The voting is over and as the ongoing battle continues, I have to ask, “Now what, America?  Now what?”  Someone said, before the election, “It won’t matter who wins, America is up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  Civil war is coming, either way, the Liberal Leftist will seek to impede all progress, revert us back to the dark times under Obama, and impose regulations beyond anyone’s imagination.”  I wish I could say that I totally disagree, but I cannot.  The evolution of the Democratic Party and the Leftist has brought us to the place that the promise or threat of Obama is their Prime Objective.  They intend, by hook or crook, to ‘fundamentally transform America.’ 

Before anyone argues that America could use some transforming let me ask, “into what?”  What is it about our founding principles, our guiding documents embodied in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence are so horrific that we need to experience a metamorphic reshaping and restructuring?  What is it about the separation of powers in three branches of government that is bad?  What is it about having constitutional restrictions upon all three branches that are bad?  What makes anyone think that Socialism or Communism is a better path than the Free Market and a Representative System of Government? 

For months I have watched with more than passing interest, the antics and actions of various sectors of our government as they have launched trial balloons of tyranny.  I have watched the reaction or lack thereof of the American people and wondered.  We have had pandemics break out in this nation before but never coupled with the immediate and totalitarian lockdowns we have endured.  I am not suggesting that COVID-19 is not serious, dangerous, or deadly.  I am suggesting that the overreach and incredible suppression of our liberties and rights getting virtually no pushback is stunning.  What will that mean in the next few months or years? 

As a Christian and a believer in the Bible, I believe the prophecies and warnings of the Bible about the Last Days.  I believe the account and warning of the Book of Revelation and confess that there is much in it that I do not fully understand.  I believe there is coming a ‘man of sin’, the Anti-Christ who will ascend in power and become a world dictator.  I believe he will be fully possessed by the devil and operate with the power and force of that evil supernatural power.  I believe that many will be deceived and become casualties.  I weep when I think of how difficult and tragic it could be for families.  Yet, I hold firmly to my confidence that God Never Changes and He is Victorious making us victorious in the end.

I have people tell me that I should not be concerned because the church will be gone when that happens.  However, when I read the Bible, I see that multitudes will be affected and even if I am my fellow Christians are raptured before that event should I be unconcerned about those who will endure that tragic time?  I do not desire to get into an eschatological debate but to say, “We are to work while it is yet day, because the night comes when no man can work.”  There is freedom to be fought for and preserved and apathy or hiding awaiting God’s rescue is not what is needed.  Our assignment is not to sit and wait but to work and pray!

Watching the devious and dangerous manipulation of people through fear and panic for political purposes is deeply troubling.  The voting is over, but the forces and people who want to impose total control have not ceased.  Those who believe in God and are Christians have a mandate to not only share the Gospel but to sound the alarm when danger is present.  Those who love Freedom and are Patriots have an obligation to resist all forms of tyranny and be willing, if necessary, to take the words of Jefferson and our founders to heart.  We may have to “water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots.”

Please do not misquote me and charge that I am inciting a revolution.  War is the last thing I am advocating.  However, I believe that it is needful that the lovers of freedom be willing to do what is necessary to preserve our system of government and prevent us from becoming a Socialist, Marxist, Communist nation.  I will continue to be vocal and warn against the menacing and perilous dangers of attempting to turn us into a direct democracy.  We are a Republic, not a Direct Democracy and I pray that God will help us to remain so.

There are many, not all for the same reasons, that desire we become a direct democracy where a national majority vote determines the election of our president.  That would guarantee that the pockets of toxic liberalism would determine the outcome of every future election.  Smaller states and a vast portion of our nation would be ignored, and the wishes of individual states would be invalidated.  The founders, with incredible wisdom, adopted the electoral college.  That act has provided a guarantee that every state in the United States has a voice and counts. 

It has been difficult for me to fully grasp the abject lunacy of allowing politicians, who have become nothing but self-serving political prostitutes, to determine what we can and cannot do as Americans.  The absence of reason and logic is astounding.  The abandonment of critical thinking and common sense has stunned me. 

When the cure becomes worse than the disease it is time to reexamine the approach to treatment.  When those in government who have, for decades, impeded our progress are allowed full control we are damning ourselves.  The clamor about COVID-19 and the politicizing of the pandemic has revealed many things about those in government and precious few of those good. 

Just days before the election we were warned that there would be a new surge in COVID-19 and fear was rekindled in millions of hearts and minds.  Many of us asked, “Is this a surge in positive tests, cases, hospitalizations, or deaths?”  We knew that a positive test alone is not a case, according to the CDC.  They defined a ‘case’ as a positive test with symptoms.  We have been performing over a million tests per day and the positive rates have been under 5 percent.  In simple language that is 50,000 positive tests per day with most of them not being infectious or symptomatic.  The surge in positive tests has been used to attack the Trump administration and caused fear to soar. 

The ploy was to politicize the election and open the door to ‘mail-in ballots’ and stymie voting in person. In-person voting appeared to favor the Republicans, therefore, it had to be destroyed and stopped.

My question is, “Are we going to allow the politicians to fundamentally transform America, or will ‘we the people’ become energized post-election and hold the feet of the politicians to the fire and preserve our republic?”  I guess another question would be, “Is that even possible?”  Therefore, my title question is my daily question and as I pray and examine my heart, I ask, “America, What Now?”

God bless you and God bless America!

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