When I was growing up, I sometimes heard that a person who seems to be Teflon and nothing stuck to them, “They could fall into a cesspool and come up smelling like a rose.”  The implication was that no matter what they did they never suffered for their indiscretions and failures. 

In watching the past four years and the vitriolic diatribe and rhetoric hurled against President Donald Trump I have concluded that he could do nothing they would applaud.  He could fall into a Rose Perfume bath and they would insist he was covered with Pig Poop.  When I question the hate, I am attacked and told, “We do not hate!”  Then the attack is launched calling me a Trumpist, a Cultist, a Racist, or some other derogatory term saying that I worship Trump.  I am not a cultist or a racist and although I have supported the President I am not, in the sense they mean it, a Trumpist.  I am an American and a lover of Constitutionalism.

I have asked and been asked, “What is it that drives the hatred for Donald John Trump?”  I have concluded that it is far more than his caustic personality and propensity to push back when pushed.  It is more than his New Yorker bravado or even the egotism and narcissism he and most politicians exhibit to some degree.  If it is not the man, what is it? 

I believe it is hate, you can call it whatever you please but it is difficult to disguise hate for anything other than hate.  The bile and vitriol that issues forth from the lips and writings of those who insist he is incarnate evil cannot be mistaken for anything other than what it is – HATE!  But what is the core reason for the hatred for him?

Let me insert that I believer there are those who believe in America and truly believe that Trump is damaging and dangerous to our Constitutional form of Governance. They do not hate him for the same reasons that the Leftists do.  They, in my view, dislike him because of his personality, moral flaws, and bravado and bluster.  They want a milquetoast President who exhibits what they deem to be Presidential.  However, they have excused the very things they insist are flaws in him in the Leftists such as Biden, Obama, etc.  It is a bit perplexing.  They are not who I am going to refer to in my comments on the core reason for the eruptive hatred.

I believe that those on the Left, the followers of the toxic liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, and Progressivism of the 2000s hate him for a specific reason other than personality.  The Left has been accustomed to Republicans running for cover when they hurl their insults and accusations.  They have been accustomed to Republicans playing by their rules of civility while violating those rules themselves.  They have been accustomed to enjoying the timidity of the Republicans over public opinion and negative media coverage.  Donald Trump does not follow those rules therefore he is a threat to them, and they determined at the outset he had to be destroyed. 

I believe their hate is rooted in his willingness to stand for the American people, the Constitution, and attempt to expose the corruption and drain the swamp.  That is anathema to the Elitist of both parties and the reason that they have been hell-bent on destroying him and anyone who supports him. 

In our snowflake world of political correctness and entitlement, there is the inane view that people have the right to not being offended.  The elitists have spent decades and in the case of Joe Biden almost five decades enjoying the advantages of being a part of the swamp they are horrified if anyone threatens that status quo. 

The Leftists have contempt for the average citizen as were reflected in the remarks of Barack Hussein Obama as he called us ‘bitter clingers’ clinging to our religion and our guns.  Hillary declared that half of Trump supporters could be placed into a basket of deplorables.  I acknowledge that Biden has concealed his contempt better than those two but his demonstrated actions and announced agenda reveal that he is a pea in the same pod.  He has been more involved in the lucrative advancement of himself and his family that comes with his position and ability to market his influence.  That is taking advantage of ordinary people as much as Obama or Clinton.

The Elitists, especially those in the media and the Democratic Party were terrified and incensed that average Americans were exhibiting signs of believing in themselves again.  The message proclaimed by Trump resonated with millions and the sleeping giant began to awaken.  The elitists of the Swamp and the Deep State knew they must act quickly and decisively and crush the insurrection against their abuse of power.  They determined that Trump had to be destroyed and ousted in any manner possible. If that meant fraud, corruption, deception, and destroying our electoral system they were completely at peace with that.

Trump, inspired a resurrection of what I call ‘real America and Americanism.’  The average John and Jane Doe who worked for a living were inspired and meaningful again.  The average citizen, who earned their way and volunteered their time on the weekends to help youth and children develop, and many attended church or synagogue regularly were the focus again.  All things the swamp denizens of the deep state detest. 

I suggest that none of the globalists from the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons Carters, Johnsons, or many other politicians dating back to FDR and beyond respected the average citizen.  We were and are, in their view, tools to get them what they want.  We are, in their minds, their serfs and they believe we should be grateful for any handout or crumb they toss our way.  They believe they are the providers of our liberties and have the right to decide what we can and cannot have or do.  I suggest that only Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump in the past almost 100 years have truly put ordinary Americans first or considered their needs and desires.

We have evolved from the Swamp and Deep State Statist Elitists being political snobs to something incredibly sinister.  They want to imprison if not exterminate all who hold to conservative constitutional Christian values.  I believe that Biden/Harris or Harris/Biden if allowed to advance their agenda will not only damage our liberties but destroy our Republic.  They want to pack the court, provide universal abortion rights, increase our taxes, regulate small businesses into extinction, strip us of our 1st, 2nd, and other Constitutional and Inalienable Rights.  They believe they are superior to the rest of us and their membership in the Elitist Statist Society of Washington has afforded them a Teflon badge exempting them from the laws we have to obey.

America, the hatred for Donald John Trump the 45th President of the United States of America has torn this country to shreds.  If hate becomes the norm in politics and society, we will see bloodshed beyond anything any of us believe possible.  The fruit of the seeds of disintegration in race relations under Obama is producing a harvest today.  That harvest is negative and destructive.

You may be a Never Trump Person and believe that he is worse than Lucifer himself.  It matters not your reason, but if you allow hate to blind you from reality and prevent you from seeing the devastation of the Left you are part of the problem not part of the solution.  You can love me, hate me, unfriend me on Social Media and call me whatever you please.  I can live with that.  My plea is, stop allowing personal animus to blind you to the danger inherent in the toxic liberalism of the Democratic Party and the Political Establishment.

God bless you and God bless America

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