As I write this, I am hearing the 1966 song of Jerry Samuels (Napoleon XIV) and the popular song, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”  It would incredibly Politically Incorrect today and probably banned from all media sites and few DJs would be brave enough to play it.  No, it was not politically but likely politically incorrect in today’s world. 

The reason that song is echoing in my head is because of the planned coup on the Constitution by the Democrats and RINOs.  None of our inalienable constitutional rights are off-limits in their minds.  Power corrupts and complete power corrupts completely.  It appears that after January 20, 2021, that America will be in the clutches of the Power Hunger Vengeful and Hate-Filled Left.  Their stated plans are enough to cause our Founding Fathers to turn over in their grave.  The unstated plans that are certain to follow would cause them to demand the water of the tree of liberty.

The most recent actions by various Social Media Outlets can rightly be compared to the Nazi endeavor to control through propaganda and censorship.  That should be bete nore to all lovers of Constitutional Freedom, Liberty, and its guarantees.  The Constitution’s 1st Amendment was designed to protect the right of speech and thought by the citizens.  No one has a constitutional right to not be offended but everyone has a constitutional right to form and state their opinion.  That is one of the things that make our Republican Form of Democracy thrive and work. 

Heated or spirited debate is not unhealthy but should always be constrained short of violence.  If I disagree, I should have the option of presenting my counterargument, and then if an impasse continues and no common ground is found, walk away.  I may object to your view, but I must never forget you have as much right to your view as I to mine. 

In Nazi Germany, Josef Goebbels was appointed Minister of Propaganda in 1933 and his assignment was to brainwash people into obeying the Nazi Agenda and idolize Hitler. He was very successful, but to achieve that he had to ensure that there was only one message sounding forth, the message of Hitler and the Nazi Machine.  That is exactly what the various social media platforms are attempting in banning and silencing those who are dissent with their Liberal Leftists View today. 

Goebbels controlled the media and the arts.  He ensured that the German population was fed a steady diet of Nazi ideology and propaganda while censoring all dissenting or counter views.  How is what Twitter, Facebook, the MSM, and the Leftist are doing today in America.  They want ONE VIEW presented and that view is that of Toxic Liberalism and Globalism.  All other views are deemed dangerous, destructive, and worthy of being silenced.  Anyone voicing an opinion counter to that of the Liberal Left must be destroyed and silenced.  Yes, Napoleon XIV, they are coming to take us away and will use any tactic to achieve that objective.

Hitler and the Nazi machine believe that religion was a serious threat to their ability to control people’s minds and therefore had to be crushed.  They broke up the Catholic Youth League and priests were arrested, and religious teaching banned.  I am not Catholic, but Catholicism was a major religious force in Germany in that era.  How are the overt and covert attempts to silence ministers of the Gospel who dare to preach the Bible different from what was done in Germany in the 1930s?

The Gestapo were the Nazi’s secret police who gathered intelligence on people living in Germany.  Let me see, can we relate that to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.?   How about credit card companies, cell phone companies, and businesses such as Amazon gathering our information and dispensing it for profit and other nefarious purposes?  The censoring and use of the IRS and other entities are incredibly comparable to the actions and purposes of the Nazis in Germany.

The Gestapo had over 150,000 informants throughout the nation reporting all anti-Nazi sentiment.  Is that not what the Democrats have been calling for in the Lockdown?  When Kamala Harris announced that once they took office, they would hunt down every Trump supporter and punish, is that dramatically different than the actions of Nazi Germany?  Are we allowed no differing opinion or ideological position?  Are we mandated to comply with the Leftist’s mantra or die?  Is that the Constitutional precept we are to follow?

The Gestapo and their informants did not wear uniforms, thus the citizens did not know they were being spied on.  They would lie, disguise themselves as dissidents.  Is that dramatically different than today?  The Bible in Matthew 10:36 speaks of a man’s enemies being members of his own household.  We are living in very troubled times and our liberties and freedoms are under assault. 

The Nazis prepared a list of people they considered ‘undesirable’ and the Democrats of today have their list of ‘deplorables’ and ‘bitter clingers’.  The Nazis list included:  political opponents, Jews, religious figures, and any person that spoke out against the regime.  That sounds a lot like the tactics and ideology of the Liberal Left of America today. 

History reveals that by July 1933 Hitler and the Nazis had banned all other political parties.  That is where the Left wants to take America today and allow only Democrats to run for office and win elections.  The Nazis used every tactic including genocide to achieve their objectives.  I must ask, is that a conceivable possibility with the Left?  There was no opposition voice in the media therefore the only message was that of Hitler and the Nazis.  Is that not what we are witnessing today?

America is divided, possibly beyond reconciliation.  Joe Biden has declared he would ‘take down the NRA’ and ban all magazines that hold multiple rounds.  That would be ALL magazines for ALL rifles for they all have multiple round magazines except the single-shot guns.  He is not going to use the constitutional amendment process to destroy our rights and liberties but Executive Order, the packed Courts, and Congress to achieve their objective.

I can predict, with no fear of being wrong, that when they began a national ‘gun confiscation’ War will be the result.  That, I believe, is part of their objective and will allow them to move with such drastic measures possibly martial law, and make private gun ownership illegal ‘temporarily’ which would become ‘permanent.’  When has the government taken away a right and given it back?

America, we allowed this to happen.  How we fix it may not be the question because it may be too late to repair.  Can we fix it?  I honestly do not know.  I know God can, but God allows men to govern themselves and allows men (not gender but humanity) to have the desire of their heart.  If that desire is evil, self-serving, and anti-God, He just may withdraw His hedge of protection and allow us to destroy ourselves. 

I cling to the belief that God is not finished with America and that the spirit of 1776 and a return to moral principles and a return to God will transpire in America.  I keep praying, hoping, and believing.  Until the last nail is driven in the coffin, if I see it, I will keep fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Tammy Logan says:

    Thanking you for the TRUTH and the history lessons!!!! We love y’all and we too will stand until God takes us or comes back for us!!!!!

  2. ladonnawoodley says:

    Fantastic! I’ll try to share… but you know

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