write our of a desire to turn hearts to God and return our nation back to a more moral stance that would give us hope of being what the Declaration and Pledge affirm as our objective.

Long ago, I decided that I could not afford to make any election about personality but for the sake of freedom had to make it about policy, platform, and agenda.  I believe I have a solid biblical ground for that position and am convinced that it is the only reasonable method of determining who to vote for in any election. 

I take the announced platforms of the parties involved and examine the historic data available to decide.  If the history of the candidate or the party indicates they are faithless in what they promise, I consider that.  If their agenda is anathema to what I believe, the Bible teaches, and the Constitution, I consider that.  The personality of the candidate is a minuscule part of my decision.

In 2020, the line of demarcation is incredibly clear, and it is difficult for me as an American veteran, a patriot, a constitutionalist, a conservative, and a Christian to grasp how anyone who is thinking clearly could vote Democratic.  I do not mean that to be as caustic as it will come across and defend everyone’s right to believe and express what they believe. I defend the 1st Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech.  There was a time when we could disagree without going to war and seeking to annihilate the other side.  That seems to be absent in today’s mentality on many fronts.  I am saddened by that reality and it expresses the dire condition of our Republic.

I have suggested in the past and will address it again today that the opposition to President Trump as a person has transformed rational people into people who are suffering from a type of emotional blindness.  There are those on both sides that suffer from this condition and that troubles me.  As a Christian, I would hope that all believers would seek to overcome hate with love and not succumb to factual blindness. 

I grew up in rural East Texas. I knew many people who voted Democrat because that is how they always voted.  I had a person tell me in more recent times, “My family has always voted Democrat and I will vote Democrat no matter who is on the ticket.”  That is emotional and factual blindness that dismisses reason and makes the person an easily manipulated subject of the ruling powers of that party.  I would say the same about Republicans.  That is not a good condition.  God gave us a brain and it is high time that we use it to ‘reason’ and ‘think.’

I readily acknowledge that Donald Trump’s personality is a deal-breaker for some.  One person said, “Trump engenders such a strong emotional response that a segment of the voting populace will never support him, both because of his mercurial personality and his identification as a Republican.”  That person said, “Even if Trump’s actual policies benefitted those people directly, they would not vote for him, ever!”  That is illogical and please don’t feel compelled to explain why his personality is so terrible he must be defeated.  What about policy, agenda, platform, and the good he has procured for America?

I am unable to relegate my vote to the choice between personal style and governing policy and platform.  I want to know what the plan is not just who the man or woman is.  I want to know what the agenda is not what they may or may not have done in their personal lives.  I want to know what their policies will mean for the republic not their moral fiber on issues that are not directly related to America.  In this election, both major candidates have kinks in their moral armor, so if you make it about morals, you must reject both.  If you make it about policy, platform, and agenda, you must decide what you believe is best for America and the Constitution.

When I view the policies advanced by Donald Trump and the Republicans, I see them as beneficial and highly successful for America and Americans. He lowered personal income tax rates.  That move benefitted ALL Taxpayers, not just the 1% and the super-rich.  The lowering of the corporate tax rates and the removal or reduction of the incredibly punitive regulations imposed by previous administrations has benefitted the economy.  Until the lockdown we had the most robust economy in our history and had it not been for that condition we would be in the deep throes of a cataclysmic depression now.  That’s where Biden and the Democrats will take us. 

President Trump has demonstrated strong support for domestic energy production and enabled us to become energy independent for the first time in a long time, if ever.  Our military has been and is being rebuilt, unlike the agenda of Obama, the proposed agenda of Clinton, and the desire of Biden and Harris.  Illegal immigration under the Democrats would go through the roof but under Trump, it has been dramatically curbed.  We have had beneficial renegotiations of trade deals that placed America on a much stronger footing.  Biden is so stained by his relations with China and other foreign entities he could never negotiate from a position of strength.

In the Coronavirus pandemic, the President stopped flights from China even with the howls of the Democrats including Biden that it was unnecessary and even xenophobic.  Trump has taken definitive and strong stances on many issues.  I read an article recently where the writer asked, “If you or a loved one were sick and needed a specialized operation that only the best surgeon could perform, would you want the gruff, world-renowned expert with a caustic bedside manner or the warm, loveable, agreeable, passive novice with limited experience?” 

Additionally, what we are witnessing in the opposition to Trump and the support of Biden and the Democrats is a classic example of Historic and Issues Ignorance.  Yes, I said it and even if it rubs you the wrong way, I believe it a fair assessment.  The governing styles and philosophy of the Republicans and Democrats are impossible to miss if you are willing to look with an honest heart. 

We either support Life or we do not.  We either support Law and Order or we do not.  We either support Inalienable Rights or we do not.  We either support a sovereign nation or we do not.  We either support energy independence or we do not.  We either support the free market or we do not. 

I ask that you consider the agendas, the platforms, and the policies as well as the history and then determine how you will vote.  If you honestly consider the parties, the platforms, the agendas, the philosophies, and the facts, I believe you will join me and reject the Democratic ticket in November or whenever we vote.  We voted early and voted FOR AMERICA! We voted NO on Biden and the Democrats. Love me or hate me, that is what I believe is best for America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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