NIGHTMARE – “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help.”

Former president Ronald Reagan was prophetic and insightful in his declaration when he said, “The most terrifying words in the English language are I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  With the incredible overstepping of legal, constitutional, moral, biblical, and ethical of many arms of the federal government those words are more than germane they are a living nightmare.

I do not know the extent of the fraud that transpired in the 2020 presidential election. Even though the Democrats, some Republicans, all the media, and other outlets insist, “No Fraud, nothing to see move on,”  Fraud took place!  Was it enough to shift the balance of the election?  I do not know but suspect the answer is yes.  When the counting abruptly ceases and then magically thousands if not hundreds of thousands of votes appear for Joe Biden it is suspect. 

The reverse of the normal procedure in counting votes was disturbing.  In previous elections, the early and absentee votes were counted before election day and were reported first.  In this election in many cases, the mail in ballots were not counted until the count of election day votes was tabulated. Why would that be done?  It could be, I am not saying it was, but it could be to determine how many votes were needed to magically appear to turn the tide to the desired outcome.  If that transpired, America is lost, if it is allowed to stand. 

I wish I had the confidence in the courts to honestly evaluate the evidence and make proper determinations that would toss out the illegitimate ballots, recalculate any changed votes, and correctly count ONLY LEGITIMATE and LEGAL VOTES.  If that is done, I will accept any outcome.  However, if the sworn affidavits of the hundreds if not thousands who witnessed discrepancies and fraud are not evaluated, America’s electoral system is destroyed. 

If the 2020 election was, as the Democrats insist, a referendum against Trump and a mandate to reverse all he has done there is a question I must ask.  Why did the Republicans gain seats in the House of Representatives and the Democrats gain none?  Although the Senate has been in question the normal process when a president is reviled by the voting public, they sweep both Houses of Congress and toss out many of the president’s party.  Since that did not transpire it gives me more reason to question the legitimacy of the Biden vote for president.

I believe in our Republic and our form of democratic representation.  I do not say we are a Democracy for we are not, we are a Republic.  We have a representative form of government that is to be appreciated and protected.  Our wise founding fathers and the framers of the American Constitution were incredibly astute in their pursuit of a system of government that would provide the necessary system of checks and balances.  If we lose that, we lose our Republic and our form of Government. 

I believe in God and believe that God is interested in politics because God is interested in life.  I believe that it is deemed by our Creator an abomination to support abortion and abortion on demand.  I believe that it is an abomination to our Creator to destroy the family unit a basic unit of society that He created and instituted. 

I believe it is an affront to His Creation and purpose to insist on lifestyles that would end the perpetuation of the human race.  I believe that it is important to the Heavenly Father that we be allowed to worship Him freely and openly.  I believe that it is His desire that we are allowed to pray in public and in private and not be restricted to the confines of our homes or the church building.  Therefore, I find it impossible to support the Leftists and their agenda that is antagonistic toward our faith and our constitutional freedom.

We allowed Al Gore over a month to pursue his insistence that the election was stolen from him and ultimately it was decided by the Supreme Court as they struck down his allegations and assertions.  If at the end of this process we discover that no avenue provides adequate evidence to shift the vote in enough states to award President Trump a second term, I can accept that.  I cannot accept whitewashing and ignoring facts or refusing to allow audits of the vote and a thorough examination of the software and procedures utilized.  Failure to do that not only taints the reported outcome it threatens our future as a Constitutional Republic.  That must not transpire.

I continue to stand amazed at the level and depth of vitriolic hatred for the man, Donald John Trump.  When he was candidate Trump in 2016, my first reaction to him was, I don’t like him or better, I did not prefer him.  I had a horse in the race and my horse lasted a long time but faded down the stretch and Trump prevailed. 

As I listened to Trump on the campaign trail, I heard what he expressed as his desire and vision for the Republic I thought, that is what I want too.  As I have watched him serve as president for the past four years I have watched as he, without the proper support of his own party prevail time and again over the Leftist agenda.  He delivered on many of his promises and that is appealing to me and good for the Republic.

I listened after the 2016 election to the Leftist and Never Trump Consortium demand that he had to have cheated to win because Hillary was so far ahead in the polls.  The polls were concoctions of the desire of the Left to crown Hillary with the presidency and continue the Obama fundamental transformation of the Republic.  The people rejected that idea and Donald Trump won the presidency.  Nationally and internationally America is better off than we were under Obama/Biden and now we are asked to believe that the nation wants to return to that disaster.

Is the hate that powerful?  Is the unhinged hatred for this man that pervasive?  Is it his abrasive personality and willingness to push back when pushed that trips the switch in multitudes?  I believe it goes much deeper than that.  It is for those that have been indoctrinated by the Media and the Democratic Establishment and Ad Campaign but what about those in government?  I believe they consider him anathema because he has, in a measure, exposed the depth of the corruption and the breadth of the Swamp and Deep State.  He has fought for America and that is intolerable for those in power.  It threatens their position and power. 

We are hated as deeply as the man, Donald John Trump because we have supported him.  Therefore, if they gain full control of the government we will be diligently sought out and persecuted in whatever measure they can enact.  Our freedoms are in jeopardy including our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion (gatherings), and our right to keep and bear arms.  Our possession of private property will be in their crosshairs as will many other freedoms and liberties.  Did America truly vote for that or was it the product of extensive and massive well-orchestrated fraud?

God help us and may God bless you and America again!

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