I keep hearing politicians including Joe Biden, the media, and pundits referring to our ‘democracy.’  They seem to fail to grasp the reality that according to our founders and our Constitution we are not a ‘democracy’ but a ‘republic’.  There is a dramatic difference and therein lies part of the problem in the populace as well as the politicians.  But that is not my focus in this article.  My focus is America.

            The other morning in the early hours before dawn I was awakened praying for America.  I woke myself up praying and interceding for my nation and as I prayed and reflected upon the state of affairs in America, I was both encouraged and disheartened. That may sound antithetical, but it was what I felt as I prayed and listened for God’s response and directive.

            I asked my wife a few days ago, “How could all the prophets be so wrong?”  Frankly, I do not believe they were, but God did not tell me that Donald Trump would begin a second term in January 2021.  I hoped he would and believed that it was the perfect plan of God for that to transpire.  Yet, I had a gnawing sense in my heart watching what has been transpiring for over a decade that there would be enormous anomalies that could subvert the truth and bring about a defeat for Trump and Freedom.

            As I prayed, I was reminded of the account in 2 Chronicles 20 and beyond where King Jehoshaphat and Judah were facing dire times.  The king was informed that a great multitude was coming against the nation.  The news brought fear to his heart.  He responded by calling the nation to prayer, always a good move.  He prayed an incredible prayer to the LORD and in that prayer reminded God of His promises and provisions.  In that prayer meeting, the Spirit of God came upon Jahaziel the son of Zechariah and he prophesied.

            The prophecy was that the battle was God’s, not Judah’s.  His word was for them to dismiss their fear and view that the situation was impossible or hopeless.  He encouraged them to banish the thought that all was lost and rather than accept their fate of defeat and captivity to TRUST GOD.  He said, in verse 17, “You will not need to fight this battle.  Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the LORD on your behalf.”  The word was tomorrow you sit back and watch God do His thing.

            King Jehoshaphat and the nation took the words to heart and Jehoshaphat said a most incredible thing.  He said something that we need to heed today in our predicament in America as we look toward 2021.  He said, “Believe in the LORD your God, and you will be established; believe his prophets, and you will succeed.”  I don’t know if the prophets declaring Victory for Donald Trump are right, but I know their words have resonated in my heart.  That caused me to ask, “What do I do LORD?”

            I heard in my heart that giving up was certain defeat and that I was to shift my prayers from attempting to do warfare over the election but to trust God and believe His prophets.  I was to do warfare for the Senate Runoff in Georgia but Stand Still and Watch Him on the rest.  Does that mean, Trump will be inaugurated for a second term in January 2021?  I do not know, but I know that no matter what I must TRUST God, or all is lost.  If I abandon my faith in God and cease to believe His revelations to His prophets, I become hopeless and helpless.  That is not palatable for me.

            There are those, including Christians who hold such vitriolic animosity toward Donald John Trump, the current president they are willing to risk the republic to see him removed from office.  I believe they are misguided but will not engage in tit for tat with anyone.  I will not allow hate to spew forth and defeat the purposes of God for my life and hinder the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  America is vital but God’s Kingdom and purposes paramount. 

            I sensed in my heart the Spirit of God asking me, “Do you believe that with God all things are possible?”  Yes, I do.  I am sure that when Noah was building the Ark, he pondered the impossibility of God’s directive and his assignment.  When Abraham was facing the ire of Pharaoh and the journey in the wilderness, he felt the enormity of the impossibility of his situation.  I can only imagine the pain in the heart and anguish in the mind of Daniel and the Three Hebrew Children as they faced their impossible situations.  Yet, all of them BELIEVED that with God all things are possible, and they STOOD FIRM.

            If you believe that America is better off without Trump and that Biden and the Progressive Socialist Agenda, he and his party embraces are not dangerous my words have no meaning to you.  If you believe that Trump is a henchman of hell, what I am saying will not resonate.  If you believe He is a type of Cyrus and the instrument of God to preserve our republic you may find my words falling short. 

            I have heard some say that by January 18, 2021, or on that date this would turn.  I don’t know if that is constitutionally or legally possible.  I have heard some say that on Christmas Eve this is going to turn.  I have heard some insist that on January 6, 2021, there will be an objection and Congress will overturn the election.  I have heard much about the 2018 Executive Order that addresses foreign influence and interference in our elections as being the pathway to victory for Trump.  I don’t know if any of those scenarios are valid.

            What I do know is that we MUST not cast away our confidence in God.  I believe that All Americans should want any and every allegation of fraud to be investigated.  I believe that All Americans should want the forensic examination of the voting machine to determine if there was vote switching, over or undercounting of votes.  I believe that All Americans should want the sworn affidavits under the penalty of perjury to be thoroughly vetted.  Anything short of that threatens the future of the republic and destroys our electoral system.  That is unacceptable.

            I find it difficult to believe that with the down-ballot success of the Republicans there was a diametric shift at the top of the ticket.  I cannot fathom how a man who did virtually no campaigning could amass 80 million votes.  I cannot fathom how the success of Trump on the economy and the speed with which he provided a pathway for a vaccine as well as his defense of our freedoms could be ignored.  Ignored in favor of a ticket that has promised to strip us of our rights, raise our taxes, eradicate our borders, defund our police, and enable the continuation of horrific genocide of infanticide could be a better choice for anyone. 

            If the moral fabric of the candidates is the deciding factor both tickets except for Mike Pence fail.  America, as I was awakened and prayed, I sensed the LORD saying, “Just Trust Me.”  I refuse to allow what I hear to shape my faith.  I refuse to focus on what might be coming down the pike including the ‘mark of the beast.’  I say with Esther, “If I perish, I perish.”  I will say with Joshua, “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”  I say with the disciples, “Who should I obey, God or man.” 

            If God is not the God of the impossible then our hope now and in eternity is lost.  I know He is what He says He is and have experienced His miraculous too many times to give up now.  Therefore, no matter the outcome, I will run to Him and make Psalms 91 my anchor and hope.

One of the things I heard in my spirit was “REPENT.” Not repent for being white or black or any ethnicity. Not repent for being a liberal or a conservative. Not repent for many of the things we are being told to repent for, but REPENT for not making God the LORD OF ALL in our lives and our world. I am weeping before God over the condition of the world and the division of the church. A house divided against itself cannot stand and if we want to reach the world we must make God LORD OF ALL and SEEK HIM FIRST! You can blast me for that but I believe it to the core of my being.

            This may or may not have meaning to anyone but me, but it comforts me to know that God is still the God of the Impossible and He NEVER fails to fulfill His promises.  I will keep holding to the prophetic words and place my total confidence in God that America has not been turned over to a reprobate mind and abandoned.  I will continue to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

            God bless you and God bless America!

2 comments on “WHAT ABOUT AMERICA 2021 and BEYOND?

  1. jrpmail2003 says:

    ” I asked my wife a few days ago, “How could all the prophets be so wrong?”
    I read this the other day and it might be worth a read.
    Eze 14:9  And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the LORD have deceived that prophet,

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