A few days ago, the powers that operate the social media outlet of Facebook notified me that I had violated their community standards on both my personal and ministry pages.  They issued a sentence of 30 days in the Facebook jail and they have refused to inform me of the specific violations or to allow me to face my accusers.  They seemed to be a bit put off when I reminded them of my biblical and constitutional rights to both know the specific charges and face any accusers.  An appeal is not an option with them, in my case so I write as an inmate of sorts.

Why do I include that in this blog that is not controlled by that social media outlet?  I do it because I watch what is happening in the world and since I cannot reach out to the 5,000 on my friend’s list and the others who follow me on that medium, I cannot address anything.  I was not allowed to inform anyone of my incarceration and ban and that seems a bit capricious and arbitrary but that is how the Leftists operate.

Another thing that Facebook has done is allow me to see what others are posting but block me from responding.  That is, in a measure, cruel and unusual punishment.  Not only have they prohibited me from my constitutional and biblical right of Free Speech but have further exasperated the situation by permitting me to see but not say anything. 

That has produced a sense in my heart of what helplessness feels like.  All of us have and do feel helpless from time to time and those of us who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible know we are far from helpless.  I truly did not know how much Facebook touched my life and have been addressing that in my heart and with the LORD.  The sadness is that I would like to speak but am disallowed and feel robbed that I cannot offer any comfort or possible guidance to those crying out for sanity and direction.

I had the misfortune of hearing part of Joe Biden’s address upon being crowned “President-Elect” by the media.  He may be the next president after all the litigation is complete.  Has there been “Fraud in the Election”?  In my mind, that is beyond question.  Will it be exposed sufficiently that Biden is stripped of his title, “President-Elect”?  I do not know.  The larger issue is what it means in the elections to come.  If this is allowed to stand and if there was sufficient fraud to shift an election that means we can never again have a legitimate election in America.  That is a death sentence for Constitutional Government.

Biden spoke of a mandate and that caused me to continue listening when otherwise I would have moved on.  I don’t need to hear the wind blow to know that it is blowing.  I can see and feel the effects of the political lunacy without the need to subject myself to the needless anger that comes from listening.  I have enough difficulty with my thoughts to willingly expose myself to issues that damage my faith and focus.

The mandate that Biden spoke of included numerous things, some I wish to address briefly if you will bear with me.  He spoke of science regarding the pandemic and climate.  Science?  The theory of man-made climate change or global warming or whatever they are calling it will destroy our economy and will result in a direct assault on the fossil fuel industry and expand to every facet of society. 

It will ultimately reach their attempt to control the type and location of housing, travel, and many other factors.  It will ultimately require the government to tax us more and more attempting to pay for their flawed ideological pursuits.  It ignores the God of Creation and makes man the god of his creation as it attempts to control what only God can control.  The cost financially, morally, spiritually, and politically will be unsustainable.

 Biden feels he has a mandate to force us into Obamacare on steroids, social justice that will kowtow to organizations such as BLM, Antifa, LGBTQ, and a myriad of other elements now embodying the Democratic Party.  He will find that the Bernie Sanders and AOC radicals of the Party must be appeased.  He will discover that the Gun Activists, the Censors of Freedom of Speech elements will demand their share of the political pie.  The Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and those in the Establishment will demand a seat at the table.  He will be nothing more than a vehicle through with America is fundamentally transformed, which will ultimately mean destroyed.

Biden made a most interesting statement and the media were fawning over it as though it were somehow a new revelation of how to heal America. The way the media touted his comments, I wondered if Biden had somehow become Jesus! He has not, but that’s how they reacted and want us to react.

He said, “If not cooperating was a decision, we could make the decision to cooperate.”  That’s right, Joe but to insist that those of us who voted for Trump and the elected Republicans in Congress suddenly compromise and cooperate is a bit hypocritical isn’t it?  NO, it is totally hypocritical or a revelation of a mind that is so deluded with lies that it is pathological.

Where was the cooperation during the past four years?  Where was the willingness to work together and the compromise?  It was and is non-existent.  Now, you, as America’s great healer want everyone to become docile sheep and cooperative as you implement your plans to destroy much of this nation.

If this stands and Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2021, assuming he lasts the first year of his term, destruction will come.  If the probable fraud that took place in Georgia and other parts of the nation is implemented in the Senatorial runoff elections, the Democrats will, with a Biden Presidency, control both houses of Congress. 

That would guarantee an immediate rollback of the Trump Tax Cuts.  It would mean an immediate effort to control and restrict our ‘Right to Keep and Bear Arms.’  It would mean the full imposition of Obamacare.  It would mean that our Nation would have 2-4 new states guaranteeing the Democrats permanent control of the Senate.  It would mean an increase and packing of the Supreme Court with liberal activist Jurist.  It would mean that probable and likely irreversible destruction has come to America.

I have not touched on the assault on our religious liberties and the free expression of our faith.  I have not addressed the pandemic, COVID-19, the virus.  Will, it suddenly go away and become a non-issue, or will it be used to impose more Gestapo type restrictions on Americans?  I truly wonder what those who frothed at the mouth over Trump and were willing to sell America’s soul to defeat him will say when the full brunt of destruction is realized?  I suspect they will never admit their error or repent. 

I speak now to the Christians and those who love Liberty and Freedom.  It is not time to give up or grow silent.  We may be silenced and persecuted for our views but if we willingly grow silent, we make their path to our destruction easy.  I bow to no man only to God.  It is time that we pray as we have never prayed.  It is time we turn our hearts to God totally.  It is time that we study the Constitution and political process so that we can intelligently and factually speak to our elected officials.  It is time that we do what we neglected to do in the past and allowed this to transpire – Become Involved!

America, from my Facebook prison cell, I speak and urge you to “Look Up our Redemption is drawing near.  Now is not the time to despair, now is the time to Trust God, and follow His directives.  We must not quit and give up.”  I say with Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or…”  Well, you know the rest of it.  I don’t want that end, but Freedom is worth fighting for and dying for.  I stand firmly for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!

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