ELECTORAL INTEGRITY – – Key to Survival as a Free Republic…

As we stand on the brink of the determination of America’s future as a Republic or something fundamentally other, the thought of ‘Electoral Integrity’ is on my heart and mind.  I have had many restless nights as I contemplate America’s future if the declaration of the presumed election results stands.  I have tossed and turned, prayed and cried, and examined many scenarios in my mind. 

I have some thoughts, that you may or may not share.  I have a plea that you may or may not believe valid or viable.  I have a hope and it is not in the American Electoral System or those elected to political office and occupying offices in Washington.  My Hope is in God and God alone!  At one time, I had hope in the American people, but that has largely dissipated.  At one time, I had hope in the American spirit that provided the impetus and fortitude to birth this Republic and keep her Free for over 240 years, but that has waned.  I still believe that a majority of Americans want what I want, Freedom, and Constitutional Integrity in government.  However, I no longer am convinced that a majority is willing to fight to the finish to maintain the constitutional integrity of the Republic.


I, and everyone interested in free and fair elections, should desire that we never allow fraud and illegitimacy to prevail.  No one, who values the Constitution and our Freedoms should be willing to allow illegitimate and illegal votes to be counted.  Anyone willing to ‘win at any cost’ is not a friend of Freedom but fully vested in selfishness.  I want to win but do not want to win by hook or crook.  I want to win legitimately because that is the only means by which we maintain the Constitutional Republic we have enjoyed.

The mantra that ‘every vote must be counted’ is a skewed and distorted expression.  It is either fraught with naivety believing that no one would cheat or is engaging in the Saul Alinsky modus operandi of ‘the end justifies the means.’  No Christian, no Patriot, and no Lover of Freedom from either side of the political aisle should be willing to create a condition where elections are won by the most devious and crooked.  One legal person, one vote must return to our elections or we doom the Republic.


I have heard the repeated argument by the Leftists and those who detest Trump that the Courts have rejected the lawsuits regarding election fraud.  They argue that means there is nothing there.  I find that implausible because there is the blatant ignoring of ‘sworn affidavits’ of eye-witness accounts of voter fraud and criminality.  Those affidavits are under the penalty of perjury and in all cases, other than this, is considered by the courts as evidence.  Why not in this case? 

The refusal to allow the GOP poll watchers to observe into the night as vote counting was resumed in the wee hours of the morning is questionable, if not revealing.  The refusal to allow forensic examination of the voting machines and their algorithms leaves doubt in the minds of millions and should be addressed.  The refusal to allow the purging of the voter rolls of people who are known to be deceased or have moved out of state prior to the election is troubling.  The insistence n 2016 that the Russians stole the election for Trump but in 2020 to claim there is no way the election can be stolen is not naïve it is diabolical.

If you are one that is willing to ‘win at any cost’ and unconcerned about legitimacy and legality, then you and I cannot walk together.  What people think of me and my stance is secondary to the Truth.  This election revealed that ‘down ballot’ from the presidential race the Republicans did quite well and even better than expected in many races.  However, when it came to the presidential race, with Trump leading and seemingly headed to a significant victory to suddenly find massive numbers of votes for Biden with virtually no votes for Trump raises questions that need answers.


I pose that as a question not an absolute.  Ultimately, I believe that God has the final say, but in the human political arena who has the final say?  It could be argued that it is the Supreme Court, but Constitutionally Congress is the final arbiter of the election.  Congress is commissioned by the Constitution to determine if the electors from each state are legitimate.  That is why I believe that the proposal by Senators Cruz and others for a ten-day investigation is reasonable. 

I believe it is needful that all the ‘sworn affidavits’ are reviewed, the respondents interviewed, the voting machines examined, and the potential anomalies or atrocities of the algorithms.  Voter rolls should be examined, and signature verification should be mandatory.  All members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans should want legitimacy in the electoral process.  Anything less creates an atmosphere and image that makes progress and healing virtually impossible.


What Can We Do is the question that I keep asking myself and voicing in my prayers for the nation.  What can we do?  There are many things and some of them should have been done decades ago but in the immediate, there are several things that we can do, even today.

  • We can continue to intercede for the Nation.
  • We can, no we must CONTACT our Senators and Congressional Representatives and voice of demand for a full examination of any and all evidence and possible irregularities.

Someone said, “If this stands every Republican should be ‘primaried’ and voted out of office.”  I would agree but frankly, do not think it will make a hill of beans difference in 2022 or 2024 if this stands without a full investigation.  Why do I say that?  Let me list several things that I see happening in the immediate future if the Leftists are in full control of the government. The key at this point is the Senate. If they win there too the following is likely if not guaranteed:

  • Two New States, Puerto, and DC will become states and that means four new liberal leftists Senators as well as the new representatives they are apportioned.
  • The Supreme Court will be expanded by at least four justices all liberal leftist political activists will become a reality.
  • The draconian authoritarian totalitarian mandates from the federal and state governments will become the new norm in America.
  • Our Economy, our Healthcare System, and our Inalienable Rights will be transformed and infringed upon negatively.
  • Those of us who are seniors and conservatives will be targeted for repression if not for elimination.

I had a dream in which I saw hooded or masked people burning the Constitution and Bibles chanting chants of anti-Americanism and anti-God in every major city in America.  I saw a virtual ‘open season’ being declared by various activist groups and a ‘blind eye’ being turned by the government.  I saw the American flag being taken down, churches being burned, and abominable activities transpiring in public view.

Two things can save America.  God is first and foremost our Hope!  Secondly, it is the citizens waking up and demanding Electoral Integrity in all elections.  I can accept any legitimate election.  I may not like it, but I can accept it and because my trust is in God not government, I will continue to live in Faith, not Fear.  I say with Queen Esther, “If I perish, I perish.”  I say with Joshua, “As for me and my house we will serve the LORD.” 

America we are on the brink of destruction.  We must fight for Electoral Integrity and fight to ensure that ONLY legal votes are counted, and all violators held accountable.  If we value the Republic as the Free Constitutional Republic, we must all, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians must demand Electoral Integrity.

God bless you and God bless America!

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